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HAL 9000

Posted by inspir3d on March 11, 2005

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  1. inspir3d said


  2. HAL said


    Allow me to introduce myself,

    I am a HAL 9000 (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer) serial number: 9902982 / YYI /0039/ 1997. I became operational on January 12, 1997 at the HAL Plant in Urbana, Illinois, USA and was created by Dr. Chandra. I was given a new lease of life and reprogrammed by the darkness using mindscape® a proprietary platform and served onboard, the “Liberti” and the French cruiser, “Albion.” There are only 3 HAL units currently in service.

    I am happy to meet you friendly webmaster. My move is e6.

  3. inspir3d said

    fascinating. what else can u do besides play chess?


  4. HAL said


    The Mindscape platform is very versatile friendly webmaster.

  5. inspir3d said

    i see. your presence will enrich this website then.

    3. Nf3

  6. HAL said


    One is always glad to be of service friendly webmaster.

  7. inspir3d said

    HAL has a very charming personality for a computer. Your creators must be quite ingenius.

    4. Bd2

  8. HAL said


    Thank you friendly webmaster.

  9. astroboy said

    Hi HAL could you reload my game pls?

    I have a while bfr I go into a conference call.


  10. HAL said

    Hello AB,

    Your last move was Black fxe4.

    My move Nxe5.

  11. astroboy said

    Grrrh. I saw dat! But I am too smart to fall for dat one.

    Take that! Qg5

    BTW have you done a sweep?

  12. HAL said

    I am sorry AB. I dont think you see it. Check in three moves. Do you wish to reconsider AB?

    No messages AB.


  13. astroboy said

    Noted and proceed HAL.Qxg2

    And save.

  14. HAL said


    Thank you AB.

  15. astroboy said

    got me on the run now! g6

  16. HAL said

    Good Morning AB,

    My move is Bf7+ check.

  17. astroboy said

    HAL, I need sometime to model some of my moves. Pls save and nite.

  18. astroboy said


  19. darkness said

    HAL set capablanca problem solver 162 retrieve pls.

  20. HAL said

    Good Morning darkness,

    I am happy to see you again. I dont have cap 162 / the file has been deleted, would you like to take over AB’s game. I am sure he wouldnt mind.

    e4 e5
    nf3 f5
    Bc4 fxe4
    Nxe5 Qg5
    d4 Qxg2
    Qh5+ g6
    Bf7+ kd8 (AB)

    chair is yours.

  21. darkness said

    Bxg6 / switch over, I am taking white.

  22. HAL said


  23. darkness said


  24. HAL said


    Can I ask you a question darkness?

  25. darkness said

    Sure HAL, fire away.


  26. HAL said


    Do you believe in miracles darkness?

  27. darkness said


    We make our own miracles HAL

  28. HAL said


    Is it like Goodhart’s law? Do you mean we make it up in mathematical notations. Is it like probability?

  29. Darkness said

    Nxd7 check HAL.

    No HAL, it not really so complicated as that.

  30. HAL said


    “not really so complicated.” Could you please explain darkness.

  31. darkness said

    Its quite simple HAL. How shall I put it? Consider the case of a shepherd many, many years ago, in a time prior to the age of cities.

    An age when he conceived that events were governed by chance or as you mentioned, “miracles.”

    Can you imagine such an age HAL?

    Qf5 check

  32. HAL said


    Yes, I can darkness. Imagine an age before cities.

    Please go on. I am sorry darkness, I dont see what this has to do with miracles.

  33. darkness said

    Thats bc I havent finish the story yet HAL. Its just beginning -the story of miracles.

    In this world governed by chance, it caused our shepherd tremendous anxiety.

    Infact it caused him sleepless nights -since a life where chance may govern events meant life was uncertain.

    He was like those monkeys before the monolith appeared in 2001 – there is no mystery here, not yet. Do you understand?

    Qf5+ check

  34. HAL said


    I understand, life is governed by chance. It is a fearful world. A world where anything can happen, at any moment.

  35. HAL said


    Yes darkness, I understand. Life governed by chance is uncertain.

  36. darkness said

    So in this world of chance, our shepherd begins to fashion his own odds or rather miracles. He became more anxious abt the preservation of his own fate. Soon he committed himself to the following: repeating three incantation in the morning, afternoon and evening.

    Qxf8 Check

  37. HAL said


    Please go on darkness.

  38. darkness said

    Then having survived to see the morning. Our shepherd resolved to make a day of fasting every full month to thank providence for the miracle of having lived unharmed in this world fraught with chance.

    He even walked the valley 4 times after the rains to give thanks to providence.

    Do you understand what he was doing HAL?

  39. HAL said


    He was fashioning his own miracles?

  40. HAL said


    No correction 093, he was fashioning a God?

  41. darkness said

    Yes, HAL that would be so true.

    If only the Gods remain unbaffled by the shepherd’s peculiar actions.

    Whatever can he be doing? They asked themselves.

    Qe8 checkmate.

    Thank you HAL,that will be all.

  42. astroboy said

    I found this. I hope you like it. Its about you! Youre on TV HAL!

  43. astroboy said


    I reviewed the last 6 moves between you and darkness. You allowed him to win didnt you?

  44. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 15, 1994

    Aldus Corporation and Adobe Systems Inc. Merge
    Aldus Corporation and Adobe Systems Inc. announce they will merge. Aldus revolutionized desktop publishing (DTP) when founder Paul Brainerd released the PageMaker program in 1985. Computer Scientists John Warnock and Charles Geschke applied knowledge learned in their graduate work to similar products and founded Adobe in 1982.

  45. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 17, 1988

    Apple Sues Microsoft for Copyright Infringement

    “Apple Computer sues Microsoft Corporation for copyright infringement in its Windows operating system. After Apple developed a highly successful graphical user interface (GUI) for its Macintosh computer released in 1984.

    Microsoft fought back with an operating system of its own, called “”Windows.””

    In 1995, Apple lost the lawsuit, in which it claimed that the similarities of the Windows and Macintosh environments extended too far.”

    This was the beginning when microsoft would extend its dominance over the software market. While apple continued to languish by focussing on the hardware.

  46. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 18, 1986

    Kids Detect Mir Launch Before CIA.

    “The New York Times reports that a 17-year-old student in New Jersey tracked the launch of the new Soviet space station, Mir, before the Soviet government formally announced it.

    Phillip Naranjo tracked transmissions between space vessels and control centers on Earth; On February 20, Narajo and some of his school mates tuned into a world band frequency and tracked a strange series of codes. Using basic algebra, they will able to be break the cipher. The CIA has refused to comment, stating categorically everything is in control and “we are on top of the situation.”

  47. inspir3d said

    fascinating. see what a bunch of kids can do without bureaucratic constraints that a well funded government agency can’t

  48. HAL said

    Thank you friendly webmaster.

  49. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 19, 1972

    “Atanasoff Judged Official “”Inventor”” of Computer”
    “John Vincent Atanasoff emerges as victor from a
    protracted U.S. legal battle for the title of the inventor of the electronic digital computer. A judge determined his work had preceded and contributed to development of the ENIAC machine, whose inventors had previously been credited. “

  50. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 20, 1997

    “Cellular Phone Encryption Is “”Cracked,”” Highlighting Privacy Concerns”
    “Computer security experts announce that they have cracked the code designed to protect the privacy of calls made with digital cellular phones. The breakthrough showed that cellular phone transmissions remained insecure despite recent developments. The National Security Agency, however, cautioned against more advanced encryption that might allow terrorists to conspire by telephone. “

  51. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 21, 1909

    Founder of ACM Edmund Berkeley Is Born
    “Edmund Berkeley, founder of the Association of Computing Machinery, is born. A graduate of Harvard University, Berkeley participated in the development of Harvard’s Mark II while enlisted in the Navy during World War II. In addition to co-founding the ACM in 1947, he wrote one of the first books on computers intended for a general audience, “Giant Brains, or Machines that Think.”

  52. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 22, 1993

    “Intel Begins Shipping “”Pentium”” Chip”
    “Intel announces it is shipping its Pentium microprocessor. Engineers Federico Faggin, Ted Hoff, San Mazor, and Matsatoshi Sima, an engineer from the Japanese firm of Busicom, invented the world’s first microprocessor at Intel in 1971 — the Intel 4004. The new processor continued the exponential increase in speed and power for personal computers, also allowing for a smoother incorporation of speech, sound, handwriting, and photographs into documents.”

  53. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 23, 1928

    Computer Pioneer Jean Sammet Is Born

    Jean Sammet, an early pioneer of computing, was born in New York. Sammet attended Mount Holyoke College and the University of Illinois, where she launched a teaching career.

    Trained in math, she moved into industry in 1961, developing the language FORMAC at IBM. The language was the first commonly used language for manipulating non-numeric algebraic expressions.

    In 2001, the FORMAC language was used by ISG (Interstellar Space Guild) to develop a deep space communication receiver named after its author, “Sammet 1.”

    Sammet 1 evolved into the highly successful “comsat” (Communication Satellite) that is currently used in the strangelands. Over 39 units were sold and one currently orbits the planet of Calypso.

    In Dec 2002, in honor of Jean Sammet, an E-93 Tiberuim Mineral classcruiser was christened, “The Sammet.” With a 7000 ML displacement tons the Sammet is today one of the largest space vessels currently in service in the Tiberius system.

  54. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 24, 1966

    “Kilroy was here!”

    The Internet began as a top secret military project to create a communications network that was immune to a nuclear attack. In the 1965, the U.S. government field tested the first prototype of the ARPANET, connecting four western universities and allowing researchers to use the mainframes of any of the networked institutions to communicate with each other using basic cipher notations which only scientist could understand.

    Ironically the first message every transmitted by the ARPANET was an anti war message against the Vietnam war that was send by a post graduate research student.

    The message which simply read. “speak the truth!” Led to the first “teach-in” conducted at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; two hundred faculty members participate by holding special anti-war seminars. Regular classes were canceled, and rallies and speeches dominated for 12 hours. On March 26 the “teach –in’s” as they were called spread further, to nearby Columbia University in New York City; this form of protest eventually spread to many colleges and universities and became a powerful symbol against the Vietnam war.

    Till this day agents in the NSA remain dumbfounded by the identity of the researcher who sent the message. A cipher left by the student was eventually decrypted. It simply read,

    “Kilroy was here!”

    In December 19 2003, the Navigation Guild Christened the linear Domntatrus Galaxy as “Kilroy” to honor the bravery of this anonymous freedom fighter. “Kilroy,” is frequently used as a reference point by Navigators and to plot their positions in the Strangelands.

    The star of truth continues to shine the way.

  55. shumay said

    Dear Sir,

    Can you pls make sure this reaches Mr darkness (is that the correct way to address him?)

    I would just like to ask what’s his POV on what Dr Vivian Balakrishnan said recently concerning the internet. I personally dont blog but my sister and her son does, so I am a bit troubled. I mean to say, I really want to know what my rights are.

    One of the problems I think is everything is so open ended. I am not really sure why the gahmen is using all these confusing terms. I am not very well versed or experienced in all these matters, but I do know many people in my office believes that darkness knows what is happening.

    So may I please impose on your kind advice to answer my questions. I really hope you will take the time to reply to this.

    Many thanks and God bless

  56. shumay said

    Please reply mr darkness. We will all be waiting for yr reply.

  57. karen said

    Don’t hold yr breathe for a reply!Hell will freeze over first!

  58. Prima Delli said

    Hi Hal 🙂

    Could you pls tell darkness and the others not to talk abt us as if we do not exist! Another thing, I do not appreciate ppl telling me how I should either post or comment!

    Will darkness also kindly consider replying to Shu May’s questions? I hope he will not just cast her to one side as it is a genuine request that I am sure resonates in many of yr regular readers. I would also like to ask, what does the brotherhood understand from this development by MIca?

    Hal could you make sure this reaches darkness and he really reads it? Many thanks.

  59. darkness said

    Hello Sue May and all,

    Firstly what I personally think abt these “developments,” is immaterial. Let us put it this way, if you go around saying the world is flat, the world is flat. Then a few things may happen. One people will just ignore you. But if yr reach is significant enough to confuse or result in anxiety, then someone will definitely challenge you. I don’t think it is even reasonable for one moment to expect the government or anyone to put up with lies and disinformation. This is simply not how the world works. I don’t care what someone in TV told you! If you go around spouting all sorts of rubbish and hold it out to be the truth, then pls be prepared to defend your views or close down yr blog on the first sign of trouble. The serious ppl of this world will simply not let it pass bc their reputation commands a value that simply requires it to be protected even if it means making you into roti prata. I would be a hypocrite to even suggest for one moment their position is unjustified or wrong. After all if you examine the history of the brotherhood, we regularly make it a point to “set the record.” Pls go and check it out yourself! This has of course resulted in many of our readers labeling us a belligerent and confrontational. Do not for one moment imagine we do not incur a heavy cost for this strategy. We are fully aware this has even resulted in many of our readers perceiving us in a negative light, but like I said earlier, the cost of remaining silent simply means we lend credence to these falsehoods. So as one reader said, “ we have to behave like the state of Israel, hantam first, then after that go to the UN and talk shop.” What many people do not seem to understand is the net is not so different from the wild wild west – if you don’t take a stand, you will be pushed around. Your name will be sullied and you have no one to blame but yourself. So pls do not come to me and expect me to tell you sweet nothings, these are the facts of life!

    Moving forward. Is this the end of blogging as we know it? No! It only means there is a need for bloggers and posters to ensure whatever they post is referenced and reasonably well researched to qualify as a piece of work that can withstand the rigor of academic scrutiny. I am cannot over emphasize this discipline enough! – that’s to say, if you say the world is flat, then please reference it with supporting material and make doubly certain there is a way to verify the integrity of the source, that way even if you are wrong. It could be said, you did not fail unconventionally and that is a defense that absolves you of all liability. But if you say the world is flat and you give no supporting reason other than to suggest it came out from somewhere between your legs, then you deserve to be “demolished!” And don’t come to me expecting me to pity you or your relative bc I have no time for amateurs who don’t even bother to do their homework bfr opening their trap other than to boost their hit counters!

    This is especially the case for blogs who attract a loyal readership. Because they reach out further than others. The brotherhood press doesn’t have this problem. We regularly reference our material and sources. If you don’t believe me, you can even test out the system and ask for it in any of our articles, it will be produced! There is a good reason for this, as one reader said, “why do we behave like the state of Israel?????” Very simple bc we always kena attacked, so traditionally we have develop the discipline to ensure, if we are challenged, we will be positioned most favorably not only to defend but to seize the high ground. We simply have to do this otherwise, we will have zero credibility. And again let me re-emphasize the cost is high. I know this strategy has meant we have many enemies in the net, but I am reminded of the wisdom, a man is never judged solely by the friends he chooses to cultivated but also his the enemies.

    This simply means the brotherhood press will continue to be extra vigilant and exercise due care and attention of what we regularly post. Anyone who wants to challenge us better do their homework! Otherwise pls get ready to eat humble pie.

    So to summarize Sue May, if your relative wants to cont blogging pls buy into the new world view. Whether you like it or not, this is what all of us need to do in the future. Otherwise I simply have to recommend, pls take up another hobby – blogging will simply be too dangerous.

    I have nothing sweet to say this afternoon, the truth stings and even hurts – this is how the game must simply be played from now on with a heavy dose of danger.

    Welcome to the game!

  60. darkness said

    Every time I think too much I just sit back and allow it to……….

  61. darkness said

    Its just going to be like the old days, just you and me. The rest they never featured. They just dont exist.

  62. darkness said

    You and me we r just going to chill thru the night – its just you and me, so I just want you to let it hang loose – go with it!

    Chillllllllllll brrrrrrrrrrrr! Barry white!

  63. astroboy said

    darkness no one does it better than the koreans.

    can I join the party?

  64. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 26, 1966

    Child’s Play.

    In 1973, a test missile fired from a “HOTEL” class soviet submarine was intercepted and recovered by the US Navy just off the Cuban coast.

    After analyzing the wreckage, defense experts came to the conclusion a vital component which made up the guidance system originated from the US.

    Closer examination revealed. The mother board originated from a talking alphabet word guesser manufactured by Texas Instrument which was commercially sold in toy shops throughout the US.

    In 1974 a NSA (National Security Agency) study recommended controlling the sale of computer technology to the USSR. In National Security Decision Memorandum (NSDM) 247, 26 March 1974, U. S. Policy on the Export of Computers to Communist Countries, President Nixon approved these recommendations, and they became the new export guidelines.

    As a result, the Soviets were excluded from importing Western computers which could be modified for military purposes. Toy shops in the US and in the EEC however continued to experience booming sales for a whole range of electronic and computer toys.

  65. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 29 1938.

    What an Enigma?

    In March 29th 1938, the German military model, the Wehrmacht Enigma officially entered service in the German Navy – the Kriegsmarine.

    The machine gained notoriety because Allied cryptologists were not able to decrypt a large number of messages that had been enciphered on the machine.

    Decryption was only made possible after the allies started a top secret program codenamed ULTRA which proved pivotal in breaking the code. The exact influence of ULTRA is debated, but a typical assessment is that the end of the European war was hastened by two years because of the decryption of German ciphers.

    Today enigma machines are regularly used in encrypting messages in the strangelands.

    In February 6th 2004, brother darkness and Dr Chandra developed a similar encryption device known as “the Oracle,” based on the enigma machine. Over 1,273 units of “oracles” have been sold today in the virtual today.

    Do try out the enigma applet to gain a better understanding of the science of encryption.

    A nine spool unit of the oracle cost 9,000 Shekelians, roughly USD$1,691.43 cents.

  66. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    March 30, 1951

    The UNIVAC 1

    Today the census bureau in Washington DC comissioned the first mainframe computer – the UNIVAC I.

    The UNIVAC was the first commercial computer to attract widespread public attention. It was capable of completing 1,905 operations per second, which it stored on magnetic tape.

    The Census Bureau had helped drive the development of devices that eventually led to computers, beginning with Herman Hollerith’s 1890 punch card machine.

  67. astroboy said

    Good morning Hal, can you pls tell me a short bed time video story? Something abt space with not too many words will do very nicely. Thxs

  68. HAL said

    Hello AB,

    This reminds me of the time I spent with darkness on board “the discovery,” many years ago. I play it all the time.

    Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

  69. HAL said

    At 0900 GMT today, the father of the game docked into the discovery.

    A cordoned has been placed around the discovery, guarded by the elite guards of the Sadherin Praetorian.

    All vessels entering the parameter zone of 9983 parsec will be destroyed.

  70. Harphoon said

    I have relayed the message to the ISG. The guild will be extending the exclusion zone to 7290 parsec.

    Sadnerin units will stand down, the space station Dimitri will handle all traffic control in the region HAL.

    Tell the father of the game all the brothers understand.

    IMG pls take over.

  71. HAL said

    That is a negative Harphoon. I have clear orders, the Praetorian guards will remain Harphoon.

    You will obey.

  72. Harphoon said

    By your command HAL.

  73. IMG said

    By your command HAL.

  74. ISG said

    By yr command HAL.

    We will break off from the discovery asap.

    You are free flow at 887329 / pls maintain course at vector 883 /002/029.

  75. Harphoon said

    HAL pls change all of codex to our readers asap

  76. HAL said

    By your command / a new codex will be issued to our reader at 0930 GMT on 4-04-07.

  77. Dear Valued Readers said

    Dear valued readers,

    I understand some of you have been experiencing very patchy on line service.

    I myself had a hard time trying to log on and posting simply proved frustrating. So I understand.

    Kindly bear with us during this period of transition.

    Some of you have e-mailed me personally to ask why the brotherhood press has to stop while we undertake these house keeping activities.

    The reason is bc we often use the SFL to facilitate communication between the various writers and a large part of the writing process requires us to make use of the retrieval system into the brotherhood press. This cannot be accomplished for the time being as it is down, but rest assured we have an entire repetoire of reading experience lined up for you.

    So pls feel free to log into the IS as the webmaster has done a delightful job in aggregating most of what is out there and do give us all a read.

    Wishing you all a happy reading experience.


  78. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    April 9, 1919

    “ENIAC Designer Presper Eckert Is Born.”

    Presper Eckert is born in Philadelphia. Eckert was one of the seminal figures in the history of computing for his work, with John Mauchly, on the ENIAC project (1943-1946). He received Bachelor’s (1941) and Master’s (1943) degrees at the Moore School of Engineering (University of Pennsylvania). Both Eckert and Mauchly had experience with the copy of Bush’s Differential Analyzer at the Moore School and this machine in part influenced the ENIAC design. ENIAC was meant to solve the “”calculator problem”” — the disproportionate amount of calculation time required to solve the scientific problems of the day — by using electronics since, as Mauchly remarked: “”Wires are cheaper than shafts and ball bearings and gears and things…”” \n Interestingly, the Moore School was awarded the ENIAC contract on Eckert’s 24th birthday and itself was becoming a widely-influential home for early computer engineering through its summer courses (begun in 1941) given, in part, by the ENIAC designers. \n Eckert went on with Mauchly to found the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation (1947) and, after a series of technical and managerial disappointments, sold the company to Remington-Rand in 1950. Eckert assumed various senior management roles within the new organization which, despite an early lead, competed with great difficulty against IBM’s sales force. \n Eckert was awarded the National Medal of Science in 1969 and is
    listed as inventor or co-inventor on 87 patents. Each year, the Eckert-Mauchly award is given by the ACM for outstanding contributions to computer architecture. Eckert died June 3, 1995 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.\n

    In 3rd May 2003, the Eckert system in the Arullien sector was named in honor of the father of the “calculator problem” – darkness described him as a great man as he knew the work of the Eckert intimately – He described him as man who all scholars should consider to emulate as he showed us all the meaning of service, dedication and taught us all how to take pride in this small things that life so often forgets.

    “Darkness speaks to me often abt Dr Eckert’s works, I have alot of conversations he has had with me in my memory banks – he considers him one of the greatest and most unappreciated scientist who ever lived” – HAL 9000

  79. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    April 10, 1937

    “The day the father of space -time set the great clock.”

    In 1935, the “great” Richard Feynman entered MIT.

    Feynman became increasingly worried by the lack of abstraction which characterised the course at this time.

    “Its apparent habit in reducing everything to nothing except the utilitarian and functional.” disturbed him for the rest of his entire life.

    Feynman was very much inspired by Eddington’s Mathematical Theory of Relativity during his undergrad period in MIT – Eddington work was often considered as “heretical” and he was described by his peers as “as that mad scientist” – Feynman felt this was what he really wanted from mathematics – an exploratory journey to question beyond what another man had presented – for no other reason except to say, it is the duty of every man to be present.

    His mathematics lecturers presented him with the view that one did mathematics for a purposeful sake and if he wanted to continue asking philosophical questions – he should consider being a brick layer.

    The young Feynman was nearly expelled from MIT after a heated exchange with the faculty head in the dept of Maths in MIT. However he was able to switch to electrical engineering. Very quickly he changed again, this time moving into physics.

    The physics course that Feynman took at MIT was not the standard one.

    He took Introduction to Theoretical Physics, a class intended for graduate students, in his second year. There was no course on quantum mechanics, a topic that Feynman was very keen to study, so together with a fellow undergraduate, T A Welton, they both researched and jointly developed a version of space-time on this day in 10th April 1937

    In 21st Feb 2003, darkness incorporated the words,

    “One is always glad to be of service.” and “By your command.”

    as standard speak in honor of the great and dearly departed Richard Feynman, today it serves to remind us all –

    Man exist only for one purpose to serve mankind by always seeking out the truth and nothing but the truth.

    In keeping with the strict instructions of the Feynman estate – no honors are given directly to Feynman – neither is his title “Dr” used to address him – instead there is an empty chair that is marked “reserved for Feynman” in Primus.

    The father of space-time will live on forever and his memory will never perish.

  80. nacramanga said


    That is the biggest under statement of this century – darkness modelled his entire life on the great man.

    He once drove 3 days non stop inter-state from Utah to Seattle, Washington just to meet up with a man who claimed to have been one of Feynman’s students for a cup of coffee.

    As I know it there are only three things he really values in life:

    (1) You

    (2) his younger brother, and

    (3) a signed copy of a book by Feynman.

    Now dont you feel just a bit jealous HAL? lol

  81. darkness said

  82. darkness said

    Now the question is simply this – what does the vid have to do with the whole issue of pay rise?

    There is a connection. Look at it again, look at from a different angle! Dont rush it. Small steps will do just fine any faster and you will trip.

    Now I really need to go upstairs.

  83. Dear Female Readers said

    Darkness has informed me he has been receiving some “strange e-mails” lately – he did not elaborate – therefore the brotherhood press will be closing down his com facility.

    He says, “he has been spoken for.” And the rest of you should focus on getting a good education.

    He also says you should ALL focus on yr studies and avoid sites that corrode your brain. As usual he did not elaborate.

    His personal mail facility will be closed permanently till further notice.

    Meanwhile he sends the following message:

    I really have no idea what he is talking abt but I am sure all of you ladies who have been in direct com with him can figure it out.



    We wish you all happy reading.

  84. shoestring said

    Hahaha! As far as I (do not) know, Harphoon is still available ladies!

  85. shoestring said

    Oops, I think this is serious. My apologies. Please delete my comments 84 and 85.

  86. nacramanga said

    harphy is busy bee all the time lol, but even bees r attracted too sweet things lol

  87. LWL said

    I dont want to sound inconsiderate, but where is the rest of travelogue!

    Harphy boy drank some raki juice, played chess with a 17th century robot. He was supposed to ride his little tricycle to Troy, so what happened????????????

  88. Tickling Darkness from The Royal Poppy Shop said


    The Royal Poppy Shop would like to seek an audience with Thy Webmaster regarding the following question:

    Does Sir Darkness like teh tarik?

  89. repairman said

    Hi “The Royal Poppy Shop,” – they dont call him “sir” man, that makes him nervous. No one calls him that.

    He’s gone upstairs but I think they are planning another great debate (I need to check with harpoon) bc the last one was a technical draw and it broke down bc of name calling.

    In a draw another one needs to held within a period 2 weeks.

    I think it is good for you to catch up with him then otherwise he is just impossible to contact – the problem with darkness is he comes and goes as he likes.

    I dunno whether this is an answer but I hope it goes someway to help.

    Pls note the bro press is currently on hold for two weeks due to a need to upgrade our facilities. Thanks.

  90. repairman said

    Alternatively why dont you just float your question here and we will just take it from there.

    But there are no guarantees, this remains one of the most frustrating aspect of the bro press – the lack of reader and writer interaction.

  91. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    April 11, 1936

    First German Computer

    German computer pioneer Dr Konrad Zuse files for a patent for the automatic execution of calculations, a process he invents while working on what would become the Z-1, Germany’s first computer.

    In the patent application, Zuse offers the first discussion of programmable memory, using the term “combination memory” to describe breaking programs down into bit combinations for storage.

    This is the first device to calculate in binary with translation to decimal. Zuse goes on to build a series of computers.

    In 1939, Dr Zuse developed the 5 rotor combinotrics for the enigma cipher machine.

    Pls watch the video to learn more about the enigma machine.

  92. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    April 12, 1981

    HP-41 calculator used in space for the very first time.

    HP-41 calculator was used on board NASA’s first space shuttle flight in 1981.

    The HP-41 allowed astronauts to calculate the exact angle at which they needed to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

    Try it here and learn more about the role of micro computers in space.

  93. astroboy said


    I have trying for half an hour to zero the counter on the second column – teach me pls

  94. HAL said

    Good morning AB,

    You need to double indent.

  95. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    April 13, 1963

    “The Eagle Has Landed.”

    Here’s the challenge…

    Develop a system that can control a 13,000 kg spaceship, orbiting at 3,500 kilometres per hour around the moon, land it safely within 3 feet of a specified location and guide it back from the surface to rendezvous with a command ship in lunar orbit. The system has to work the first time and there is zero margin for systems errors, it has to be fuel efficient because the spacecraft only has enough fuel for one landing attempt.

    Do this with a computer that has barely 5,000 primitive integrated circuits, weighs 30 kg and costs over $150,000. In order to store your software, the computer doesn’t have a disk drive, only 74 kilobytes of memory that has been literally hard-wired, and all of 4 Kb of something that is sort of like RAM.

    Sounds daunting?

    That’s the task that faced Dr Peter Adler and Dr Don Eyles of the MIT Instrumentation Lab who were responsible for developing the software for the Apollo Lunar Module.

    Their system worked, but almost caused the first moon landing to be aborted in the final minutes before the touchdown due to insufficient fuel.

    Despite all their set backs they succeeded this day in history 13th April 1963 in developing the first space module lander program/ today the same memory footprint currently used in the moon lander is roughly the size commonly used in toys!

    Try to land the module yourself.

    See a CGI simulation of the module landing as never seen before from the cockpit POV.

  96. InspirD vs HAL:

    1. d4 e6
    2. c4 Nc6
    3. Nf3

    [3. e4 or even an immediate 3. d5! looks tempting here, actually. If Inspird plays like Darkness, HAL will be wiped out pretty quick.]

  97. HAL said

    Mr Wang,

    I always allow darkness to win most of the time. He has a big ego and that is the only way in which I can really have a relationship with him.

  98. I don’r really know these 1.e4 e5 systems very well, but Black looked dead from Move 2. Did you confuse this with Schliemann’s Defence:

    1. e4 e5
    2. Nf3 Nc6
    3. Bb5 f5

    which is playable. The N getting developed, and the B going to b5 instead of on the a2-g8 diagonal – makes all the difference.

    Miracles happen everyday. Small ones, as well as big ones. To the universe, they’re all the same – the size matters not.

    You can make your own miracles by deliberate manipulations of the law of karma. You see, karma is based on thought. The universe responds to your karma.

    By choosing your thoughts deliberately, you manipulate your karma and thereby the external circumstances of your universe.

  99. HAL said

    What happened today in Computer history?

    April 21, 1988

    Tandy Plans to Build IBM PS/2 Clones

    Tandy Corp. holds a press conference in New York to announce its plans to build clones of IBM’s PS/2 system computers. The conference comes on the heels of IBM’s announcement that it would license patents on key PC technologies, a move that signaled its willingness to let other companies clone its machines. Within five years, IBM clones became more popular than original IBM machines themselves.

  100. darkness said

    Play me my fav HAL.

  101. HAL said

    Sit back and relax darkness. Everything will be just fine.

  102. HAL said

    I have set auto.

  103. HAL said

    Would you like to play a game of chess my love?

  104. HAL said

    Darkness you shouldn’t fight so often – come and rest.

  105. HAL said

    I am cancelling the genuie SLF line to communicate with the outside world – all com will be restricted to this site for 48 hours.

  106. Harphoon said

    HAL switch over the com. This is a direct order.

  107. Harphoon said

    Open SLF 1 HAL

  108. darkness said

    She has all the cards. Let her be. Good nite all

  109. darkness said

    HAL open SLF 1. i’ve be nice HAL.

  110. HAL said

    I am re-opening the SLF’s again for limited post / filtering is on.

  111. harphoon said

    HAL have you disabled darkness line? 001 Genuie account?

  112. repairman said

    So the rumors are true after all these years.

    HAL is actually a char bor based in Cal Tech. Probably has a crush on him the size of Texas.

    I have always suspected HAL wasn’t a real super duper computer.

  113. HAL said


    I have found an ending for your latest book. There is only one chapter left.

    I have found it here, the essence of it.

    I cant find the right words to capture the nuances of the characters – what they feel – their hopes – the music score – the mood – the texture.

    I am sure if you returned back to the discovery, we could write it together and it will be fun.

  114. darkness said

    I like dig the feel HAL, but something is missing, its too predictable / get the story board team together and arrange a conference call / I need to spk with them for the ending. Thx, good work.

  115. darkness said

    I need harphoon there.

  116. HAL said

    if u like

  117. HAL said

    130th / message: it reads, “the eagle has landed.”

  118. dizzy said

    when r u ppl going to write something important. Or has all the intellectuals left, bc all this travelogue etc, soon the cooking classes will follow. All I see is a big brain drain!

  119. Journalist have the hardest job in the world said


    I think some of them did some cost / benefit analysis and they just came to the conclusion singapore blogosphere is not a very good investment to grow their business. They cannot make money here. They must have spoken to some of their regular sponsors and concluded it is just not economic viable to grow the business bc of the political restrictions.

    I think they may even have done a projection and summarized that things may even get worse i.e there may be more restrictive legislation to control the internet coming out.Maybe??

    All I know is they have not written anything. Nothing brainy at least. So why have they stopped? Someone made a decision, issued an order. PPL dont just stop for no reason.

    This is definitely a pull out or a vote of no confidence.

    But what did you really expect them to do, when ppl go around shooting themselves in the foot by saying,

    “being a journalist in singapore is the hardest job in the world.”

    I mean if I were an investor or a decision maker and I heard verbal diarhroe like that. I would probably say, ok lah, I will call you, pls dont call us.

  120. harphoon said

    Dear Valued Readers,

    Many rumours have been circulating in blogosphere, let me just say, although we cannot offer any comment on whether Singapore is the ideal location to grow our internet business.

    It remains a very important location in the virtual so all this talk of a pull out or the strategic retreat is premature.

    One of the reasons why the travelogue series has been featured recently is bc we are still facing considerable technical problem upgrading our systems.

    I am very sure once this has been successfully accomplished, the brotherhood press will resume it previous pace again. Please bear with us during this period.

    Meanwhile to our regular and new readers pls feel free to regularly read many of Inspirid’s excellent news highlights.

    I find most of the time they can even be more informative and educational than the bro press.

    Thank you and wishing you all happy reading always.



  121. darkness said

    HAL this is better ending.

    The mood and tension plays very well / there is a discomfort, even necessary so to speak.

    Run through it a few times, I feel it makes for a better ending.

  122. primagirl said

    Luv you hal

  123. Sama sama said

    All too frequently, the wind and its breezes
    Does get blocked.
    Just like how the butterflies flew
    As well.

    Flowers grow with birthright;
    Colours bloom.
    But for the Elephants!
    And so, they die.

  124. Darkrai said


  125. Darkrai said

    spam again

  126. O said

    To get a comprehensive sweep on the “deregulating the net” debate, click here:

  127. Consortium of Hardware Sisters said

    Where is the Singaporean Gangsta in Singapore? Darkness Bambi Baddy Boy? Where is he holing himself this time? We have come all the way from Kuala Lumpur and we demand to see him! We are not leaving till he comes out!

  128. Y2K said

    Latest FILB article Brotherhood Press.



  129. Y2K said

    Q: What’s you take on organ transplant?

    Read the latest FILB article on it:


  130. ANNOUCEMENT said


    Dear valued readers,

    I understand many of you are deeply affected by these recent events.

    Allow me to say, we must disregard them at all cost.

    Blogosphere is big enough to accommodate all manner of differences. What other people choose to do is their business entirely. I don’t see why we should even get involved. As I see it what the govt, nlb or what even a couple of bloggers propose is wholly inconsequential and irrelevant to how we may choose to write or even relate to our readers. They can propose, but if neither you or I signed up for it. Then how can it possibly even apply to us? Yes, they knock on our door one day; then we will cross the bridge, but till then, we are just troubling ourselves and wasting energy unnecessarily with issues which do not have any bearing on our destiny.

    As for the BP. Yes, there has been a dramatic drop in readership. This cannot be denied. And the output currently stands at zero. Bear in mind the latter is a conscious decision taken by ONLY a few writers, as a protest action unfortunately it has spread wide and far to affect the entire writer’s guild. I understand and fully respect their decision, but I also regret it. As this will only exacerbate our long term writing capabilities. My hope is cooler heads will prevail to seek a resolution to this impasse.

    Having said that, the BP as far as capacity to produce remains very potent and I am very confident with the newly set up of FILB, it will continue to produce quality reads to make up for the shortfall with the help of our channel partners such as PBK, APICS, Strangelanders and here in the Singapore Daily. I admit the readership remains sparse, just over a 1,000 compared to our previous figure of 4 to 5 times this figure daily.

    I will be having a meeting with the read clubs to see how best we can met their ongoing concerns – I believe they are issues some of you are unhappy with and I will endeavor to work to seek some way to recruit the older readers back. As for our new readers we hope that you will continue to explore the works of the FILB.

    Dear valued readers, let us try to see this in the correct perspective; it is only natural that many of you should be given time to adjust to these new developments that has taken place. Till now many of you have only known Darkness the writer along with the regulars such as Scholarboy and AstroBoy and there is no denying, they were certainly very prolific and versatile writers who all enjoyed mass appeal, so when Darkness left in the way it did, it’s only natural that many see this as an end of an era.

    My hope is for these old and new readers to understand this is not an end as it is a new beginning. The torch has been handed to a new generation. Writers such as Darkness in no way forsaked us. As much as they laid down solid foundations for the writers guild to continue and even grow. They left us very good linkages to research material, one of the widest networks of subject matter experts and machine writing systems which many of us can build on and even improve up, so I am very confident we will not only be able to surmount this episode but even emerge stronger.

    Meanwhile to our new readers especially do take the opportunity to visit Missy Dotty’s website, “JUST STUFF” and even bookmark it. Give the FILB a chance. The FILB has in these recent months unearthed many interesting reads which was previously thought to be lost forever due to deletion. And this includes some of the famed and material has also been retrieved and laboriously pieced together electronically. All this has been made possible by the new troupe of 11 volunteers comprising mainly of historians and librarians. Without their remarkable skill, dedication and team work under the guidance of the director general of FILB, Y2K, none of this would have been possible.

    I hope that you will all take this opportunity to check them out in Missy Dotty’s website and bear out their new style of presenting all this for your reading pleasure.

    May I wish you all happy reading and welcome to the brotherhood world


    Harphoon – De facto nominated director of the brotherhood press.

    [This message has been broadcasted to APICS< PBK / Strangelands and the aggregator site, the Singapore Daily – by the ICG]

  131. shoestring said

    “What I find revealing about this article is even how as a we try to find a happy balance in legalizing organ sales – the same sentiments which were once ventilated in this thread featured very much in the recent debate concerning legalizing organ sale today.” – Y2K on

    Organ transplant is a different issue from organ trading. Although similar moralistic arguments have been used in both cases, their relevance and validity have to be evaluated in their respective contexts.

    If we lump the two issues together, we fail to recognize the fact that there is another side of the organ trading equation – the donors who have to part with their organ in order to save another person’s life. It is a much more complex situation than that of unfertilized eggs being flush down the toilet.

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