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Think PM’s slip is just a harmless mistake? Think again.

Posted by inspir3d on August 24, 2006

“Go to Prime Minister’s Office website, click on the National Day Rally Speeches and you will see that you can no longer access the ND rally speech. (

Compare the Asiaone’s ND Rally speech transcript, with the CNA report, you will notice that the sentence where LHL referred to the “Bak Chor Mee and Mee Siam Mai Hum” phrase is no longer there. (


The coverup has begun and hail to the Great Internet, we can now see that LHL quote: ‘They have to adapt but they have to remain objective, maintain a high quality newspaper and if you read something in The Straits Times or on CNA, you must know that it is real. It is quite different from reading this, say, on,’ is flawed. SPH and CNA have both “distorted” the facts. ”

Update: The mee siam mai hum comment was also edited out of the repeat telecast on TV.

If this slipup is just an insignificant mistake, why is the media censoring it and editing it? …more (forum thread started by leeroy77 @ Sammyboy’s Alfresco Shop)


8 Responses to “Think PM’s slip is just a harmless mistake? Think again.”

  1. Desmond said

    Amazing isn’t it. It shows that ‘they’ know it is a very BAD mistake.

    Thank goodness I downloaded the rally (mp3s), so even if they take that offline, there is still a copy somewhere around.

  2. protoFC said

    Yes, thats a good chap desmond, do put it in a time capsule and bury it somewhere.

    One day many many centuries from today, the future citizens of singapore will open it up and after playing it they will probably say (fill in the blanks)

  3. Rot from the core spreads outwards.

    Majullah Singapura

  4. Otterman said

    More like an overzealous cleaning crew at work. Funny.

  5. Anon Scaredycat said

    actually, those links still have the mee siam phrase… i’m not so sure what this is getting at…

  6. inspir3d said

    my personal take is that the mee siam mai hum thingy is just a harmless honest mistake by PM Lee.

    in fact, i thought his speech overall was a very good one.

    i think it’s just the MSM media trying to suck up to him by editing and censoring the stuff in the transcripts, podcasts, and on the revise telecasts.

    i’m personally disappointed with the quality of political journalism.

  7. Atomic Monkey said

    monkey business.

  8. Shawn said

    Desmond, care to send the MP3 over t>

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