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Where will Asia go? Ask Singapore!

Posted by inspir3d on August 4, 2006

John Nesheim is optimistic about the future of Asia because of Singapore, and especially because of the youths of Singapore. …read more

Source: SG Entrepreneurs


2 Responses to “Where will Asia go? Ask Singapore!”

  1. bleongcw said


    Thank you for promoting this article in IS.
    I was debating whether to submit this article to you, but you have beaten us to that. 🙂
    The background is that it took some effort for us to get John Nesheim to contribute this article to SG Entrepreneurs.

    Once again, we appreciate your help in propagating this article to a greater group of readers.

    Take care & best regards.

    your sincerely,

  2. inspir3d said

    yes it is a good development to have John Nesheim writing for SGE. it shows your website is going places!

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