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Singapore’s 41st: Midlife Crisis?

Posted by inspir3d on August 3, 2006

[Gayle has removed this post from her blog]

Source: Gayle Goh


7 Responses to “Singapore’s 41st: Midlife Crisis?”

  1. Peregrineswift said

    I am an admirer of Gayle because her essays are usually spot on. However, this one suffers from one big flaw – which is comparing the ageing process of man to that of a nation’s. This is akin to comparing apples with hyenas – they are not only different fruits but different species altogether.

    If you take England or even the USA, at 41 years, they were mere infants, hardly adults, never mind middle-age. All other comparisons thereafter are meaningless.


  2. au said

    hi i cant even tell what the article is. I suspect its a wrong link. Can someone enlighten me? i even went to the home page of gayle and i do not see anything resembling this supposed article.

  3. eve said

    perhaps it’s been removed by the author?

  4. au said

    since it may have been removed,
    hey, IS, wont u do something abt this?

  5. inspir3d said

    sorry just got back from class. it appears Gayle has removed her entry.

  6. au said

    any idea why?

  7. eve said

    hmmm… since she did not give any explanation on her blog so let’s leave it just as it is, yah. 🙂

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