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Transcript of PM’s Rally Speech

Posted by inspir3d on August 22, 2006

“Traditionally, the transcript of the Rally Speech in English is only available in outline form from SPRINTER (though usually a detailed one). An “Edited transcript” has since appeared on Straits Times Interactive. Nonetheless, somebody, who prefers to remain unnamed, has taken the trouble to transcribe the speech from the audio files (available from, e.g., Channelnewsasia) and made it available to Singapore Angle, commenting that at the very least, he got the hanyu pinyin right! (It’s quan min luan jiang, not quan ming ruan jiang, and mo zhe shi zi guo he, not mo zua she ze kua he.) Turns out that he also inserted “[laughter]” and “[applause] at various the points where the audience responded thus, and added the numbering used in the outline. And so here it is, for those who might find it useful.” …more (Singapore Angle)


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