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Mediashift: Oldthink vs Newthink

Posted by inspir3d on August 12, 2006

I came across this article through, and although not specifically about Singapore, is a good read about the new media paradigms that will challenge traditional media.

Andy Ho would do well to read this article:

Oldthink: Believing the major news organizations will always get big stories right, and not make any mistakes along the way.
Newthink: Following credible bloggers who can unearth Photoshopped photos from a war zone, mistakes in coverage or bias, and faked sources for stories in mainstream media articles.

Oldthink: Thinking professional editors are the only ones who can decide what the important stories are each day.
Newthink: Realizing we have the power to choose what’s important, whether through aggregation services such as Google News or people-powered news sites such as Digg or personalized sites such as My Yahoo.”

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