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The Intelligent Singaporean: Reflections & Future Directions

Posted by inspir3d on August 23, 2006

As of today, IS is about 45 days old.

What started as a plain blog with just a few entries has taken off into a project beyond my wildest dreams. Having been in a position to observe the blogosphere – particularly the ‘commentary’ segment of it, here are some of my observations:

a. The blogosphere is growing rapidly

Every couple of days I come across a fresh, new blog, that adds to the diversity of ‘internet chatter.’ Also, bloggers that have otherwise remained inactive appear to be putting their keyboards to work. This growth is very heartening and encouraging. The bloggers also seem to be getting younger and older – younger in the sense that more youngsters are starting to think about serious issues, and older in the sense that more ‘senior’ people are beginning to embrace the internet as a source of commentary. These are both very positive trends for the Singapore blogosphere which I am sure will continue well into the future.

b. Quality of commentary is improving.

The seasoned writers, good as they already are, are coming up with even better commentary than before. Less seasoned writers are also beginning to put more effort and quality into their essays. And those with little experience are plucking up the courage to just give blogging a try. And just imagine, to be able to observe this in a short time span of 45 days – this surely marks a bright future for the blogosphere.

c. More aggregators are popping up

Yes. IS is one of them. But the fact that others are also trying to add a sense of organisation to the fragmented nature of the internet – is just as much a positive sign as the increasing number of writers. Some of the aggregation models have yet to succeed, and that is a sign that the blogosphere is still growing, and has yet to approach maturity. But the continued trial, error and experimentation will eventually yield fruitful results.

With these observations in mind, I intend to take IS in the following directions:

i. The increasing amount of content means that I can’t simply post every single interesting piece that I come across. As such, I will be focussing on quality posts from now on, rather than quantity. The big names (SA, Mr Wang, Yawning Bread etc.) will continue to be featured, but I am sure there are plenty of lesser knowns who are capable of insightful commentary as well – i will endeavour to search for these and bring them to your attention.

ii. This focus on quality necessarily comes at the expense of quantity. I will try to restrict myself to a fewer number of posts each day – say, 3 to 5. In terms of sheer quantity of aggregation, I would like to refer you to Singapore Surf, run by Heng-Cheong. He’s been running his operation for 8 years now, and i encourage you to add his rss feed to your feedreaders. In addition, I have added his feed to my right hand panel. I find his work very useful, and I’m sure you will too.

iii. In view of the success of the PM Rally Speech special, I wish to try more topical mass aggregations. And here is where I need your help – to suggest topics that you want to see. I prefer working on these since the finished work is more presentable than individual posts, and it allows me to go into the past and draw together a wide range of posts from different time frames.

I hope you have enjoyed reading I.S. so far, and do comment if you have any ideas!

Cheers, insp.


9 Responses to “The Intelligent Singaporean: Reflections & Future Directions”

  1. au said

    I applaud your decision to focus more on quality than on quantity.

    However, I disagree with the implementation details of your decision.

    To decide on putting up 3-5 posts per day suggests that quality postings are evenly spread out with a minimum of 3 or a maximum of 5.

    You surely know that good stuff do not happen everyday. Why force yourself and the readers to read poor stuff just to satisfy some arbitrary figure?

    Good posts are like SBS buses – they come together at one shot. Since major events are one of the primary sources of inspiration to local bloggers, why limit yourself to just 5 per day? Eg, if a scandal broke out NKF-style, do you honestly expect that there will just be 5 quality posts coming out on the first day?

    All in all, keep this blog going!!

  2. Wow! Has it been that long already? It has been 46 days (adding today) since IS was started already? Time really breezes by. I remember visiting the site when it was just launched at blogspot!

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  3. pump man said

    holistic presentation – many in the brotherhood like it bc it’s like an information supermarket, provides a one stop 360 degree view of what is in blogoshpere – be patient, as news spreads the smart ppl will eventually come here – water always finds it’s level.

    As the human computers say,

    “straight line computation with no margin for approximations…no doubt abt it”

    Keep up the good work!

    Long live the brotherhood!

  4. inspir3d said

    au, if an significant event happened such that there was a large influx of good posts, i would probably do a single page mass aggregation – rather than flooding the front page with a mass of posts

    as for 3-5 that’s a guide, really. and in general on normal days if i put more than 5 the quality seems to drop.

  5. tomahawk said

    IS very good first effort. However, I agree should focus more on quality than quantity.

  6. at82 said

    Kway teow man and Singapore politics also have very gd commentary. Do keep them on ur list too.

  7. inspir3d said

    yes they are good blogs. but then again so are quite a few others. excluding blogs from the link list is a tough decision to make, but in order to tidy up the left hand panel some have to be dropped.

    they will definitely continue to be on my feedreader – so i will continue to bring them to your attention.

  8. geneticthinker said

    keep up the good work. IS has been invaluable.

  9. William said

    I have another suggestion..
    We have lotsa critics of policies..
    instead..why don’t we have a truly online think-tank that focus on the policies and debate and come out with better alternatives..that could be used by govt or AP for discussion in parliament.

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