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PM Lee’s Freudian slip: Two wrongs do not make a right

Posted by inspir3d on August 24, 2006

“the media then “quoted” him as saying “mee siam mai hiam” (“hiam” is pronounced hee-arm, meaning chilli in the local Hokkien dialect). (Refer to both Straits Times and Channel News Asia articles below). The whole of Singapore who tuned in to the “Live” telecast of the rally heard it distinctly that Loong said “mee siam mai harm”, and yet, the local reporters somehow ended up reporting it as “hiam” (chilli) instead of “harm” (cockles). To local Chinese (whether they are Hokkians or Cantonese or whatever dialects), these two words are distinctly differentiable, so the local journalists reporting them should not have any problem telling one from the other, unless they are deaf. What were Straits Times and MediaCorp trying to do?” …more (SG Review)


2 Responses to “PM Lee’s Freudian slip: Two wrongs do not make a right”

  1. zynfandel said

    say i was a journalist. if i was listening to you give a speech and you made an obvious silly little slip-up like “interest rates increased from 5 per cent to 4 per cent last year”, i would do you a favour and change the word “increased” to “decreased”. just because it would look stupid to report you saying something as clearly wrong as that, not because of any conspiracy theory. maybe we should all be less paranoid.

  2. inspir3d said

    well unfortunately the editor’s modification was not what PM Lee meant it to be. he meant ‘hum’ to be ‘hum’, and not ‘hiam’

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