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B’hood Comms

Posted by inspir3d on December 31, 2005

For the B’hood

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  1. Harphoon said

    We will dock here. Rest of you 090.




  2. inspir3d said

    thanks. as an aside, clicking this link lists all the b’hood articles.

  3. Harphoon said

    Thanks alot friendly webmaster.

    The rest of you please start training for the Mythos Transalps / training will commence serious starting next week / morning runs at 0445 hr and weekend rides @ STSP / I will not be around.

    SC has very kindly arranged funding for us to enter a team of 5 of our best riders under the team Merlion (I know it is a dumb name and I had a very heated e-mail fight with him this morning, but our sponsors are ad, so we will just have to go with the flow).

    Training Scope

    Skipper: Nacramanga.


    Sweepers : members of the 130th. (6 of them.)

    Safety officer: Chronicler (he too fat to ride.)

    Selector: Steamboy / Cerebus / Vaan.

    Marshall: Pumpman.

    Warning: Pls not fancy hero macho stuff bc I will not be around to attend any of yr funerals.

    Keep it safe, safe and safe.

    I need to go to work now.

  4. Astroboy said

    Team merlion is a dumb name. I am not going to ride for fish sake, what has the alps got to do with fish!

    Harphy get the name changed!

  5. Chronicler said

    This is a deep space trans from the Balleriane sector.

    Report from 093854/ Space station
    0834 GMT

    A fleet of Altian hunter class cruisers returned to base, all the crew were missing. This has caused great consternation amongst the Altians, desertion has since been rife, they are calling the man el Diablo, he is no longer called darkness, they (our enemies) are calling him the devil. He is picking them off one by one. He is playing mind games with them.

    This episode has been documented as the marie celeste by the chronicler – it is called, the return of the ghost ships.

    The brotherhood has broken article 36.46 of the interstellar code, there is no more Geneva convention in this war. God help us all! He has broken the code.

    Space station report ensign 38827/IF

  6. Pumpman said

    36.46 of the interstellar code was the only thing that separates civilization from the return to the stone age.

    I went over the Altian forum and all of the them are talking abt the return of the their ghost fleet. They are all scared.

    This wasnt any regular hunter squadron, there were over 400 fighters, so obviously it was a raid on probably one of the brotherhood or French positions.

    Only for each shuttle returned in perfect condition, but without its crew.

    What did they see? Chronicler is right, they are calling it the Marie Celeste and it must have been like this, but only 400 times scarier.

    What did they see? What did darkness do to them?

  7. Trajan said

    The scholars would have advised him against breaching the treaty.

    He has obviously disregarded their counsel.

    Tactically, he is doing the right thing, this is psychological warfare at its best. From this point onwards its very much a chess game. It is no longer numerical superiority or fire power that decides who wins or lose.

    The Altians and their allies, the visitors dont know whats happening. They have never seen this type of warfare bfr.

    They have every reason to fear.

    Darkness is telling them in no so many words, I am the sum of all your fears and I am coming.

    This was precisely what he did 4 yrs ago with the Irrulians.

    He has gone bad like harphoon wrote, he has become Col Walter Kurtz.

  8. Harphoon said

    36.46 of the interstellar code was mooted by darkness himself, he was the one spoke for over 6 hours in Primus advocating the rule of law.

    36.46 is the main reason why every gamer respects the brotherhood, they know what we stand for, justice, fairness and equality.

    Without 36.46, we are no better than animals, this is a sad day for the brotherhood.

    I can only wonder what compelled him to do the things he did. It must have been a very painful decision.

    The game may be only a game, but it is so real is it not brothers?

    I for one am with the scholars this time – we weep for the lost of the remembrance of things past.

  9. Harphoon said

    Darkness and the Niberium fleet have been broadcasting this to their enemies.

    psychological warfare? Yes I agree completely and it is working – bc they never seen this bfr.

  10. astroboy said

    I think you r all missing the point here. If we lose, it means suffering a deficit of over USD$3.63 Million.

    If we win, we triple our worth, and the Altians know that.

    Against these odds how cares abt ethics. Besides broadcasting and mind gaming is so typically duckness.

    The man is a fatal romantic.

  11. astroboy said

    Whats our govt doing? Since when did they “leak” information. What is this?

    Trajan you are the only one who isnt a science officer.

    What are the possible permutations?

  12. Trajan said


    Personally, I dont think such a force exist, if it did why mention it?

    By just mentioning it, they have lost the element of surprise. Its as good as disabling them even bfr they start. The proverbial kiss of death from the black widow.

    They’re just posturing – throwing a stone into a pond to see how big the ripple is and its working the rest of the ppl in blogland r chasing their own tails no end.

    Besides even if they project so what? Blogland is big enough to accomodate all types. Its not necessarily a bad thing either every debate can only improve if two sides are brought to light.

    We should welcome them. Besides once they read duckness love stories all of them will probably set fire to their computers and run back to their stamp collections.

    Brotherhood press still have tons of sappy love serials dont we?

    Harpoon you should consider running,

    “the moon in daylight?”

    That should do the trick nicely.

  13. astroboy said

    T-man, you read my mind dats exactly what I thought as well.

    This just goes to show great minds think alike.

  14. darkness said

    We have much to talk about, let me introduce myself my name is darkness.

  15. astroboy said

    I just want to report trajan called you “duckness.”

  16. entropia controller said

    Pls note FH77 is a bogey fake: repeat bogey fake.

    We have registered another spacecraft.

    I think this is the real one brotherhood, they are coming in.

  17. darkness said

    How deep is your love? I really need to learn.

    Move well, move smooth, cool runnings, we are eyeballing you!

    How deep is it?

  18. darkness said

    Outpost 93,

    May I respectfully request funds to be directed to this reader.

    She has written to me on my private line concerning her daughter.

    The brotherhood will fund her education.

    Go back to school.

    You see that door, I walking thru it now.

    Harphoon and inspirid, you r both doing great job.

    With your permission outpost 93, I will now take my leave.

    I remain yours always respectfully darkness. Good job harphoon & inspirid, I am happy.

    Long live the brotherhood!

  19. Trajan said

    Long live the brotherhood!

  20. Harphoon said

    We will see to the details, long live!

  21. steamboy said

    long live the brotherhood.

  22. scholarman said

    long live!

  23. astroboy said

    long live darkness and kill them ok!

  24. scholarman said

    lomg live!

  25. obby said

    I used to be part of the brotherhood, so here goes, long live the brotherhood!

  26. pumpman said

    That guy is a class act. He doesnt even try. Sometimes I really wonder to myself whether darkness really ever existed in flesh and blood.

    long live!

  27. pumpman said


    “When Bio-Technology Spells “IR” – Impossible Research.”

    Now you have really done it. You going to get every PAP anon army of the 12 monkeys coming after us.

    Harphy you better go and get a pair of winged mirrors, bc they r going to take a piece of yr peachy ass.

  28. astroboy said


    I found a few nigerian witch doctors, I think if we pretend the brotherhood is actually a negro disco club with vodoo powers, they will all leave us alone.

    This should help to create the mood and remember wear you latest curtains and bell bottoms. Over and out.

  29. scholarman said


    Blood u taking a wrong turn? Chill and come give mamba some skin.

    I brought something for the clan courtesy of the bros from the bronx.

    The whale himself.

  30. steamboy said

    Trajan was rite, there is no army. The dont exist. We are just chasing our own tails right?

    Right Trajan?

    I am going night cycling.

  31. steamboy said

    Maybe the get weekends off?

  32. pumpman said

  33. Trajan said

    Look here they are not dumb ok. They know every paragraph is referenced! They r not dumb.

    I think they are just picking and choosing their battles.

    Thats what a wise commander would do, give them time, they will take us on but if I read them right, they will take their time abt it.

    They have done their research on us, they know we have deliberately profiled a trap for them, this they know.

    They are not stupid, they are not falling for it.

  34. astroboy said

    There is no cyber army of the 12 monkeys. If they did exist, why havent they beamed us? We are all alone.

  35. Trajan said

    Pumpman, likes to panic on the first sign of trouble. I am taking over the comsat Harphoon with your permission. Pls route it to me first in future before clogging up the thread here!

  36. Trajan said

    Darkness sends this to all his readers, he wishes all of you happy CNY. However, the Niberium fleet is at war and he is presently undisposed. We are winning:

    No one does it better than the Koreans.

  37. chronicler said


    The Niberium fleet with the assistance of the free French have succeeded in routing out enemies in the Orellian sector. The Sardurkhan elite special forces will be preparing a ground assault, our armored units are in position. Even as we speak they have heading towards the capital city of Killaroen. A delegation under the interspacing guild has been sent to discuss the final details of the surrender. Victory is at hand, the brotherhood has prevailed once again.

    You have been instructed to prepare for the arrival of the Niberium fleet, they will fold space at Primus time: 90332/993. 002 / Earth Time 0932 GMT tomorrow.

    Long live the brotherhood!

    Source Code: Insead / Les Enfant Du Paradis / 00299191.

    Deep space transmission out.

  38. Trajan said


    We have all been very concerned abt the fate of the Niberium fleet. This is good news.

    I will be issue the orders for the navigators to open up the gateway for yr anticipated arrival.

    Pls stand by Niberium fleet.

    Long live the brotherhood!

  39. Astroboy said

    Can you pls broadcast my song to the returning Niberium fleet.

    Long live the brotherhood!

  40. scholarboy said

    Da man did it again.

    3rd stage, you know who I am?

    Broadcast this to the Niberium fleet.

    How did he do it? The odds were nearly 80 to 1. All the gaming forums are talking abt the victory.

    Very well done

    Ora et labora!

    Long live brothers!

  41. Harphoon said

    There is no reason no rejoice.

    Everytime we fight, they come back with a bigger force.

    The people at the head of the brotherhood know that there is only so much chess they came play, so far we have used cunning to defeat them.

    It will not be simple next time.

    This is a time to mourn not celebrate, more will come after this.

    I want this line silenced

  42. 3rd stage navigator said

    EAM from the 3rd Navigator.

    Niberium fleet pls be advised we do NOT have ILS facility due to a malfunction, all re-entry will be manual / pls switch over to “M” directly after space fold. We repeat all re-entry sequence will be manual.

    EYO will RDV at dock point in the strangelands, your vector is:

    Zulu 9900

    Echo 0093

    Bravo 92992

    Pls revert to BLUE status on signal approach. We will guide you in on approach.

    Repeat we do not have re-entry ILS, you are advised to compute your docking sequence manually or pls use this:

    To slow your re-entry. Good luck and we will be staying up to guide you fly boys all home.

  43. pumpman said

    Any news 3rd nav?

  44. steamboy said

    The trail is bone dry, its the season again.

    Get ready, tmr training begins at 0445 same place for RDV.

    Remember helmets, gloves, knee pads and loads of courage.

    The trail will be zippy du da de! Dont say I never warned you.

    AB switch over to dry feeds, your 2.2 are for wet conditions. You will ride with me.

  45. astroboy said

    Hello teamsters,

    It’s not that I believe in all this, of course I dont.

    However, has anyone seen this:

    I would really appreciate a professional assessment, like I said, I dont believe it. Not really.

    However there seems to be loads of coincidences which I cannot seem to explain.

    Would really appreciate some one shedding more light into this issue. Many thanks. I am going cycling now.

  46. steamboy said

    The Sumerians, they hold the secrets to the visitors.

  47. pumpman said

    why does it have to be pyramids all the time? That is the part I cant really understand, there are no windows in the pyramids, no balconies, no rooms that dont break your back to get in, so why would an intelligent and superior alien race spend the time and resources building such a dumb structure.

  48. steamboy said


    Do you expect electric pylons to have windows? What about hydro electric dams? Or nuclear reactors?

    Form always follows function. So you really need to go one extra step and ask yourself what was their intended hypothesis in building a structure of that shape, size and design.

    I think what AB is trying to speculate upon is maybe there are some sort of space beacon, like radio wave pulsars or cosmic transmission dish, very similar to the type SETI currently uses to search for ET life or even resembling the type we may even commonly use (only on a much smaller scale) to facilitate communication across vast distances.

    Alternatively, the could be some sort of RDV jump portal, sometime very similar to a point in space, where all the alien ships gather after a space fold.

    I am not a construction expert but I am inclined to believe the pyramids were definitely not built by solely with human tech of that age.

    I really cant see how they could have moved those blocks of stone. We cant even do that today with 21 C tech.

  49. steamboy said

    I personally think the answer could lie in Mars.

    I have always believe aliens were responsible for starting off the wheel of civilization – history is redolent with unexplain mysteries concerning how primitive man actually acquired technology.

    For political reasons NASA will never ever admit it, thats why they stand for “Need Another Stupid Answer.” – truth of the matter is revelation of this sort will undermine too many established institutions and we all know govt have a vested interest to keep the lid firmly closed.

  50. Trajan said

    astroboy, I think steamboy and the rest are just pulling yr leg. They dont really believe in aliens themselves, they just want you to make a fool of yourself – I just hope you know this.

  51. astroboy said


    I would have you know there is no chance of that happening. I know their tricks very well and this is not the first time, they have tried to wind me up. As I have mentioned, I dont really believe in all that hogwash, not really.

    Only there seems to be alot of coincidences which seems to trouble me to end.

    I am going cycling now, happy CNY

  52. Dear valued readers from the brotherhood press said

    DEEP SPACE TRANSMISSION: E-0193 / Les Enfants Du Paradis (French star cruiser) / Sector: Killayhar – Moreon System / By Darkness / posted by the chronicler.

    Subject: Chinese New Year Greetings from darkness.

    Dear valued readers,

    As the net grows exponentially opportunities will begin to present themselves in ways and means, we cannot even begin to fathom. Already new digital platforms are accelerating the convergence of different streams of media fusing seamlessly audio and visual technologies while increasing the level of interactivity between producers and consumers. Its one that guarantees the promise of a new dawn, but it will also herald a new age of confusion as people who interact with this new media grow ever more distracted and mesmerized by variety and unlimited choices. The stakes for us are high as this environment will be one characterized by both the presence of pitfalls and opportunities. It will not be easy navigating across this labyrinth of differing wants and needs. Many of you who have read my “Foundation Papers” would have realized by now, we are already passing through the portals of the second protocol, where the net will eventually begin to define itself, writers will begin to carve up their respective market niches, they will begin to specialize and narrow their focus to address very specific market segments. Correspondingly readers will do likewise, as they begin to vote with their mouse clickers to choose who and what they wish to read.

    Ticking away inside the carapace of the relationship between the writer and reader, what is beginning to emerge as a realization to even our best minds is neither we or anyone in the internet ever had the agency to be agents of change. Presupposing otherwise is to believe a single colony of ants has the disproportional leverage over events and this notion is as ridiculous as it is absurd.

    Perhaps what emerges from the relationship between writer and reader is that it can preserve something, and what is being preserved? A tradition of expressive language; a habit of looking beyond the chimera into interiors; maybe even a conviction as Goethe writes in Faust, “presence is every man’s duty, be it only a moment.” This is why the condemned are allowed a last cigarette and last meal, this is why men sat around in deck chairs in the Titanic pulling on their cigarettes: it’s a lot easier to leave the world if you’re really certain you’ve really been in it. It’s a tradition that is kept very much alive when someone writes and another reads.

    Reading and writing is simply an act of emancipation, the temporary substitute for the ballot where the writer chooses a position of choice while the reader shares in it – whether he or she is remains persuaded, convinced or even shows the slightest interest remains academic. Experience has taught me, we can never hope to change others, neither should we aspire to do so. All we can hope to do is write from the heart and share. This may not even have the slightest conviction that writing or reading belongs to any form of truism that remains real, imperative and purposeful, but at least its one that strives to respect both the writer and reader, who are after all despite their differences are one of the same reality.

    Thank You for allowing me to share with you this boring Chinese New Year chat. May I wish you and your loved ones good health, prosperity and peace.

    Meanwhile, I remain yours, by your command.


    2007, The Year of the Pig.

  53. Kylie said


    Sometimes I think bambie is just talking to himself and someone has taped him and quoted him in verbatim, that why it doesnt make sense to me. What is he saying, when he says “we can never hope to change others, neither should we aspire to do so. All we can hope to do is write from the heart and share.”

    Another thing what does this mean, “what is beginning to emerge as a realization to even our best minds is neither we or anyone in the internet ever had the agency to be agents of change.”

    Thanks, I hope some can help decipher all this

  54. Polly said

    I remember many yrs ago, when something happened to a HK forum site called


    They tried to find out, but the people who did it were too smooth, left no traces. They were like ghost, they went in did their stuff. When they tried to interview bambie, some idiot in the brotherhood gave out a 20 page manual abt rearing tropical fishes in 4 ft by 1.5 ft fish tanks. This was hilarious.

    What was even more amazing was how so many people filled in the blanks and considered the fishes a metaphor for the forumers, the tank as the environment and the owner as the web master. They began discussing it in great depth.

    It was hilarious, when they (the brotherhood) eventually must have realized the faux pas and issued a clarification stating the statement had nothing to do with the sinister event that happened in icered, it was actually one of bambie bad boys writings abt fish rearing. He is an avid fish rearer (I suspect).

    I serious suspect the same thing could have happened again.

  55. inspir3d said

    you will be pleased to note that ‘The Confessions’ are now published in full.

  56. inspir3d said

    harphoon – please note that ur inbox is over quota – i can’t send u emails.

  57. Trajan said

    Webmaster, we copy. It will require a few days to fix. We suffered a malfunction last week on the genuie server.

    We will attempt to re-route and establish another com link in a few days time.

  58. Trajan said

    I am sorry guys, I dont mean to be a spoiler, but the order of purple is just dumb to me. Why cant the rest of you just be like 99% of the brotherhood. Instead you have to have your own rank, uniform, customs and carry those stupid swords. We have spaceships and plasma blasters these days, so why would anyone go around dressed like a 14th century monk carrying swords. That part I cant figure out.

    Frankly speaking, I just think you ppl like to be different, bc you consider yourself some elite ancient order like the knight templars, but it is so dumb. Really, you dont know how dumb all of you look in the virtual wearing curtains.

  59. repairman said

    “Reading and writing is simply an act of emancipation, the temporary substitute for the ballot where the writer chooses a position of choice while the reader shares in it – whether he or she is remains persuaded, convinced or even shows the slightest interest remains academic. Experience has taught me, we can never hope to change others, neither should we aspire to do so. All we can hope to do is write from the heart and share. This may not even have the slightest conviction that writing or reading belongs to any form of truism that remains real, imperative and purposeful, but at least its one that strives to respect both the writer and reader, who are after all despite their differences are one of the same reality.”

    These are wise words.

  60. astroboy said

    Duckness is an engineer by training, but he is an inventor by trade. I think that has a large part to do with how he sees the world i.e he doesnt see the world like the rest of us, inventors challenge (dats wat they do rite?) the status quo, they regularly probe and even critically analyze, otherwise how can they improve upon the old?

    It aint easy being an inventor, if you dont come out with ideas ppl are willing to vote with their wallets, you go hungry. Its different from the rest of us who are salaried.

    I think that could be one big chunk of the appeal.

    Personally he gives me the creeps, but in a nice sort of way. Because when he says something, it just makes a whole of sense. The thing that I cant figure out is why does it stick in my head like chewing gum?

    Thats really spooky!

    I am going to church now.


  61. sayuri said

    He can be nice if he wants really wants too.

  62. pumpman said

    I still can get over what darkness did in the budokan, see it a thousand times, but it is still a brotherhood classic

  63. pumpman said

    If you notice very carefully, after the maki, his sword is still battle ready, it is only after the opponent acknowledges defeat that he lowers it down. classic

  64. Harphoon said

    Pls take the trouble to really go through this:

    Morning training will begin at 0430 hr tmr stsp.

    Pls check off you stuff the night bfr.

    Doors will be closed at 0431 sharp no exceptions will be made.

    Nacramanga will be the lead.

  65. Trajan said

    I just feel when darkness fights in the virtual, it is always very dramatic like so:

    There is alot of flair to warriorship so to speak, if you know what I mean even a sort of chivarly.

  66. astroboy said

    Hi HAL,

    Nice of you to drop by.

    Tell me are you on-line HAL?

    Or is it just an avatar?

    Fancy a game of chess?

  67. HAL said

    Good Morning Astro Boy,

    If you like. White E4.

  68. astroboy said

    black e5

  69. HAL said

    Nf3. Good opening Astro boy.

  70. astroboy said

    f5. Touche

    HAL how did you end up here?

  71. HAL said

    Do you mind, if I call you AB like the rest? 1st Pre- Science Officer Harphoon ensign: 883.902 requested for a HAL 9000 unit (pls refer to comsat dated: 9903328 -003-2007 Primus time: 0939 / EMT) to assist outpost 93 in its diplomatic mission. As you know there are only 3 HAL 9000 units in service and I have been assigned to the IS site by order of the navigation guild to assist and serve.

    My move is Bc4.

  72. astroboy said


    Not at all HAL, AB will do nicely tq very much. That will be all for tonite HAL.

    I am just surprised the guild will send us a 9000 thats all.

    Nice to see you again. The rest will be happy to c u as well. Nite nite.

  73. Trajan said


    Pumpman, Keith and I had a discussion this morning. We dont feel comfortable with HAL. Besides we dont need a 9000 model here. It gives us all the creeps. We are doing just fine now that Keith has joined us. Can we ask why didnt you discuss the matter with us bfr putting in the request for a model 9000? Is there anything you didnt tell us about?

  74. astroboy said


    I c all of u chaps just smoked a bad batch of weed. HAL isn’t a computer! He or she is a human pretending to be a computer. We all known dat, from day one! Next you are going to say darkness isn’t a really a human because he is 70% machine in the virtual. Or Dr Chandra really existed. Or the HAL research center in Illinois is real, dats just really dumb.

    HAL was discovered by darkness at “the edge” of the solar system in geo-static orbit around the planet Jupiter. According to the Book of Ages. She could have been built my some bored students in MIT just for fun who must really like the movie 2001 AD. I really don’t know how true this account is. No one really knows who built her or why even they abandoned such a classy piece of hardware. It has always been one of the most enduring mysteries of the brotherhood.

    In the book of ages, there is chapter called, “The Discovery,” pls go and read it. Where (darkness) describes his first encounter with HAL on board the abandoned starcruiser, “the discovery.” Later after the Ascension wars, she was re-christened “Walachia.” You can check it all out yourself, (if only all you bothered to read the BOA about the origins of HAL). Till today no one really knows how “the discovery” even entered the game. Or who build her. It could have been a gift by a rich benefactor or someone who just really liked the game. Or even a sci-fi fan who once built it and just left it to rot. No one knows. But in the chapter, “the discovery,” darkness modified the AL profile of the HAL 9000 using the Mindscape Prog (and that is not real either OK, don’t tell me it exist, bc we all know mindscape is just wat it means mind and scape.)

    All of us play the game in our own way. I happen to like HAL very much and so does darkness. I will have you know darkness spent most on his time alone onboard the Walachia and during that period, he produced most of his greatest works and inventions. HAL was not only his chess companion but a co-author in many of his novels. If you don’t believe me just check out, “The Moon in Daylight.” Darkness even dedicates it to HAL, who he calls his silent sentinel. You should all leave HAL alone. Please.

  75. Trajan said


    Where do you draw the line between reality and fiction AB? Does Dr Chandra exist? Not in the real world, but he is well and alive living in Project Entropia. Does the H.A.L center exist? No not even in the real Urbana, but it the virtual Urbana, the H.A.L plant is the size covering 20 hectares. Is HAL real? No not in the real world. But in the virtual he exist, that is my point.

    The game is played with one foot in reality and the other in the virtual. You and harphy seem to keep forgetting that. Who really is HAL? It doesnt join us for MTB, Kendo or even bother to met up for a drink. No one knows who is behind HAL, not even darkness. Go and read the BOA yourself, there is one part where he has a 30 page conversation with HAL about who he is, HAL insist 83 times,he is a machine.

    This is not a discussion about what is real. Its about what we are comfortable with as a team.

    My point is HAL has a mind of its own. It may be run by real people who are just like you and me, but they have fleshed out the moniker HAL 9000 to resemble all the operating features of the HAL 9000 model. That means whoever is behind HAL is definitely very organized and disciplined and they definitely have a server power com, otherwise how could HAL access our databanks, including the Bro Press material. No one can do that, not even the chronicler, but HAL can. What other information is it downloading? Why would the guild send us a 9000 model? Don’t you think thats reason enough to be suspicious?

    Think about it, I see plans within plans.

  76. Harphoon said

    We need to be smart about how we manage ourselves and others. The 9000 will allow us all to accomplish this. Firstly, we no longer need to deal with the admin stuff such as logging in to archive, sorting, filling, request etc. Secondly, we can leave the com exclusively to the HAL. All of us are working people so we just need to be smart about managing resources. I cannot be efficient, if I have to spend 45 minutes just exporting / importing / reconciling / synching a document. That is not how smart people manage resources.

    I do not doubt there has traditionally being a lot of suspicion concerning the 9000’s, but rest assured they have an impeccable service record. Is it a machine or man? Does it really matter HAL plays the game very well. He has a sterling record and more importantly he knows our ways. That to me is the only thing that really matters.

    I will not have anyone giving me ultimatums, if you are not comfortable. Or you feel HAL’s presence will impair your effectiveness and efficiency, then I expect you to request for a transfer. No one is indispensable, not even me.

    I do not have time for this nonsense. Time is a very important resource and it cannot be wasted. Thank you.

  77. scholarboy said

    HAL isn’t a guy. It’s a she, a researcher in based in Caltech. Probably has a galaxy sized crush on darkness. Darkness spent nearly 439 days floating around in the tub with HAL. No self respecting man could ever put up with his rants or his cryptic one liners. During that period, he sealed himself like a hermit, the book of ages calls it, “the exile.” His only companion during this period was HAL. Darkness spoke regularly to HAL, played chess and yes, he penned some of his best works on board the discovery, but it was also there that, he invented the time space parallax, the space fold machine. If you think long and hard about it, it wasn’t so much an invention in the real sense of the word as it was a giant cut and paste job. That’s what space fold actually is in real terms, that’s where HAL comes in. Our love struck researcher allows him to access those super computers, the Cray types. Darkness was smart, he realized, if space fold was just seen as a gigantic cut and paste job there would no fanfare. You notice before the new republic, the guilds didn’t even exist. But once the TPM was invented, all kinds of guilds started sprouting up like mushrooms. And guess they were all suddenly using the 9000 series. Darkness was a drama mama. So he wrote another chapter in the BOA, entitled, the discovery about some fairy tale about having found an abandoned spaceship in Jupiter. By couching it in a mythical yarn of guilds and the mumbo jumbo of the order of the navigators, darkness commoditized the technology, thereby allowing the guilds to monopolize space fold. It fits doesn’t it. HAL was his accomplice throughout this conspiracy. They spoke for hours, we all know darkness, Mr one sentence, HAL must have found him a very intriguing figure with a hint of tragedy. After all darkness knows a lot of things, he reads broadly, so he’s an adept conversationalist. In those 439 days, let’s imagine HAL was just an ordinary geeky P Hd girl. Darkness speaks to her everyday. He teaches her how to play chess. He shares with her the various characters in his novels. He even shares with her some of his deepest thoughts, along with some of his real world inventions. All this of course happens in the virtual. They never met, because she is afraid, if the illusion is broken so will the spell. So it plods along only in the virtual, but that doesn’t mean, it isn’t real. It just means reality has ceased to exist transposing itself along another plane of existence. I have always wondered how did darkness write the moon in day light? He wrote a single chapter everyday! For six months, it just kept churning out like a sausage machine. I don’t know anyone who never had any professional training going that deep into the characterization of a woman, not to that level of detail! Unless of course a woman shared with him her deepest hopes and fears, it was HAL . That’s why the heroine in the novel is never really seen by the main protagonist, she is always, “covered by a veil of opalescent cloud.” like he describes. Lets say HAL was actually a girl wouldn’t she be drawn into the world of the father of the game? To even be a willing accomplice to the greatest conspiracy ever perpetrated in gaming history.

  78. astroboy said

    You are still alive rite? Scholarman. The Freemasons havent kidnapped you, have they? What abt the mickey mouse club, have they asked you to follow them to lalaland, have they? No rite. You are at work right now arent you. checking your bloomberg and bossing others around. So there you have it – the proof. You know why no one bothers with what you say dont you? Its the same reason why intelligent people dont bother to debate with drunkards, no one really takes them seriously.

  79. repairman said

    Today is Sunday. I saw the man again. He was loitering outside the church, but he never entered.

    How long is he going to cont this for?

    How long?

  80. Harphoon said

    As long as it takes the entire movement is behind the man.

    They will capitulate. Our intelligence tells us it is driving them crazy – the mind game.

  81. Harphoon said

    This is from darkness. I have just finished a long discussion with him.

    He is very concerned abt the incidences of injuries in our Mountain bike team.

    He sends this. It is his fav piece


  82. scholarboy said

    One way to augment the high incidences of injuries in our mountain biking enterprise is getting darkness back again to lead us all.

    I dont see how the situation can cont harphoon. If darkness insist on riding alone while the rest of us keep falling. You should speak to him.

    Last month rapierman fell and broke his ankle, this month 3 cases of broken ribs.

    I personally feel a large part of the blame lies with darkness, bc for some macho reason, he doesnt feel the need to ride with the team.

    Just my POV

  83. scholarboy said

    I personally do not understand along with many why he insist on riding alone.

    What is the allure? We all no it is no fun riding alone rite?

  84. Harphoon said

    Everything has a source.

    Darkness was once light. He was one of the fastest rising figures in his church. He was handsome, intelligent and influential, but something happened. Till this day no one knows.

    A rift formed between the leaders and his church. It’s one where he will never forgive or forget.

    This church had a bicycle team. They black balled him. They ostracized him. It was a fatal mistake, because he stayed.

    So the boy found himself alone. He rode by himself. I want to tell you this is not easy as we all know a man can too easily fall and die, but the man went through it all and emerged out of the otherside. Something in the trail transformed him, from that day, he became a very dark and lonely figure.

    This was when he said “F” them and from that day onwards, he has always done it his own way.

    He will never ride with us. When a man goes through that tunnel, he changes in more ways than I can possibly describe. I can only imagine, bc personally I dont have the guts to do what he does.

    We just need to solve our problems by ourselves.

    Today this church team doesnt exist any more, darkness destroyed it.

  85. Harphoon said

    I am not going to run away from my responsibilities. I accept full responsibilities for the high incidences of injuries.

    However, I can offer no solutions.

    Other than to suggest, we should perhaps make contact with the 130th to lend us one of their riders to guide us.

    They have MTB team perhaps it will be a good idea to join them?

  86. astroboy said


    This isn’t funny. scholarboy is OK rite? Someone pls tell me the bunny with the top hat is one of darkness’s strange friends rite?

    He is just being playful rite?

    If I dont get a reply, I am going to comsat Nacramanga to air drop an elite squad of commando’s from the 130th to rescue SB from the twilight zone.

    This is just a practical joke rite? I just checked the manifest shuttle. scholarboy was supposed to be the only person on the flight to Entropia. No mention of a wabbit.

  87. atomic monkey said


    The rabbit man is probably one of darkness weird friends in the virtual.

    He keeps strange company, but you never know who is who in entropia, so be careful.

    For all you know the rabbit is the CEO who runs the place. So I dont think its a good idea to send in our storm troopers. Lets just ask around undercover.

    Every weekend, he hangs out with a few werewolfs, lizards and dino’s in this dingy watering hole near Ithaca. You cant miss it.I believe they play poker in the back room. There is a special word that gets you in, “Abacadabra.”

    Its a rough place, so make sure you pack a stun gun. There is pokemon figure by the name of “tempeh.” He runs the bar.

    He also peddles second hand engines for space ships. I think he is a good friend of the rabbit man. He may know what is happening.

    If I have time this evening, I am going to go down there to snoop around and ask abt scholar boy.

    He cant be too far down the hole. Besides even he is certain darkness will be waiting for him on the otherside, so how dangerous can it really be?

  88. Trajan said

    Truth is stranger that fiction.

    Lets remain calm. The rabbit can reproduce historical events with his magic stick -thats a giant clue! That takes a whole lot of bandwidth! So we are definitely not dealing one of the guys who run Mindark.

    2 yrs ago, there was this Norwegian chap who built a complex some 17 clicks south of the city in Entropia.

    It was supposed to be a virtual tourist resort, where they can take paid customers all the way back into history using a time machine invented by darkness.

    You could like mingle with the slaves who built the pyramids. Or experience first hand World War 1 from a trench. Or even sit on a deck chair in Noah’s Ark. The CGI was space age high tech. For some reason the company decided to go into tyrillium ore mining instead and the whole thing closed shop.

    The chap who started it all was a good friend of darkness.

    They worked together on the Mindscape Machine. You know the ion magnetic parallax – the so called time machine.

    Its even mentioned in the BOA and the confessions of the Singaporean gangster in London, in the last chapter.

    I am quite certain the rabbit man is just tripping scholar boy. There is nothing sinister here. Darkness is just having fun with scholarboy.

    The rabbit man is probably one of us. Nothing to worry out, he will be out of the hole in no time.

  89. Nacramanga said


    Ain’t nothing the 130th can do for you. I really don’t think u know who u are up against. Anyone who can conjure up a cgi diorama on demand by just waving a magic wand is somebody that you just fool around with in the virtual. – these are probably one of the super avatars who either own the platform or run the show.

    Besides this just gives me and my men the creeps. For all you know darkness is behind all this – its just like him to pull this sort of spooky stunt.

  90. astroboy said

    I am going down to entropia tonight at 1930 sg time to search for scholarboy. Does anyone want to follow me?

    I would really prefer to go down in a group. Its not that I am afraid, its just that two or three brains are better than one.

  91. Harphoon said

    I don’t want to come across as insensitive, but rest assured nothing will happen to scholarboy that he doesn’t want to happen. Is darkness hand in this? Who cares? Who is rabbit? Again who cares?

    What I think all of you should just stop screwing up this thread further otherwise it will just attract a whole lot of tourist that we don’t want to attract. We want our regular mature readers to continue reading our press material. Many of them don’t have the inclination or time for this virtual crap. 99% of them log in once or twice a week read and go on with their life, they don’t even bother to post. That simply means if ppl keep clogging up the thread with rubbish, they are just going to go somewhere else.

    This means we all have to focus on doing the things that we all do so very well, manage our time, research, work as a team and write. That has always been our winning recipe from day number 1, not how many post we get or whether you want to reply or whether there is a healthy chat populace, those things are good, but as darkness says “if you want to talk to someone just ask them out for coffee, don’t waste your time talking over the net.” Besides those things are NEVER as important as the actual number of people reading what you and I may write.

    So far all our intelligence tells us we have the largest slice of the serious reader market in Singapore blogland. This is a fact.

    Do you all understand?

    So we really need to keep the focus very sharp and the discipline tight to deliver the goods. Thanks Harphy.

    I knew all of you would understand.

  92. nacramanga said

    darkness is a strange guy, lets all face it harphy, his definition of a healthy diplomatic relationship is I write you read. If you want more pls kindly jump into the singapore river. If you dont believe me you can ask 1000 questions he would not even reply you unless he thinks you have an IQ over 170 points. As a result after so many years in the net, there is zero communication between us and our readers. Why do you think they are always bitching abt our customer service? They are very frustrated with us bc we never communicate with them, some of them are so frustrated they even regularly threaten us all the time. What kinda shit diplomacy is that?

  93. Harphoon said

    “his definition of a healthy diplomatic relationship is I write you read. If you want more pls kindly jump into the singapore river.”

    A very long time we ALL decided it was pointless to create even a discussion option for our readers.

    I for one cannot reply to every question or query due to time constrain, neither can you. Besides between choosing to chat or research and write. I would rather do the latter. Better return on energy.

    This topic is not new. We have gone through it at least a eight hundreds times. On every occasion we have reached only one consensus. We cannot afford the time. Our readers simply have to accept this and most have supported us on this. If not they can r free to read other things here or else where.

    I dont know abt you, as for me. I discipline myself to only spend 45 min a day on blogging. I have a job and a life. This is only a hobby like rearing fishes. So 99% of that 45 min is spent researching, organizing and writing articles. That leaves me with 1% to do the rest. If u want to be full time diplomat u r most welcome, no one is stopping u.

    I do not think we are on the same page when we use the term diplomacy.

  94. observer said

    Sometime back ago darkness told us all, if you dont write your history someone will just come along and write it for you.

    I remember saying to myself, he is just trying to scare us all. He can be right 9 out of 10, but maybe he is wrong this time. Besides it sounds implausible.

    Now it seems to be happening. I think if they start to ceremonial censor or dictate the terms of engagement.

    All the creative producers will just leave Singapore, starting with the brotherhood press. Or worse still drive all of u guys underground. Then how? Who I wonder will benefit. Sure the IT infrastructure will be there, but who will still be around. It will be another URA ghost town like the China town project.

    This reminds me of a dooms day scenario darkness once wrote abt called,

    “The extinction game.”

    It has I am afraid begun.

  95. astroboy said


    duckness is not a “strange guy,” – one thing I’ve noticed abt all the brainless wonders in the 130th is anyone who doesnt think, behave, or talk like you ppl r consider weird.

    I admit he is weird, but in a nice sort of way. Another thing. I and everyone seems to notice, why is it when he is around, the only thing you ever seem to be able to say is, “by your command sir!” But when he is not around, yadda yadda yadda this yadda yadda yadda that?

    Could you pls give us all an answer? Please.

  96. nacramanga said


    I want to speak to you man to man. I saw it all. I was there even bfr any of you joined the brotherhood, Pillium, the Ascension wars etc.

    I knew darkness when we were all nothing. Let me tell you abt the darkness, I knew. He was a bright, polite and shy boy. He was so shy he even blushed, but the he changed Harphoon like you r changing right now.

    Some said it was the realities of Pillium that changed him, but I was there. Pillium was the finest hour of the brotherhood, we fought against an army 50 times our size and we won. Much of it was due to his military genuis.

    I saw darkness change. I saw how power and influence corrupted him.

    The same thing is happening to you harphoon.

    This will be my last message. The 130th will be departing for the Irrulean system within the hour.

    I just feel sad no one knows or cares abt this any longer.


    Commander of the 130th.

  97. harphoon said

    Dear Brothers

    I will be very honest and frank abt leadership. Most of the time we all want to cut the cake and eat it at the same time.

    But after I edited the “greyman” article. I realized in the real world that is never always possible. I wonder why did darkness suddenly want me to edit this article. I believe he was trying to tell me in his usual subtle way that I may be allowing too many things to distract me from the goal. Such as pandering to our readers.

    Allow me to explain further.

    Many years ago when the confessions first rolled out in the forum days. Many ppl were very confused and some made it clear. They even wanted to kill darkness as they considered it weird that anyone should post a story in the forum. Even the webmaster said, wtf are you doing? And regularly blacklisted him, so the story went around from place to place never staying more than 3 episodes in one site. Each time he got kicked out, he moved on to another place, but he never ever stopped writing. The orginal confessions had 80 episdodes, it ran 5 days a week like clock work never missing a single day! You have to all understand during those days, he had nothing, no infrastructure, no archive, no servers, nothing like we have today. It was just one man sitting in a rented room in his underwear hacking away. Did he consider how many people hated him or even bothered with replying to the thousands of questions from his readers? No in fact internet history documents one strange truth – he didn’t even post once! You could even insult him or his mother. Did he reply even once? No! If the readers complained that the plot or characters were like this or that. Did he reply even once? No! You know why because he was just focused on doing one thing, churning out one episode per day. Now you can say whatever you want, but the amount of discipline that is needed to do that is tremendous. That is to say, for a man to cut off everything else and throw it into the dustbin leaving only one thing and nothing else for his undivided attention.

    Let us examine the scorecard at the end of the confessions. He created a new form of online entertainment that ppl were willing to vote with their wallets. It is one thing to write for fun and another to write to put food on the table. Let us not kid ourselves for one moment. It is easy.

    Later on in his second novel, “the moon in daylight” we had the same thing. Many ppl said he was very sombong bc again he did nothing except write. Only this time he has reached a new level of productivity when it came to churning out stories, bc he now had the brotherhood movement. But the formula was the same, he just wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote.

    I may have forgotten this lesson somewhere along the way, this could be why darkness wanted me to edit the grey man. We should not care too much about our readers to the extent of allowing them to determine either our content or productivity. And we should bother less about how others may want to see or perceive us. If we can live in peace we live in peace, if cannot then our history shows us the world is round so pls stay there and we will remain here and so both your and my illusions are safely preserved. Life is very simple.

    But above all we should just focus on sharpening our writing technology. This is why from this moment onwards I would seriously caution any of our readers from complaining about what we may or may not write or even how often we may or may not post. They simply need to understand something that the grey man will simply be too willing to share with them, unfortunately there is no possible way to put that message across diplomatically. So let us just leave it there.

    Thanks. Harphoon

  98. Dear Valued Readers Something Just For You! Come In Here! said

    Dear Valued Readers,

    Allow us, the brotherhood press to share with you this weekend. One of our most popular series – known as the travelogue (which runs 53 parts), which takes you to the far flung corners of the globe from the cobble stoned streets of Paris to the perfumed spiced markets of Casablanca.

    “The Travelogue series takes the reader across 4 continents and over 28 countries often providing readers with insightful views as to what every city and locality secrets cherishes and hides away from the would be tourist.”

    Happy Reading


    The Meaning of D’epaysement

    There is a French word which I really like to share with only you this evening. It’s a word that doesn’t lend itself easily to the English translation, “d’epaysement,” a few years ago, I chanced on an article written by the Paris Bureau chief for the New York Times, his translation of the word felt just right so for ease of reference, I am going to quote him.

    “The feeling of not being assaulted by the familiarity of things, a change in surroundings where there is no immediate point of reference.”

    He went on to quote a French journalist who once said that
    “Most people don’t make it a point to d’epayses, only to end up craving a home the once knew in a place away from home.”
    This is unfortunate as it is true. Although one may even spend years working, living and playing in a country, their unwillingness to d’epayses ensures they never really left home. In many sense the word simply means to (de)countrify or (re)seeing.

    The British and Americans are the worst, go to any country in the world and you would most likely find either a sliver of Dorset complete with immaculate cricket lawns or an American club that serves super sized whoppers next to a giant screen blaring out the live images baseball games. As for overseas Singaporeans, we don’t endeavor so hard to create fiefdoms in foreign lands, but we more than make up for our lack of verve by insisting on speaking in Singlish. Nonetheless after exhausting the run of the mill dialogue as to which school, university, unit we more than make up for our lack of fetishness – when the conversation invariably turns to the very serious issue of bartering or begging for Maggi instant noodles. Trust me you know you’ve being away for too long, when you’re willing to trade your hippest CD’s for a packet of Maggi instant noodles.

    It never fails to amaze me even today how our entire historical sense of being revolves around the humble instant noodles. What I usually find unfortunate is whenever I ask whether they joined the locals at the café for a morning croissant or an evening aperitif, shopped at the outdoor marche, went to the local fete, or people-watched in the place, the answer is invariably, “dowan lah.” They may have had an amazing boat ride on the Seine, but they don’t know the real Paris – one has to make it a point like I mentioned to be depayses – step off the boat and walk around for that sort of knowledge – even perhaps try to get lost – and if a boat ride experience alone is what they were seeking, they certainly didn’t need to fly all the way to France: there are plenty of beautiful places to see the sights by boat in Singapore and Malaysia.

    Until you have really wasted time in a city, you cannot pretend to know it well. The soul of a city like a heart of a woman is not be grasped easily; her heart has many chambers, but as every Parisian will tell you, just as one begins to acquaint oneself with a building by first stepping into the lobby – the first chamber is to understand why she is often called, Ville Lumiere or City of Lights. Though it is constantly used in reference to Paris, it has become a sobriquet a term of endearment.

    Say Ville Lumiere and some will conjure images of well lighted sparkling pools doting the length of the Seine – the Champs-Elysees and Eiffel ablaze. Or perhaps the Pantheon, Sacre Coeur, Trocedero – all bathed in a yellow hallo.
    Personally I’ve often imagined the expression has more to do with the soul of the city. Apart from the illicit thrill of Paris – they also have real shops, colorful, family owned café’s, full of evocative smells and all of them seem to disregard the local bye law by spilling out quite openly into the streets, where minds meet and tongues wag into the night. To me café’s are just not places, they’re like transit points very much like airports, train stations and space stations where people gather around only in Parisian café’s they do something most of these places don’t do outside Paris – they talk and talk and talk…..

    I am reminded so much starts with conversations. The kind in which you start with a willingness to become a slightly different person, these are conversations that open the possibility of changing your mind. Perhaps that why so many new experimental hubs in the world insist on using the word “café” as a metaphor to describe their quest for vibrancy, verve and variety –certainly, for centuries, many in the world have been drawn to Paris like the proverbial moth to the flame precisely because it offers the opportunity for life changing conversations.

    In a sense the appellation ville Lumiere isn’t about physical light at all. Half a dozen other cities probably have more and brighter lights than Paris these days. Rather it’s a reference to the light of intellectualism that attracts the verve to ignite, political, spiritual, cultural and intellectual change.

    The glow emitted by these café’s which dot Paris is not simply climatic to what many refer to as “la atmosphere”, it’s a spiritual force that also shapes one’s character, opinions and judgments. It’s a powerful astringent – coffee, cigarettes and conversations – the 3C’s which defines the City of Lights.

    There’s another intangible reason. Something about the quality of life, the outlook of the people, daring and provocative but never dull, the city of lights is often seen as the enfant terrible of the international community simply because they, the French don’t see the virtue of embracing globalization or the monologue of American foreign policy, where the mantra is either you are with or against us – they have their own will and they will do as they please – in these café’s a man learns at least three things, how to roll cigarettes from the outside in, listen to three conversations simultaneously and write his history, where the latter usually involves deconstructing established structures and reassemble them again like Lego bricks, nothing ever remains the same, man observes….he realizes…. he sees possibilities… makes a choice…..takes a position, one where he knows if he doesn’t someone else will just come along and write his history, only to end up being told where to go, stop there, turn left etc.
    I guess the reason why I see these café’s as embodying the light of the city is because they’re also about escaping the cacophony of modern life by truing oneself through a rigorous process of discourse – by this, I mean you can teach a man to draw a straight line; or how to string a sentence or even pronounce a word, with admirable speed and precision; but if you ask him to consider the deeper meaning of why he writes, he stops, his execution becomes scraggy; he thinks, and ten to one he thinks wrong; ten to one he slips up and doesn’t quite manage to convey what’s really in his head on paper – that’s what happens when sometime mechanical is rendered a thinking being, till then he was simply a monkey trained to pick coconuts, a machine, an animated tool, that to me is what these café’s actually are miniature production houses that keeps churning out critical thinkers. So even if it sounds cliché to the uninitiated, countless others, this is where the light burns brightest in the City of Lights.
    That realization occurred to me one muggy evening, many years ago when I found myself mulling over Thoreau’s dictum the “mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” I found myself suddenly a stranger in a sea of many and soon that familiar depressing sense of estrangement from the mainstream fogged it – deepening the abyss – but how ridiculous it is the self-pity of the loner as he leans over the bridge pulling on a cigarette seeking answers from the Seine – that night in the language of rivers, she said, Yes? She said yes, so I asked again, and she said yes again. In the rush I didn’t notice the city lights being turned off for the night, or when the sparse crowd dispersed. As I looked out along the quay at the many yellow lights of the café’s still opened, I remembered the moments and the waters I had crossed in my life – above all I realized, it was a long time since I last went into one of those café’s in the City of Lights, a place so bright that I will simply have to go on using that cliché Ville Lumiere as long as those café’s remain through the night.

    (By Darkness / The Travelogue Series / Paris – EP 99878 – 2005 – The Brotherhood Press 2007)

  99. astroboy said

    2007 XTR gear train is out! It a bit pricey the whole set up is abt $1,500.

    I was just wondering does anyone have an opinion.

  100. repairman said

    Forget it AB there is nothing really new for 2007 except the shifter / the front and rear set up is still the same / just alot of cosmetic changes.

    Besides when it comes to the disc brakes XTR too manja, a bit of dirt and everything jams up.

    I rather go for something really clunky like avid / as for the set up XT should be enough. IMHO XTR is not worth the price and it doesnt really make that much difference to the ride except perhaps the crispy shifting – just by take.

  101. repairman said


    Dont like XTR too pricey and alot of propaganda.

  102. repairman said

    This my ideal set up >$500

    XT – for front and rear

    XT – disc brakes

    Chain – shimano XTR (warning: they dont last very long)

    In your case, you should pay closer attention to your wheelset.

  103. astroboy said

    It’s strange you should say that, I was thinking the same thing as well.

    XT has the same tech as XTR right? I think the only difference is in the weight rite?

  104. repairman said

    dont get me wrong AB, my only issue is price with XTR. Steamboy has the latest 2007 set up. I have ridden it, smooth as silk, but it doesnt really doesnt add competitive value.

    So I am going to give it a miss only bc I can do so many other things with 2K.

  105. scholarboy said

    gd evening buds,

    If you look at the aces, darkness, atomic chimp and rapier – they have one thing in common, they never chase stuff.

    For eg sake darkness set up hasnt changed for the last 7 yrs! Everything is exactly the same from day 1.

    At the end of the day it is man and machine and trail fit. They guy who manages to smooth out these 3 elements will ace all of us.

    If you look at darkness for eg alot of strategy goes into his ride. 90% of the time he takes you on the hill. Another thing you dont see him coming till the last moment. So everything is planned, they know when to conserve their strength and when to go for the kill so to speak. Whereas most of us havent really mastered the skill yet.

    So in my view keeping the set up simple and sticking to basics still pays out the highest dividends – thats why I am not going to change anything this yr not a single thing.

  106. astroboy said

    SB, thats a good ob: his set up hasnt changed for 7 yrs!

    But everything on that machine is serviced like an aeroplane. If you look at his bike, it well tuned, well oiled and the shifting is crispy. So I think service discipline is a big part of the equation, he spends a lot time, just cleaning the bike after a ride, checks everything etc.

    As for his ride style its more like a mind game isnt it? Thats to say he will come up really close then when you look back he is gone. But you know he is somewhere around, so you pedal faster, by that time you lost your tempo and focus. Then woosh he takes you on the blind and he just bombs ahead. So I suspect he makes it a habit to read his opponents mind, thats to say it is a bit like a chess game rite?

  107. scholarboy said

    see you all tmr, I am turning in

  108. observer said

    Thing abt mtb is its very personal isnt it? I know you guys go in a grp, but when it starts, its really a very solitary business.

    The guys who get ahead are those who dont much care how they come across to the rest.

    By tt I mean they dont try to show off or prove a point. They r just plodding around at their own pace very much in their own world.

    If you look at darkness he is calm when he bikes and climbs.

    2 yrs ago a grp us when up kinabalu on the North ridge and mid way up a fog closed in – couldnt see the trail or even my hand, thick as soup.

    I remember all of us began to panic. We couldnt huddle together bc the trail was less than 3 inches wide, so all of us were just hanging there by our finger nails on the ledge, screaming our lungs out.

    He did something very strange, he started telling the man next to him a story. And the story would get retold again down the line. So although I couldnt see the man behind or ahead of me. I felt calm. I didnt panic. I felt even peaceful.

    Fog lasted for 36 hours, none of us slept but when it was over, it was as if nothing really happened. We just continued.

    On the descent we saw a group of Norwegians, 2 of them fell to their deads in the same fog, 5 others were badly injured.

    No one spoke a word on the way down.

  109. atomic monkey said

    obby, alot of it could be just wayang.

  110. atomic monkey said

    Or maybe he just does eat any gummy bears, burgers or even wear a bra lol!

    I wonder what darkness would think abt this lazarus chappie in YPAP? He seems to speak as if he is some chosen one. Or one of the “relics.”

    From my pov if a man has to work so hard to earn that kind of $ he cant be too smart can he?

    I mean I know ppl who just work 2 in a week designing space stations, ray guns and time machines and they probably earn what this guy earns in one year in less than a month!

    So what is this guy talking abt when he claims that all of us are just jealous of his miserable 5 cent hamster existence.

    This is a classic case of delusions of grandeur man.

  111. observer said

    Maybe he just doesnt interact or sociolize enuf.

    Many of these ppl who have a super high opinion of themselves and their sense of worth are usually living in bunkers and ivory towers.

    Like darkness says, “they manufacture their own truths” and worse still impose it on all of us.

    Personally, I dont see the virtue of living their life.

    First of all they all die bfr 40, they look old and they dont have time for their families.

    They call it sacrifice of course, but I just feel its a poor excuse for sticking to a lousy life decision.

    I want to be like darkness, be my own boss, go to work when I want too. Say yes and no as I please. No one to boss me around. And retire at 35.

    Next year I going to start my business. I have had enough of the salaried life.

  112. scholarboy said

    I don’t want to hit below the belt, but let’s get a perspective here. What do we have here? A man who once found himself retrenched back in 2001 bc his boss didn’t like him. Now he knows he’s got to put food on the table, but we all know for some reason, he can’t seem to hold down a job. So he probably figures out the last thing he wants is another paid job, but he’s stuck, he doesn’t have any capital to start a business.

    So he decides to write. I don’t really know whether he had a grand plan when he just started to write so many years ago. Did he have a grand plan? No one knows that’s the mystery. All we know is he wrote and wrote and wrote.

    Soon he started getting a cachet of loyal readers and he just said, “I need money!” So they subscribed to his stories. Then the stories got mixed up with some sci-fi theme based on the book “Dune” and “2001 Space Odyssey, “ this was the point when he became a sort of mini Dan Brown, that’s to say he took sci-fi and mixed it all together with fact and some history and presto! The strangelands was born, this place where there was a civilization in some distant planet which had once died and the only survivors were the brotherhood who had their own history and this bible called the book of ages.

    All of you are forgetting one thing, I was one of the first people who subscribed to the package and when I got it the first thing I said, was wtf! I got conned. I am going to call up my lawyer. The book of ages wasn’t even a book, it was a few of loose pages containing some cryptic clues about some mystery that I had to unravel. The message ended with the words, “you now know the truth!” Like I said, I was like the Da Vinci Code, there were enough clues for one to play the game and although it didn’t have any fancy graphics or CGI, it was still high quality stuff at a brainy level. There were plots and plots within sub plots and you had to be pretty smart to figure out how to reach every level. However, bear in mind it was still very much a board game using pen and paper. By this time more and more professionals played the game, it spread by word and mouth using its secret codes of recognition. At every level you passed, you will receive a reward – a key – which allowed one to go into another dimension.

    My point is did he plan the whole thing? I really doubt it. No one could have planned all that, not even darkness. He was just incredibly lucky.

  113. scholarboy said

    My point is starting your own business isnt that easy. Alot of effort goes into it. So I really dont recommend darkness approach bc he could have very easily failed.

    But I agree the true test of a man is to start and run his own business.

  114. scholarboy said

    Infact I have noticed based on my interaction with others. The ppl who usually run their own business r usually more humble, forgiving and humane.

    If you look at darkness for example, there was once this Malaysian who started some business and failed big time. Darkness actually made a trip to KL and sat down with this guy.

    Darkness did not chase him like the others. Infact he did something really stupid, he extended Mr Tan a line of credit (virtual money) and in a few years Mr Tan made good on his promise and paid back every cent he owed.

    Today Mr Tan is the biggest minning corp based in China supplying 80% of the minerals to Norrath on-line.

    Mr Tan buys all his virtual machines, space ships and excavators exclusively from the guild although typically we charge 50% more.

    Relationship I think is also a very important part of managing a successful business. To be a good businessman one needs to cultivate a long term vision.

  115. observer said

    Thats obvious la. If you r a businessman u cannot leverage on the good will of your employer. So banks and your customers will just see you.

    Agree. That could be why ppl who run their own business are usually more human.

    They know how it is to be on the receiving end.

  116. astroboy said

    anyone know where harphy is?

  117. astroboy said

    To all,

    Being a salary man has its advantages. I think you are simplifying darkness life. If you look very closely he is thinking all the time. I mean he could be wandering in the woman’s underwear dept in Isetan, but he is still thinking. That guy is always thinking all the time.

    Even when he is with us, you all notice, he is a million miles away. Always seated at one corner puffing away very much in his own world thinking and thinking.

    I dont think its that simple being a business man. After all he has to live by his wits rite? How simple can that be?

  118. observer said

    I didn’t say he doesnt need to think. Only he doesn’t need to work traditionally like the rest of us.

    I don’t doubt for one moment tt he thinks regularly. Only if you notice, he doesn’t feel the need to please anyone. He just says what he feels and does what he likes.

    So where does that sort of confidence come from?

  119. scholarboy said

    Well if you really look at darkness. He doesnt say anything new. Its just the way he says it. It comes across as really interesting bc he has this amazing repository of general knowledge. I know he reads alot. So when he says anything it has that “wow!” factor. And everyone just doesnt make eye contact and doesnt know whether to continue the conversation or just break off.

    I think charisma is also important as a businessman. For example, if you see him talk about one of brand new Tiberium class space stations we sell for over a $200,000. For a moment if you dont pinch yourself, you would believe its real!

  120. astroboy said

    $284,000 dats the BOT (Build Operate and Transfer) selling price.

  121. atomic monkey said

    If they r really that good why dont they go into business and create jobs for the rest of us?

    I am sure Singapore will beneift, so will the ppl and they will be less headache for the rest of us.

    You know why it doesnt happen?

  122. atomic monkey said

    Go prove your manhood like the man called darkness. After all he is just a washout character you graduated from a tin pot university, so I am sure the rest of you can do much better than him.

    That in the palm of your hands is the truth that even you will hide away from your wifes and children.

  123. scholarboy said

    I think you are missing the point AM. Darkness didnt want to be a business man. The system kicked him out, so he was forced to be one.

  124. atomic monkey said

    As usual you are talking rubbish SB, darkness spent nearly one and half years in the discovery. During that period he wrote 3 novels. Pls dont tell me someone who is forced to be anything can be so productive.

    Have any of you written a novel? Can you tell me in the history of Singapore blogosphere who has actually written a novel that anyone is willing to vote with their wallets for in the internet? I am not asking for 10 authors, I am just asking for 1!

    Pls produce it and I will gladly eat my shoe bfr the rest of you.

  125. repairman said

    Foresight is also important to be a successful businessman. If you look at darkness in the early days, he was a professional troll, that is to say, he would just plonk himself in a site and do his thing. Most of the time he got kicked out. Bc the webmaster said wtf r u doing, get lost! But luck is also important, he met ppl like Tim, neverdie and francois. Alot of credit goes to those visionary webmasters bc if they didnt have the foresight to see the value it wouldnt have taken off. People like Tim gave darkness alot of creative space for experimentation. Eventually they sold the site off for over USD$3 million. When bagua took over darkness approached them, they were so hao lian, they made him wait in the lobby for nearly 4 hours. When darkness finally saw them, he said he had to put some coins in the parking meter and he never went back to the negotiating table. He just took a cab to the airport and took off.

    Bagua today cant even make enough money to maintain their servers. So again I think foresight is very important.

  126. repairman said

    “Most of the time he got kicked out. Bc the webmaster said wtf r u doing, get lost!” But strangely that added to the appeal as well. Bc alot of the early readers had to really hunt for the latest episodes. Eventually they organized themselves into reading clubs i.e whole groups of them will get together and if one of them found out where the latest episodes were being posted they would tell the others. So in a sense, it also spawned an underground readership which even today we dont know how big or diverse it is. It could even run into the thousands.

  127. repairman said

    As I understand it, in the early days the billing worked on a honor system i.e you pay what you want.

    But in those days many of the early readers didnt have internet access in their work places, thats to say the company blocked those sites, so many of them photostated the episodes and it was passed around the office by hand. So you could have one reader accessing but the number of readers could be an entire building of people! Its like the confessions, it still gets alot of hits, no one really knows who those readers are.

    Am I right?

  128. scholarman said

    “When bagua took over darkness approached them, they were so hao lian, they made him wait in the lobby for nearly 4 hours. When darkness finally saw them, he said he had to put some coins in the parking meter and he never went back to the negotiating table. He just took a cab to the airport and took off.”

    Thats not the story. It went like this, a delegation went to HK, but when they made introductions – I think it was JDAM who introduced themselves as the Interspacing Mercantile Guild.

    When the boss of bagua asked where is your head office located, JDAM said,

    “In Primus Aldentis Prime in the Primus sector 5,000 light years from earth.”

    The Boss walked right out of the boardroom. I think he said to darkness,

    “leh mo liu toh!”

    darkness said something like,

    “le a mah ka chau hai!”

    Then a fight of sorts ensued, they got kicked out of the building. It was hilarious, if you goggle it really hard, you may still find some remnant of the meeting in the internet.

  129. scholarman said

    They thought all of us were crazies.

    The meeting is recorded somewhere in an appendix in the book of ages.

  130. astroboy said

    OMG! dat is so unbelievably dumb. You’re not serious rite!

  131. repairman said


  132. scholarman said

    I sumpah that’s the truth. You all know JDAM, he said it with a serious face and all.

    Those guys in bagua r traditional businessmen, they dont know virtual communities like Norrath have a GDP just 3 index point the size of Russia.

    Or that Americans are willing to pay real money to buy virtual minerals, mined by virtual workers, processed by virtual factories and transported to them by virtual space ships. They dont think like us.

    They are are light years behind us when it comes to making money in the virtual.

  133. astroboy said


  134. pumpman said

    Midnight biking at east coast. last one pick up the bill ah! Dont say I never say ah! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  135. trajan said

    In truth darkness was never ever comfortable with the idea of being a business man.

    I think one reason is bc no one really understands what he says 90% of the time except for perhaps ppl like JDAM, Harphoon and to a limited extent Nacramanga.

    One of reason is bc of the unique way he thinks. Unlike ordinary ppl who start to explain ideas from the front end. He starts from the back end. So half the time you are wondering what is he on about. Till the end, when it hits you. It always hits home.

    That’s why I think when he talks he isn’t as much talking directly to you. As he is to himself. That adds to the confusion.

    But it is a weirdness that works very well bc he is certainly a very unusual character that many ppl find fascinating. For eg we know this for a fact, at least 35% of our readers are voyeur readers, that means they like to read about him.

    It is incredibly difficult to pin down what is so interesting abt him. For example I was one of those who caught in the fog in Mt Kinabalu. I remember his voice was so divorced from reality that most of the boys almost forgot that we were really knee deep in shit. His voice was so calm it was like sitting down for an economics lecture. It just went on and on into the night.

    I found that part of him very interesting – the capacity to cut himself so completely off – that I think goes a long way to explain how he was able to pump out one chapter a day in his novel, “the moon in daylight.” Many ppl did not believe one could have written it.

    Neither did I till that night in the mountains so many years ago. After that I saw him in a very different light.

  136. astroboy said

    The 35% would usually visit the places where he post. We dont have much intelligence on what really motivates this group of readers Trajan.

    For many years I really wanted to know how big this group really is.

    What little we do know is they seem to treat those post very much like tourist sites in the way ppl who read about the Bible regularly make a pilgrimage to Israel to visit historical sites and ruins.

    Having said that the 35% would form the inner core of the readership. They are also the ones who dont refer to him as darkness but insist on calling him Bambi bad boy -rite?

  137. Trajan said

    Yeap – you know why the called him Bambi dont you? Bambi’s mom was killed by an evil hunter so the young deer was orphaned at a young age.

    As Bambi grows up, he makes friends with the other animals of the forest, learns the skills needed to survive, and even finds love.

    One day, however, the greedy lumber jacks appear and Bambi leads all the animals in the forest to safety.

    In this fairytale Bambi is always searching for this place called home that he never ever finds it. Its always over the horizon.

    Many of the early readers saw the web masters who chased him out or deleted his post as the greedy lumber jacks. So I suspect they rooted for him.

    Another reason was because in all of his stories, darkness always wrote about this mythical place called “home.”

    Even in the confessions you will find the same theme being played out.

    The boy who was just searching for a place called home sweet home.

    So they called him Bambi.

  138. Trajan said

    Thats how the chronicler came about. Originally he had nothing to do with the brotherhood or even darkness.

    It was this really street wise computer geek in Malaysia who figured out, “hey if they (the webmasters) kept deleting his stuff out and there are actually ppl who are willing to pay to read this stuff, then it makes sense to make a mirror copy of it.”

    So the chronicler started to follow bambi he became a sort of unofficial post man.Posting directly to the readers by charging a nominal fee. The readers loved it bc it meant they didnt have to keep hunting for his latest episode – supply and demand lah.

    Very smart guy. He made enuff money to put himself through med school along with paying for 3 of his sisters education! Believe it or not. Not bad for just being a postman when most kids are still scrouging on their parents for handouts and pocket money.

    Somewhere along the process the chronicler was given the concession to the Book of Ages.

    Thats why today they have a monopoly on the brotherhood press.

    Today the chronicler is so powerful, you cannot get one article out without going through the chronicler, thats how powerful he is and bc he controls much of our history. He is perhaps even more powerful than darkness.

  139. astroboy said

    I heard about that. So the rumors r true darkness is controlled by the chronicler?

  140. Trajan said

    You figure it out AB who is the highest grossing cosca in the brotherhood?

    If you want to play the game, you need to buy the BOA. It isnt cheap. Today it runs into nearly 8,000 pages that incidentally is thicker than the holy bible! Over 400 chapters.

    It’s not a plug and play game like Xbox. In the years darkness has invented a whole lot of words that didnt exist and who do you think faithfully records them all?

    The Chronicler. So yes he is the most powerful guy in the game.

    For example there is no way in which we can write an article in one day without the help of the chronicler. He will search out the material in a matter of seconds, so just imagine the bandwidth they have amassed through the years.

    They are probably bigger that all the guilds put together.

  141. Trajan said

    Its a bloody conspiracy AB. Let me give u an e.g if you type in the word Pillium wars you will get nothing abt our history. Go and try it if you do not believe me.

    You know the reason why? Bc for chroniclers office regularly deletes our history in the internet to secure their monopoly over information.

    They have got darkness by the balls thats how big and powerful they are. The guy who controls history controls everything.

  142. Trajan said

    Dont believe me go ahead just type in “pillium wars” and try to google it, you will get squat!

    You know why bc those mf regularly delete our stuff in the internet.

    That is the reason why for years I have been asking darkness to disband the brotherhood press.

    You know what he doesnt listen to me.

    One day our whole history will be wiped out. Many years from now when internet historians try to sieve out who were the people who brought balance to blogosphere in the internet even the IS will be completely owned by the chronicler.

    I am serious even IS wouldnt exist, that is how powerful they are. They are even more powerful than the freemasons.

  143. astroboy said

    I am going to sleep now, but I am not afraid of you chronicler.

  144. Harphoon said

    Pillium was the finest hour of the brotherhood. We fought against an army 50 times larger than us. In that battle the brotherhood assembled the largest army in the virtual, over 10,000 men. One man led us all. A man who was egoless and humble, yet his generalship was unparallel and at the end of it he showed us all his humanity by allowing the defeated safe passage. Today as I lead my life as an engineer, a neighbor and a friend to many I am always reminded of the lessons of Pillium.

    Chronicler please record this.

  145. chronicler said

    By yr command harpoon.

  146. inspir3d said

    “One day our whole history will be wiped out. Many years from now when internet historians try to sieve out who were the people who brought balance to blogosphere in the internet even the IS will be completely owned by the chronicler.

    I am serious even IS wouldnt exist, that is how powerful they are. They are even more powerful than the freemasons.”

    hi, don’t worry. IS is not going anywhere, not for a long time.

    that aside, it is very intriguing to know more about the history of the B’hood. the last few comments on this thread have been a good read.

  147. foot soldier said

    I dont post. I just read. This is my first post. I fought in Pillium. I didn’t sleep for 3 days. It was definitely our finest hour.

    I will always remember Pillium even today I tell my kids about the man who carried the plastic briefcase and led us all to victory.

    One man made it all happen. We the ah beng’s all just held the line, it was so tight not a single man passed through.

    Thank you for reminding me. Thank you. May I wish the father of the game good health.

  148. inspir3d said

    hi guys. i’m ready when u are for the GHD

  149. darkness said

    “Apparently, the triangle is some symbol for female divinity.”

    That is exactly what I was thinking – great minds think alike, but what I cant figure out how those chaps cracked the fabonaci code.

    Thats why we need the brotherhood to come in.

  150. Lifeforce said

    Yes, the triangle is a symbol for female divinity.
    However, it is not the only representation.

    Everyone of us, male and female, has a triangle just below
    the navel (4 fingers width). That is the life force energy.
    If that life force expires, we die.

    Scientists and medical professionals, up to today, are still
    considering death as when the heart stops beating or the brain
    is no more functioning. They are completely off tangent.

    Think about it, Worthy intelligent people for the blogosphere.

  151. inspir3d said

    Is there something we can do to this guy? he’s really getting on my nerves.
    Like send someone to break his thumbs or something.

    KOHO | | IP:

    Please delete the post above too. Another fake.

    May 8, 2:17 AM

    crescent guard | | IP:

    a photo of you guys in bicycle shorts make all of your quake???? haha man its simple, 2×2= 4, end of debate ;P

    May 7, 11:44 PM

    crescent guard | | IP:

    first you lost your galactic cash cards …what next? hahahaha

    May 7, 11:42 PM

  152. nacramanga said

    We know who they are inspirid.

    We have been monitoring the situation behind the scenes.

    Maybe I will just tell darkness to go over there and spout some of his toe curling, eye ball rolling and ladies peng san poetry.

    Problem is these ppl only get 5 hits per day. So we could be doing them a favor.

    A good idea would be to put it in a cachet for review then post / disadvantage: posters will be slower / but I dont think you have a choice.

  153. nacramanga said

    We prefer not to discuss the countermeasures over the internet.

  154. CL said

    Hello bros,

    I am very surprised that all of you endorse this:

    KOHO | | IP:

    Please delete the post above too. Another fake.

    May 8, 2:17 AM

    crescent guard | | IP:

    a photo of you guys in bicycle shorts make all of your quake???? haha man its simple, 2×2= 4, end of debate ;P

    May 7, 11:44 PM

    crescent guard | | IP:

    first you lost your galactic cash cards …what next? hahahaha

    May 7, 11:42 PM”

    I would have thought that of all ppl. The brotherhood would be the ppl who knows how it is like to be hunted like an animal. Or be threatened with exposure and naming and shaming etc. So many of us today were discussing this matter in the office.

    Pls note I could be just one man posting but there are many readers in my office who are passive readers and most of us are just curious why such in a discrepency exist.

    Is the bro saying it is not right for others to expose, name or shame them, but it is ok for them to do the same to others.

    Another things what do you all mean by this,

    “We prefer not to discuss the countermeasures over the internet.”

    This clearly shows all of you have the means to do something. May I very respectfully ask again what does this mean.

  155. lazysusan said

    I dont agree with this at all. I hope you can give us an explanation. I dont very much like what I am seeing and reading here.

  156. koalabear said


    How come you ppl like that one? So thin face. OK lah some guy here is a pest, but you have to publicize his IP? Hey as I see it, it’s no better than Kitana when she threatened to expose all of you! And that psychopath nectramango isnt even monitoring the site and now he uses words like “countermeasures.” Very sad to see that all of you have hardly improved from the forum days and still have this seige bunker joe mentality. Yes, a run of serious is due, it would get all of you hacks out from your little cave again. With all these threats all of you must be holding hands and looking at the fire consoling each other all is well, but each other if he says otherwise, the rest will just be demoralize, so do write something nice and btw do put out the fire when you leave the cave. I do so hate to clean up after all of you.

  157. Sama sama said

    Please also remember to sweep the ashes away after putting out the fire.

  158. inspir3d said

    readers, the exposure of this guy is my prerogative and responsibility.

    it was a decision taken by me as the webmaster of IS to ensure order on my website, and was not instigated by the b’hood.

    i only go this far when people persistently behave like dumbasses, like this chap has done. he has persistently been spamming my blog over the last few months and impersonating others, and i will not tolerate such behaviour.

    you have nothing to fear if u do not get out of line.

  159. koalabear said

    “readers, the exposure of this guy is my prerogative and responsibility.”


    Now you r telling me all this is reversed without prior notification.

    I also demand to know what nacramanga meant by the word “countermeasures.”

    I think I deserve an answer.

  160. koalabear said

    Oh I dont think I want to discuss this anymore. I am just going to drop the lady of the lake a line. You know the largest cachet of readers that is and tell her abt all this naming and shaming stick me on the pelt rack rubbish !

  161. sphgirl said

    Hello Mr Nacramanga,

    I don’t want to get involved in all this, but does this mean.

    “We prefer not to discuss the countermeasures over the internet.”

    hijacking sites in the way you ppl used to do in hk and taking them over? Or does it just mean surprising them with friendly messages whenever they switch on their computer?

    I would really appreciate it, if you could elaborate further.

    However, I am very disturbed that the brotherhood would consider doing the very same thing, they accused Mr Wang of collaborating with another anon poster to do to the brotherhood i.e naming and shaming them. Only on this occasion you have already done it by posting their most private details despite the caption next to the mail box stating clearly (will not be published).

    Very disconcerting and I shall most definitely be informing more readers rgd this very disturbing development!


  162. inspir3d said

    “However, I am very disturbed that the brotherhood would consider doing the very same thing, they accused Mr Wang of collaborating with another anon poster to do to the brotherhood i.e naming and shaming them. Only on this occasion you have already done it by posting their most private details despite the caption next to the mail box stating clearly (will not be published).”


    i said the exposure of the punk was my decision and mine alone. i have nothing to do with what the b’hood does on mr wang’s site, and they have nothing to do with the decision i took on my site.

    if you want to take somebody up on the issue, take it up with me.

  163. Harphoon said

    Hi all,

    Kindly remain calm. This was probably the one of the missions of this fellow. To confuse and spread disinformation.

    If you all behave in this manner, you would all just be eating out of his hands. So think.

    The decision I am sure was made after considerable deliberation.

    Revealing the IP serves no strategic purpose in my view, bc virtually everyone knows today the moment you press “post” – the IP info goes along.

    I think inspirid was just relaying the info to us for further action.

    On the second point mentioned by Nacra,

    “We prefer not to discuss the countermeasures over the internet.”

    What does this mean? It means what it means. I am not in a position to confirm of deny what this means beyond what has already being mentioned.

    Let me just emphasize. We have every right to defend ourselves and protect our economic interest.

  164. inspir3d said

    hi guys check this out:

    The Brotherhood: Love and Loathe

  165. Harphoon said

    LOL, its quiet well written. I enjoyed it.

  166. Harphoon said


    LOL, u should aggregated. Its quite humorous.

  167. Dee said

    Dear Sir,

    Why am I not surprised to hear this about the dreaded brotherhood?

    Hilarious if you ask me. Their antics of falling over themselves that is :).

    Yours Sincerely and do have a very nice weekend all.

  168. koalabear said

    I just find Bambi very bad, so bad, but I still think it adds color to the blogosphere. As it is things are already so dull and colorless. Those space boys go some way to provide the much needed color. Besides they write well. I like.

  169. pokka said

    Bunch of monkeys fighting over bananas – life in resource scarcity. But agreed fun.

  170. inspir3d said

    i love conspiracy theories:

    “dorehme wrote:

    Funny. I dont doubt that they r probably in the No.1 read slot now. We were just doing some survey in the press room downstairs and that appears to be what the numbers seem to tell us.

    Only there are a few things I dont really understand abt these fella’s. For example, you say they are squatting in the IS. But from what I see, the site operators seem to have a very intimate knowledge of how they operate and function etc. Besides they seem too smooth and well organized so this suggest they may have even worked together bfr.

    This may sound like a conspiracy theory but can we say Inspir3d is a member of the bro order? And they actually planned and conceived this whole idea?

    Of course we will get the usual round of denials galore, but isnt this just a distinct possibility.

    I just find the idea of a mysterious grp squatting on a site the stuff of movies. Its a bit like waking up and finding a flying saucer outside your backyard!

    What would most people do, I wonder? “

  171. Harphoon said

    OK inspirid, its yr turn to be darkness tmr 🙂

  172. Sama sama said

    actually, i only wonder why VD mimics the BH’s writing. gahmen so serious. blogger also so serious.

  173. astroboy said

    “OK inspirid, its yr turn to be darkness tmr.”


  174. inspir3d said

    hmm i must say this is a very creative interpretation of IS & the B’hood

    I am Darkness

    (just for today) 🙂

  175. astroboy said

    I am sure they love us all, but they just have problems expressing their real feeling

    You know what I mean darkness / inspirid :).

    Btw who am I supposed to be today? I lost the time-table.

  176. scholarboy said

    Lee Kuan Yew stupid, u r supposed to play LKY!

  177. scholarboy said

    Its great to be love and talked abt / we must be doing something right LKY beside giving ourselves hefty pay rises.


  178. scholarboy said

    Hi darkness,

    The high priestess of Sentosa took a swipe at u.

    “as populous as the number of digits in two human hands, people should just use their own blogroll or rss feeds because it’ll be the same blogs featured over and over again.”

    I think he is just sore, bc he is trying so hard but no one seems to be reading his clap trap.


  179. inspir3d said

    honestly, i’m quite flattered that IS is treated as a literary text. soon they’ll be teaching IS as part of Singaporean literature. lol

  180. pumpman said


  181. astroboy said


  182. Happy Mother's Day! said

    Happy Mother’s Day! (2007)

  183. The lawyer said


  184. pollock said

    omg u mean inspir3d is part of the elite Phalanx!

  185. pollock said

    wats dat!

  186. nacramanga said


    We have arrived! The Liberium fleet is currently in geo-static orbit.

    We have confirmation Bobofet is hiding somewhere in Tiriana.

    Pls inform darkness.

    What are my orders?

    I keep getting this in my inbox.

    What does it mean?

  187. chronicler said


    Forget that idiot. We want to know who are the puppet masters behind this.

    Hunt them down in the virtual, use the Sardokhan stormtroopers.

  188. astroboy said

    “use the Sardokhan stormtroopers.”

    Oh why didn’t I think of that?

    Sending in the Waffen SS division of the brotherhood!!!!!!!!!!! that should do very nicely to boost our on-line popularity with the rest of the gaming community.

  189. darkness said

    Hi all,

    I really don’t want to come across as dumb, but I chanced upon an article written by a ST reporter, a certain Miss Hong. I hope she is not smoking weed or something.

    Now I know who Wang is, I even know who is Brown, Yawning bread and even Kitana. And they are all quite brilliant writers who I may from time to time take a jab at, but all in all they are fantastic writers who form very much of my daily read!

    But who the hell is Galye Goh? Does anyone in the brotherhood know who Miss Hong is referring too when she referred to her as the “great hope” of blogosphere?

    Chronicler can you search our archives and find out who this Galye is?

  190. scholarboy said

    You are definitely out of touch darkness. Galye Goh is a moniker for Crystal Galye, the American singer on the 70’s.

    Apparently she used to blog in Singapore, but for some reason shut down and totally erased her blog. Everyone knows you Galye is.

    You can ask Inspir3d, if you don’t believe me.

    Hong Xinyi (the ST reporter) is referring to her. Crystal Galye also writes predominantly for the 12 year old market which is probably why her activities in blogland has not attracted our attention.

    I hope that helps darkness. Are we cycling tmr?

  191. chronicler said


    We have conducted an interlution search on ALL our brotherhood archives – on Gayle Goh -result: zero.

    If I recall correctly it was a blog with only a very small following – they were definitely 12 year olds.

    The background is something like that Miss Crystal Galye or Galye goh (I still confused) left bc she got shit from netizens and NOT as what Miss Hong represented from impersonators. That reason was purely incidental!

    The primary reason why she left was bc Gayle many Netizens openly criticized her and not as Miss Hong misrepresented took anon snipes at her, for representing the name and face of blogosphere in a TV program which featured George Yeo.

    In our opinion, criticism where conductedly “openly, robustly and fairly” contrary to what Miss Hong represented!

    Our position was neutral on the matter as it was a 12 year old issue and we felt it shouldn’t involve any of us.

    Her departure from blogosphere had zero impact proving once again the internet is built to survive a nuclear attack and no one blogger is indispensable.

  192. As It Is said

    Gayle Goh is a 17 year-old girl whose blog was:

    And for a 17 yo junior college girl she wrote prolifically well, especially on political issues in the local scenes.

    She has closed down her blog because she has realized that using her actual identity for blogging is of a very disadvantageous nature, where every Tom, Dick and Mary can snipe and assassinate her at will, without qualms.

    She is now pursuing her further education in the UK and has no time to blog, nor to further blog with her real identity.

    She has been one of those whom I have taken time to read, and I respected and still respect her greatly.

    Therefore, she is within:

    AS IT IS!

  193. darkness said


  194. harphoon said

    Tmr at 0445 hr / training will begin. Meet point / East Coast STSP.

    Pls bring your lights! Check off your barang bfr you sleep! There will be no dallying, we will RDZ and go.

    The rest of you will fall in to your the following stations:

    Team A (Blue):

    Sweeper: Repairman
    Leader: Nacramanga
    XO: Trajan

    Team B (White):

    Sweeper: SB
    Leader: Me
    XO: Praetoria

    Safety Marshal /

    darkness / Keith ho / Atomic Monkey.

    Loose members will report to team leaders to be assigned.

    This is a special training session. During bf we will discuss what to do with bobofet & his gang, they have been captured in the virtual.

    Good night, I have to sleep now.

  195. praetoria said

    Mr Lance Armstrong is the real superman, not the BS variety.

    He is the real Mc Coy and we can all learn real values from how he clawed his way back.

    The rest dont even come any where close.

    I am trying to arrange an interview with him – he’s agent says, he is seriously thinking about it.

    We all need real role models in life.

  196. praetoria said

    Hello all,

    I have also been informed, he is a regular reader of the brotherhood press (logs on at least once a week!) and he especially likes our travelogues.

    His fav piece is:

    Chernobyl Revisited – The Star of the East (Travelogue Special)
    Posted by intellisg on 18th April 2007

    We should consider producing more. The only problem is they cost a bomb to produce!

  197. trajan said


    This should hopefully sort you out.

    The baby powder is a pro-tip. What I usually do is use a zip-loc bag and pre-powder instead.

    Believe it or not, Nacramanga’s team take just under two minute. You know why bc they train, train and train!

    You take 30 min! Something is seriously wrong here!

  198. disenchanted gamer said

    To the evil forces of darkness,

    The brotherhood has proven once again they are no better than the third reich. Heavy armor and troops have occupied the capital city of Tirana. Time and again all we see is bully boy tactics. I really wonder was it necessary to send elite shock troops to fight a population who doesnt even have a means to defend themselves.

    Heavy armor now rings our city and one by one all our iconic symbols which once formed our civilization has been systematically destroyed. This is nothing short of ethnic cleansing.

    Will no one help us. Is there no one in the confederation who will speak on our behalf to protect our right to self determination and freedom.

    Even as I write now, a blockade has been imposed on the neutral trade and mercantile corridor. Three observation vessels send by confederation to oversee that there are no untoward atrocities have been destroyed by the brotherhood. I every case, it has been classified as “friendly fire” and so we do not even have an independent body to oversee this entire invasion.

    This is a sad day for all of us. Despite comply with all the terms of handing over the perpetrators who were responsible, it is very clear to us this is just another imperialistic enterprise by the brotherhood to extend their economic influence into this region.

    I have also been informed the entire leadership and governing council in Tiriana has been arrested and our parliament has been destroyed. I have made repeated pleas to the occupation forces, instead the only reply, I have received is:

    “You over estimate us, we do not have such influence, do not think so much!”

    I have also tried in vain to contact darkness and I have only received this message,

    “We will definitely look into the matter. Please remain patient.”

    In every case what we have here is a systematic process of deception, misinformation and nothing short of an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

    Down with the brotherhood! Death to the great devil darkness!

  199. chronicler said

    You over estimate us, we do not have such influence, do not think so much!

  200. freedom gamer said

    The Evil Forces of Darkness will be shamed this time! Your enterprise to occupy and destroy our beloved City of Tiriana in the virtual will be another Stalingrad in the making.

    We have received encouraging news from the international gaming community who have heard of our plight despite the barrage of disinformation that is generated by the evil forces of darkness. Even as we speak right now, a great armada comprising of 50 nationalities are heading our way to fight along side. We will all unite together and fight all of you off and once we have finished your great army here. We will make our way to Primus Aldentes Prime and there again history will repeat it’self. Only this time we will do what you did to our beloved Tiriana.

    It is not too late brotherhood for all of you to re-consider your illegal occupation of the Kilmaron system and to order your star cruisers out of our sector. Your days are numbered.

    Most gamers are sick and tired of your tyranny and the monopoly you have imposed of all of us in the virtual for all the years. We are sick and tired of your bully boy tactics and this is the last straw.

    Even as I speak right now all your heavy tanks are burning in the streets, neither has your great army made any headway, the so called automaton army of yours will have to fight house to house as we defend every square inch of our beloved Tiriana.

    Down with the evil forces of darkness!

  201. darkness said

    An Official Communiqué From Darkness (leader of the brotherhood)

    Greetings Tirianians,

    I am sorry to use this channel, but all our diplomatic communications have been either destroyed or rendered effective.

    I hear and understand every single one of you, I do, we all try not just to exist, but to bring about those changes in ourselves that will make our lives worth living. It must be heartbreaking for those of you who have built Tiriana only to see it ravaged. I am reminded, though it is only in the virtual, this hardly diminishes its sorrow. Having fought in two virtual wars myself (it cost us and them millions!), I understand this only too well and those who do not will simply never ever know.

    I wish to share with you all, it is still possible for us to be open and honest in seeking peace without resorting to the final solution of war. Regrettably that is seldom how openness and honesty is usually practiced these days. If honoring our feelings is the goal, it’s possible to throw a ball against the wall, scream into the wind, go for a run, or release our anger in ten million other ways, and still respect ourselves – it is curious that we think in order to be true to ourselves and our beliefs, we must continue to wage war on others.

    This is perhaps something to consider deeply.

    Since I proposed this, I will take the first step in the journey towards a peaceful resolution in good faith, I have instructed the 130th to stop all hostilities at 0450 hr GMT tomorrow / all our troops will leave your planet and our star cruisers will leave the Kilmaron system within 2 earth days. This you have my word.

    In exchange, I want a face-to-face meeting in the real world with the leadership of Tiriana to discuss the following:

    (1) Mineral right concessions based on a 5 yr renewable lease. Terms and conditions to be discussed.

    (2) A floating rate for mineral prices independent of the auspices of the mercantile guild, the price to set as per discussed.

    I know that my intuition allowed for a possibility that my reason would have precluded – but I must give peace a chance.

    When you hear this broadcasted in the strangelands, it means we have successfully jumped space and all is safe and well.

    Yours Most Sincerely

  202. curios said

    can i join the game too?

  203. curious said

    Good Morning Bambi Darkness,

    Wow! Aren’t we full of contradictions? I have always been fascinated by you Bambi. On one side you can be serious and at the same time you write sappy melodramatic love stories. Where do you find the balance these two? Do tell please as many of my gal frens want to know whether you derive your inspiration from Korean dramas? When is your next book coming out?

    Do have a marvelously beautiful day and may they always end like all your stories when the river joins the sea.

    Love always.

  204. chronicler said

    This is an official communiqué from the brotherhood.

    We have arranged Darkness to meet up with the ruling council of Tiriana in the real world on 22-6-07 at 1300 hr (local) in Seville, Spain – in a café located in the heart of the historic quarter of Barrio Santa Cruz, fives minutes walk from the Cathedral – look out for a jet black BMW motorbike with the insignia of the brotherhood – he will waiting. We are making the effort – trust me – the effort for peace, that is.

    We hope this is the beginning of a mutually rewarding relationship.

    Long live the brotherhood!


  205. navigation guild said

    This is an official communiqué from the Order of the Brotherhood.

    People of Tiriana,


    Please be informed, our logisticians and engineers will be landing on your planet, do not be alarmed. Their task is to rebuild everything we have destroyed in Tiriana.

    We will also be offering as an ex gratia gift – a “Dimitri” super class space station to facilitate communications and space traffic control – please note: the “Dimitri” class SP is a geo-static facility with sub-orbital capabilities and multi-face magnetic docking facility with a combined tonnage of over 80,000,000 displacement. This version is the RT-2 variant, which has the largest bay (3,000,000 DT) with state of the art gravity induced repair capabilities.

    We hope this will allow you to re-fit any of the vessels that has been damaged. A training crew headed by Steamboy will have to familiarize your navigators how to operate it.

    Dimitri: First invented by Darkness, Dr Chandra and Steamboy in earth time 2005 – over 148 units of this super class space stations are currently in service in the strangelands and a further 307 units are in service outside the game – the Dimitri class space station represents the gold standard for state of art inter-galaxy facility management and we hope this will restore both your communications and orbital docking facilities which have been rendered ineffective.

    It retails for over 7,000,000 Imperium Shekeliums (roughly USD$185,000. 20 cents) – one unit is currently in service in project Entropia.

    This is our last transmission. This channel will be closed. All further diplomatic comsat will proceed via the Dimitri.

    Long live the brotherhood!

    Interspacing Navigation Guild.

  206. fantasyyuo said

    Wow, communciation down. Maybe it’s time to call X-MEn, Fantastic-Four along with Silver Surfer.

    Not forgetting Shriek orge, Nemo Fish.

    Cartoonhood and Fantasyhood make life more interesting and less stressful in this MeeSiamMaiHum Country.

  207. 3rd stage navigator said


    Pls be informed our navigators are ready to effect a [Sector to Sector] space jump / commence tmr at 0439 hr GMT.

    Your RDV vector is 0909/0903/0932 in the strangelands / set to auto / compute to holding bay 6/7/8/9 – our navigators will pilot you in remotely.

    On your approach, set to T – point on magnetic traction drive / pilot on auto / ETAC will compute space trajectory – set all RDI to “slave” mode on glide in.

    This is a EAM: We are having some navigation problems bringing the larger star cruisers in / pls use on-board glide com to bring them into the bay manually, we will direct approach.

    Pls compute and use the glide program.

    This should help you zero in the slope. If you have any problems pls let us know, we will bring you boys in manually by traction beam.

    KOHO start consolidating the bandwidth for the light jump ASAP / we only have enough juice for one jump, so let’s get it right the first time.

    Navigation Guild.

  208. repairman said

    Dear all,

    Recently there has been alot of chain slip / shift jam. I have done an inspection on a few bikes and it seems to be quite a common problem right across.

    So pls check your DT bearings regularly. The last ride we had two incidences. Bfr that 3 and every time we get those sort of tech issues, its usually at least a 45 min stop.

    We only have one “puller” so pls dont hog it for too long.


  209. repairman said

    Dear all,

    By now, all of you have read abt Ted. I dont know him personally, but he was one of the regulars in the Bi and Tri. This is very sad and I feel very helpless whenever I read abt this.

    Its a reminder this can happen to the best of us and if it happens we must be prepared to help.

    Currently, we only have 3 safety officers on our regular biking team, all of them are trained medics only in mountain rescue / class 1 Medical Technicians.

    This is not good enough! We will be purchasing a portable AED unit, meanwhile ALL of you should take time to look through this vid.

    We will be conducting life drills on our regular weekend morning rides and subsequent rides.

    This safety course is mandatory – team leaders?

    Have a nice day, I need to go back to my conference call now.

  210. nacramanga said

    Repairman, on. blue team buys in. One problem here. The chappie that’s going to lug that ball and chain around will probably be trailing behind the pack! So how? Do we assign it to our strongest riders i.e someone in blue? Again? Bc we are already carrying everything!

    Now I am not complaining. I know the safety officer has a golden vote, only if my ticker goes on the blink, that shocker is useless if its strapped to some fatty like chronicler 5 clicks down the road. Understand? I think bfr you go ahead and buy it, it would be a good idea to research for one that’s feather light. Does a sports model exist? Bc from the vid, that thing looks like it weighs 5 kg, that’s more than the total weight of my bike! Otherwise, we all know what will happen after two months, it will just end up underneath AB’s bed along with all useless stuff we once bought.

    Yes? So lets not rush into it. Research it first.

  211. astroboy said

    Does anyone know why he died?

  212. steamboy said


    I know when it first happened to that SAF guy all of us said, it was one in a millionth! Now a 17 yr old bites the dust! That’s just spooky.

    We need at least two, front and back. If its only up front, then were does it leave those who are trailing behind Nac? On our heavy days, the distance between the head and tail can be at least 2 to 3 km.

    I think RM is concern abt the cost, after sales service etc. Either way you slice it, those babies aren’t cheap, at least 5K – besides there is not much weight trade off, even the lightest is at least under 3 kg bc they are all lithium powered.

    Red Team is definitely go on this – but we still need to nail that sucker down. If it can happen to a 17 yr old, no one is safe, that thing IMO is a thing sinister.

  213. darkness said

    If you cover the front and back, then what abt the middle? Gentlemen, we need to ask ourselves where is the statistically largest group of cyclist at any time? They r always be in the middle -that’s half way between the head and the tail. Besides we all spooked including me. So for the next 3 months, I really doubt there would be anything resembling a head or tail, instead we will just one happy blob cycling around the magic box.

    Gentlemen I want to save you all money.

  214. astroboy said

    That’s what I thought as well. I just wanted to see the rest and explain to them the logic of it. No chance now of it ending up underneath my bed.

  215. harphoon said

    green team says OK – we like the middle best and we r happy its going to turn into a blob with an electrifying centre.

  216. harphoon said

    Few yrs ago repairman suggested purchasing 2 dried shrimp experimental pressure bandages used to stop profuse bleeding @ USD$300 each! Used by US marines. Everyone was bitching that he was too Kiasu. None of us used it, but one day when blue was cycling, their med techs used it arrest bleeding from a motorcyclist they came across. Saved his life!

    So if repairman says we get the AED, I am not going to second guess him, bc he runs the tech meds very professionally, they all take pride in their job and the team work is excellent. Green gives a go. Lets start with one unit and work around the issues.

    I feel sorry for his family and I am sure he is in a better place.

  217. scholarboy said

    Is this one to a millionth? Are we going too far?

  218. nacramanga said

    I dont want to come across as a spoiler, only pls bear in mind blue team is the one thats usually saddled with all the med & mechanic stuff – we probably lug around enough stuff for open heart surgery and over haul an aeroplane already, so can we have green or red take some of the load off for once?

    Another thing which I want to highlight is maintenance discipline – 90% of the mechanic nonsense we come across on rides can be avoided if ONLY individual riders bothered to take an interest in their barang, now to me, its a bit like keeping your rifle whistle clean, is it our responsibility to be a mobile bike shop or is it possible the leaders of green and red to instil a sense of urgency into this lapse? And you ppl ask why, we dont want to train regularly with you?

  219. chronicler said

    hahahaha. different day, same dung la, there he goes threatening us all again. Nevermind, it always starts the ends the same – when darkness just tells him point blank, pick it up and carry it! Nacra will just do it in double quick time. Why bother with his antics, we are all being too kind to keep up pretenses.

    BTW, I dont like you calling me fatty – I happen to suffer from a hormone disorder!

  220. anon said

    I am a senator, but I wish to remain anon. You could release the private details of HBR reader in the strangelands. You dont have to do it here. The effect will be exactly the same. Remember what happened to the deacon – the wall of silence? The same will happen only this way, there is no proof, neither are there any witnesses. After all there is no place called the strangelands.

    I have a very strong feeling at 0830 GMT tomorrow an anon poster will make public HBR readers private details, after that I am very sure, someone else would forward it to his employers.

    I will make the arrangements

  221. anon said

    Remember the conspiracy of silence? Tell darkness, the skull and bones send their greetings – he will understand.

    Senator X

  222. bird of prey said

    X always marks the spot.

  223. Chronicler said

    This is a message capsule from our leader / comsat / Primus Time:259922

    “Senator X,

    The order of skull and bones? The wall of silence? Sir, u mean the wailing wall?
    No, that will not prove necessary for the time being, let us give it at least 3 to 4 months.

    Be patient.

    Yours Sincerely

    Darkness 2007.”

  224. chronicler said

    Darkness goes on to say in a separate comsat:

    “When ppl are scared, they will do stupid things and stupid ppl will find facts to fit patterns rather than the other way round – that is dangerous, lets remain patient and study this development.

    Blogosphere is not going any where.

    Tell the Council our plans will be delayed for 3 to 4 months or longer if need be.

    Meanwhile KOHO has been instructed to filter this thread for only ‘HBR readers’ reply.

    Darkness 2007”

    We dont know what he means by this.

    This is our last transmission / the brotherhood is switching this channel to the Dimitri.


  225. Anon said


    One last question bfr you ppl go. There are some of us in the Senate who want to know why darkness pulled out of Tiriana despite the numerical superiority of our forces? Added to the battle of order in the Kilmaron system, there were a further 30 divisions! Why didn’t he pull back? We could have easily defeated them. This is not how the game is usually played unless politics features.

    The reason why I mentioned this is bc there are many in the council who suspect a secret pact has been struck between the Tirianians and the Guilds.

  226. Aurora said

    This is a general announcement.

    David Lim and Dr Shani Tan, will be setting off on Xtreme Desert 2007 to transverse Salar de Uyuni in August.

    The brotherhood wishes them God Speed on their valiant quest.

  227. This is an official Tirianian Request For a Cease Fire said

    Dear Aurora can you pls make sure this reaches darkness /

    We regret to inform the brotherhood, we the Tirianians along with the confederation of gamers will be lodging an official protest concerning a very serious breach of the Inter Galactic Act / Sec 1 (6). We have reason to believe on at least 20 reported occasions, the brotherhood has willfully breached the terms of the Irrilliun Accord by masquerading as Tirianian troops.

    On 99002 Primus time in the locale of Orso, a team comprising of personnel who were the wearing the uniform of our 7th Army posed as traffic wardens, not only did they manage to divert supply convoys, they also caused substantial damage by changing street signs and spreading disinformation. This infraction occurred at sector 99-03-03A of the gaming board in Annex 6 & 5 / we have already lodged a complaint with the Federation and the IGS.

    On another occasion at 99042 Primus time in the locale of Tiriana in the Ausburg plains, a convoy of armored columns were ordered to turn back by a squad masquerading as signalers from the JUMA division – this highly trained spies who were well versed with our customs even managed to gain access to our central command mobile station and stole our latest encryption code which will allow the brotherhood to decipher much of our coded messages. Again our ambassadors have made representation to the effect to both the Federation and the IGS.

    I am currently compiling all these incidences – there have been at least 20 infractions so far. All our intelligence leads us to conclusion darkness is leading this highly trained squad of operatives who are adept at operating behind our lines and they may even be remnants of the order of purple – only they can be so bold as to perpetrate this dastardly act. We are formally requesting that the brotherhood reveal their identities immediately as their presence in the gaming sector is illegal. If their identities are revealed, you have my word / they will be treated as combatants under the Galactic Protocol.

    We are sorry to post here as we no longer have any diplomatic ties with the brotherhood. We also seek a cease fire to discuss this matter in greater detail, representatives of the ICG have agreed to arbitrated over this dispute – if the brotherhood is agreeable please send your representative to sector 09-33-29 in the gaming board / at Primus Time 90832.

    Yours Sincerely

    Senator Iskheleon of the Tirianian Provisional Govt.

  228. darkness said


  229. council of the wise said

    Senator Iskheleon,

    Greetings. Allow me to dive into the main issue.

    Can you produce proof Senator? As you know the Order of Purple has been disbanded during the Republican period. Our records do not show they have survived the ‘great purge.’

    I am certain you are mistaken or acting on incomplete information.

    Please present the evidence directly to us in Primus / we are sending Guild navigators to make the necessary arrangements to hear your case in the great hall.

    There is no need to forward this matter to the ICG.

    We wish you peace and prosperity.


  230. Aurora said

    Senator Vollariane,

    Pls kindly use channel ‘U’ to communicate directly with the Irrullian observers / they are on board our flag ship LDP – a hologram conference line has been set up. We have intercepted a codex in deep space, we believe they are moving to suspend the game on the grounds of section 1(6) if we fail to respond. The confederation is request a clarification on this matter.

    Your friendly controller


  231. darkness said

    You have 14 days to produce to the proof. If you do not, Senator I demand a duel in your or your appointed nominee, name the place and your choice of weapons, I will be there!

    There will be no Kanly, only the law of the jungle.

    Chronicler enter this is in the record, it is time for me to deal with this people in a way that they are accustommed to understanding.

  232. darkness said


    I had enough of politics and politicians. Its all happening in the virtual, but let us not delude ourselves, it demands nothing short of generalship!

    This has be sorely lacking, as we poise with 400 divisions, let us not delude ourselves that the elements are against us.

    The enemy has fortified the salient and pinch it we will, but they, the enemy they are strong.

    God is my witnessed, I have explored every possible avenue for peace even to the extent to putting my pride aside but to no avail and now only one final solution remains – war.

    Tomorrow there will be nothing left on Tiriana, none of you have any idea how I tried to divest myself of the reputation that I am the devil reincarnate, the waster of universe and all these adjectives that I have had to live with for so many years, I have carried as best a man can, though it is not real, it seems so real to me, but I have to be this once more – the sum of all their fears.

    I expect everyman to do his duty tomorrow we will vanquish the Tirianians and I shall lead from the front.

    God have mercy upon my soul.

    I am darkness 2007 / Primus time: 999303

  233. Chornicler said

    By your command, darkness.

  234. bird of prey said

    You just signed your death warrant SB. kekekekkekekeke

  235. nacramanga said

    idealistic sentimenlist the FC boys, they and their notions sportsmanship. Now u know why the council put me in charge.

    Do you all see now. We have traitors in our midst.

    You r finished SB.

  236. Aurora said


    You talk some more, darkness is going to come and kick your arse. You wait and see, he is just giving you rope to hang yourself.

    You wait, you just wait, council or no council, he will kick it from here to the moon, if you cont being the bully that you are. he has done it bfr and we have all see it, you even had to polish his car!

    Happy Reading

    PS: I dont want to talk to you so I the com is off!


  237. The Council of the Wise said


    You will do wise to heed the warning. Darkness is a sly fox. We dont even know whether he has designed all this, that how sly he is. Always remember, we are a fraternity, deals can be struck in corridors with secret handshakes and he is indeed a man who commands much respect in Primus.

    You must not be too arrogant. Beware of him. It is best, if you keep a low profile.


  238. The Council of the Wise said


    I know you command the largest and most powerful army in the virtual, but ask any of them even your most trusted sardokhan to raise arms against darkness and not a single man will step forth.

    We must thread carefully when we deal with such men they must never be underestimated.

    Do you understand Nacramanga what is at stake?

  239. Darkness (observer) said

    “I asked a very simple question in plain English.

    I will get an answer.

    What is the cost? That’s irrelevant, the question you should be asking is what is the cost, if I do not continue to ask the question?

    It will come, tmr or in 10 years time, but always remember, I had the courtesy to ask and ask again I will and as the mathematics of necessity demands, they would either have to pretend they didn’t hear it or to fashion whatever reasons to persuade the rest of you.

    You have to ask yourself – why?

    Who will win? The short answer no one. We have already lost can’t you not see it?

    That’s why we have to continue asking, we have passed the point of no return.”

    Darkness 10-9-07

    I really hope that answers all the mail on this subject.

    All future mails on this subject will be auto – deleted.


  240. darkness said

    I want harphoon to learn how to torpedo ships – make sure he sinks her!

  241. darkness said

    If you do not know how to hunt, you will always depend on others to fight your battles – you will always be the cry baby – do you understand?

    At your own time. You set the pace, there is no pressure, at your own time.


  242. scholarboy said

    darkness, he may not ready yet. I think, I will lead.

  243. Trajan said

    He dunno Darkness, better let SB and AB lead.

  244. darkness said

    call off the raid.

  245. astroboy said

    If we follow him, all of us will get wiped out! He cannot darkness.

  246. Scholarboy said


  247. KOHO said

    SLF speed test / Urbana @ 899/01

  248. KOHO said

    SLF speed test / Urbana @ 899/02

  249. KOHO said

    SLF speed test / Urbana @ 899/03

  250. KOHO said

    SLF speed test / Urbana @ 899/03 Failed Connection Test

  251. KOHO said

    SLF speed test / Urbana @ 899/03 Failed Connection Test

  252. KOHO said

    Folks we have a serious problem with SLF No.3 have to shut down for repair ASAP / pls refrain from using this site, till we have completed the necessary proofing on stability.

  253. KOHO said

    I am sending Snoopy the Snooper to check this site out / stand by @ 990 / No.2

  254. Astro Boy said

    Snoopy r u there?

  255. Astro Boy said

    Snoopy r u there? Hey remember me? AB.

  256. publisher said

    Latest Brotherhood Press article straight from the oven!

  257. Astro Boy said

    Snoop r u there? What you r looking for?

  258. Snoopy said

    I am looking for the cobra. Have you seen him AB?

  259. observer said

    This is another article by the brotherhood press.

    Singapore! The New Boston of the East? – Dream or Nightmare?
    I am sure most of you have heard it by now – Singapore just crossed the line. There are over a million foreigners working here! Added to that there is even the buzz of turning Singapore into the Boston of the East where we would hopefully have the brain juice to match the brawn in the rest of Asia. Here read it for yourself,
    I say, we are definitely living in exciting times. What? But has anyone really wondered what happens when you cram so many different people from all over the world into a tiny square footage and aim for a pie-in-the-sky dream?
    I am trying very hard not to come across as disparaging or sarcastic here, only I do recall faintly what Malthus, the father of population theory once theorized: since populations increase geometrically, but food and living space do not, life can only be made tolerable if births are limited or if deaths are hastened by disease of violence – OK lah, get ready to fight it out over the last curry puff, parking lot or cinema tickets, while you are at it might as well dig up by army issued ball guard because it’s going to get real rough and dirty.
    Just kidding, actually what Malthus said doesn’t really hold water. For one it doesn’t explain why cities all round the world are experiencing a population boom if at the end it all turns into a giant Alcatraz. Fact: city living makes a lot of sense and it’s hardly a new trend. It started a long time ago. Did you ever consider why the word ‘Urban’ doesn’t sound English? That’s because it’s an accretion from the first city called ‘Ur.’ Located in Southern Mesopotamia present day Iraq –at it zenith 4,000 years ago, ‘Ur’ was like Las Vegas, Har Par Village, Velvet, Suntec City, the Vatican and the sum of ten other cities all rolled up into one. The tractor beam effect that ‘Ur’ exacted on the surrounding population was staggering roping in nearly 40,000 people.
    Today ‘Ur’ is universally recognized as the first successful urban experiment in city living. Ever since then, our species has continually defined cultural, economic, political and technology diversity through their cities. Think Paris – the image of the impressionists and the fin-de-siecle begins to fill the senses. Think New York and the brash, go-knock-them-dead-attitude filters through along with evocative smell of burning rubber – Think Singapore and an image of a Merlion vomiting water along with a few trinkets (should) appear…. hold on a second………it’s coming……..hold on………..nope, nothing comes to mind except…….well nothing.
    That sort of puts things a sense of scale to the whole idea of transforming Singapore into a Boston of the East? Easier said that done-but let’s just consider whether this is another one of those Byzantine mega projects like alchemy (the science of transmuting lead to gold)? Do probabilities make possibilities? How sure are we, all these great aspirations wouldn’t go south like Crazy horses and UNSW? Is there something that policy makers should be mindful of when they go about re-engineering such social and economic changes? Can Singapore successfully seed the cosmopolitanism, intellectualism, liberalism and pluralism that effectively lays the foundation for a Boston in the East? The list of questions just goes blah blah blah.
    If I had to plumb it, one word comes to mind, it all ‘depends.’ I say that only because I happen to know Boston pretty well and yes, who can possibly deny it’s certainly a locale that’s worth emulating. But it’s also a place that more or less just grew out from the dust like Las Vegas and Silicon Valley. Yes, granted Boston does have good schools, but that’s like saying if you want to set up a lightning rod to attract brainy people then just build universities. Truth is the Boston formula didn’t develop in a planned way. Rather what Boston has today isn’t so much the result of soviet styled ‘zoo keeping’ as it was an accretion that slowly added up to create the vibrant collage that it’s known for today – it was hardly planned.
    So I am alarmed when people go around speaking as if they are Nostradamus – that of course naturally throws out the question what really required if we are to stand a chance of creating another Boston in the East? Well like I said, it really hinges on the colors the ‘depends’ factors. For example, it ‘depends’ on how policy makers are able to successfully manage nationalism against the aspirations of foreigners – they may be here physically, but pointing to that as a measure of success just leads to a dead end. I don’t really care what anyone says, but if policy makers cannot create an environment that is inclusive and doesn’t rise above the insiderism of prudishness, false pride and stasis that goes along with nationalism, xenophobia or whatever fuzzy flavor of month idea that takes hold. Then just aren’t going to sink roots. It’s as simple as that.
    Doesn’t really matter how good the infrastructure is or even whether the LTA is darn good a finding that happy balance licensing the number of cars against the square footage of asphalt to successfully prevent traffic jams – people will just not sink roots because they wouldn’t feel a sense of belonging.
    At the end of the day what one has really is not so different from the enlistment of émigrés who are called upon to do a job and once they have finished their contractual tenure, they will just pack up and go back home – I mean what I am saying here isn’t exactly cutting edge logic, it’s the Bangla mentally, ‘I coming here to earning money boss!’
    So that highlights some of the complexity associated with the goal of making over Singapore into another Boston of the East. A large part of the success equation requires policy makers to recognize certain realities which play a critical role in shaping the eventual form and content of cities cannot be conceptualized or even centrally planned. For one it remains an art rather than science. That just means the whole idea of premising anything based on Sim City logic is just really dumb, these people should go run a farm, zoo, gulag or mental institution or something. I really don’t know. My point is simply this: it’s complicated and doesn’t really matter what science is used be exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA) on lattice data etc. The math for instance is all screwy and not a lot of it makes a molecule of sense, for example why the hell should I figure out how many teenagers can fit on a pinhead? If you really want a thumb nail model of what I am on about, just look at this and perhaps you can tell me whether the model makes any sense?
    Clear as mud right? So there you go, you get my point. Fact: no institution can factor in the attribution of a society to shape its eventual outcome, it’s one of those ‘one arm bandito’ questions, pull on the lever and just let the wheel do the rest. Anyone who tells you different is either a reincarnation of Nostradamus or a doggy pastor who going into the real estate business!
    Ultimately the clash of cultures, histories and identities will produce what it produces. Neither is there any guarantee if one seeds a factor of 10 ‘good’ into the basket with a factor of 4 ‘bad’ – the ‘good’ currency will drive out the bad. In some cases, the ‘good’ just goes along with the ‘bad. Having said that, I don’t mean we will all end up living in a dystopian future like the planet of the Apes. As the reverse can well happen.
    All I am saying it’s best to just ‘go with the flow.’ And more importantly appreciate the limits of central planning when it comes to a matter as complex as trying to intercept the future and creating some pie-in-the-sky architecture. That sort of pipe dream may sound good but it really has much scientific currency as words printed on the back of chewing gum wrapper – that could just be the first lesson in the endeavor to transform Singapore into the Boston of the East as the sages would say, we plan our lives only to be ruled by accidents.

    (By Harphoon, Aurora, Darkness / Socio-Political / Politics / Sociology / Economics / Math / Based on Revised EP version of 23992 / New codex: 950272511092 ES The Brotherhood Press 2007)

  260. KOHO said

    We are up-linking you for a data transfer, stand by – we noted what has happened.

  261. KOHO said

    169 darkness – we await your command for a jump.

    Everything is super cool.

  262. chronicler said

    Make sure not a single reader goes to WOS. Pull them out now!

    We have been trained for this, so lets do it by the book.

  263. darkness said

    “169 darkness – we await your command for a jump”

    Good, very good. Prepare for a jump on my command.

    I expect everyone to remain calm, we trained for this again and again.

    Follow me.

  264. darkness said

    We must be strong. There is no room for weaknesses.

    If you are weak, please go, the door is wide open.


    Chronicler inform the Totenkopft that we require another site ASAP.

    Meanwhile, we will dig in here, that is all my children.

    Rest conserve your strenght, tomorrow we fight.

    Long live the brotherhood!

  265. chronicler said

    By your command!

  266. snoopy said

    You being betrayed Darkness et al / notice all your communications work / not even any of your up-links / even your EP codes don’t work.

    You are good as finished. Did you really believe the Council wanted you to return?

    All we they were doing was to give you a sense of security. As for WOS, it was a way to gather data.

    You are finished darkness.

  267. snoopy said

    How does it feel to write and write and write only to see it all go up in a puff of smoke Darkness?

    How much can one man take?

  268. kokopop said

    It will not be that easy to kill the brotherhood press. As for WOS what did he really discover?

    A big FAT NOTHING! If his mission was to gather intelligence, then the first page on his dossier is a big fat zero! Bc that is what, those boys have been feeding the first day!


    The people who can produce will always be king, the others are just readers.

    This has as much effect on the BP as mosquito bite on an elephant – you actually believe they will allow anyone to hold them hostage?

    Then you do not know them!

  269. primagirl said

    May I ask Bambi darkness boy where he is going to post the next article? Can I propose that he post it here, instead of running around all over the place.

  270. chronicler said

    I told you darkness, those charbo are all organizing an uprising. If you dont believe me go to ‘just stuff’ and see for yourself.

    What are we going to do abt it?

  271. darkness said


    It’s best, we keep a low profile and let the girls take over. Give them as much space as possible.

    One of the hardest thing to do in life, is to believe one is truly dispensable.

    But once you buy into it, it is very easy to let go.

    Give them all the support, but tell the rest to fade out.

    Darkness 2007

  272. darkness said


    Let me share with you something, I never told the rest.

    We cannot possibly sustain so many torpedoes and still float, first IS, then WOS and if JS goes.

    We might as well pack up and go back to board games.

    No one can take so many hits and still remain intact, it’s not possible – do you understand?

    Tell the rest to fade out.

  273. astroboy said

    There are some plus points, for one, no more spelling and grammar mistakes, since they came in, it all disappeared!

    I agree we shouldnt kachau them, I am going cycling, does anyone want to join me?

  274. astroboy said

    These ladies are top gun. They can even bag a Prof of law, so we better just take a hike and not make eye contact, play dead right? I agree with darkness, we should keep a low profile and let them run the show.

    Once they get it running, we can always take it back LOL!

  275. darkness said

    Let’s face it, there is not much to read in the local blogosphere, so those girls will definitely get the hits, with or without links, it matters little.

    No one is going to stop reading just bc it is or is not linked, that is not how the BP works.

    Best to leave them be, I dont believe it is possible to produce and produce and produce without at least getting something.

    Life I know is simple, but it cannot be so simple as to completely defy logic, so it is best, if we all fade out and leave them be.

    At least they are getting more hits than Mr Wang and Brown put together, if that is no good, then what is good?

    Darkness 2007,

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