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Meeting David Marshall In 1994

Posted by inspir3d on August 9, 2006

Wow. Check this out. A never before published interview with David Marshall, Just in time for national day! It’s content like this that makes the Singapore blogosphere intellectually superior to the main stream media. …read more

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One Response to “Meeting David Marshall In 1994”

  1. KiWeTO said

    Wonderful thoughts.

    Maybe “Golden Calf” can become a new keyword in the blogosphere for describing the excessive salaries that certain philosophies believe is commensurate with the individual’s opportunity cost in society.

    new thought – since opportunity cost cannot be treated as actual damages in Singapore law (sorry, not a law student!), how come we changed the philsophical approach when it came to determining public sector salaries?

    Free market? controlled market? no market? mad market?

    oh well. Given enough nudges, even a large ship can make a u-turn.


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