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Bloggers should get no preferential treatment

Posted by inspir3d on July 31, 2006

“Koo should wake up his idea about what’s really going on. … It is bloggers like Char who will provide MICA with evidence that bloggers are destructive, immature and dangerous. Honestly, Char gets no sympathies from the KTM” KTM deals with a recent ST Forum letter from Koo Zhi Xuan regarding the Char incident. …read more

Source: Kway Teow Man


One Response to “Bloggers should get no preferential treatment”

  1. Ng Beng Hong said

    As a fundamental Christian of 30+ years, I must state that the cartoon in question is no more offensive than someone claiming to be able to rise from his grave if the Singapore reserves are in danger of being pillaged (“”). Char was unfortunate to be singled out by the authorities just as MrBrown was used as a whipping stone. The most disgusting part of all these ghost hunting is that most of the persecutors are not even familiar with the workings of the internet e.g. Bhavani’s charge of hiding behind anonymity. Mercifully the lawyer makers, under the guidance of the more enlightened Chief Justice, saw through the hyprocrisy, and did not turn Char into a martyr.

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