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Meritocracy, 1984-style

Posted by inspir3d on August 26, 2006

“Earlier this month, I re-read 1984 while nursing a slight sunburn in idyllic Vieques. (It wasn’t even my copy, but whatever.) Call me a masochist or killjoy if you please, but it really isn’t that often that I get to read literature that isn’t chock-full of data and (in general) poorly written reported speech. 1984 is perhaps George Orwell’s most famous work, and definitely one of the most prominent literary dystopias around. (Fitting, perhaps, that its coinage as a word is attributed to Mill, after which my lab computer is named.)

One would think it pure, undistilled cynicism that when reading 1984, I feel like I’m reading not just about a purely fictional society, but also about my own country, in a greatly garbled form.” …more (Elia Diodati)


8 Responses to “Meritocracy, 1984-style”

  1. whybegay said

    Let me say something intelligent. You have realistic eyes of Aries.

  2. whybegay said


  3. inspir3d said

    don’t keep posting your comment. the spam checker will censor you

  4. anon said

    Haha … so intelligent.

  5. protoFC said

    JDAM, u r the champion in the bro order. Everywhere we go, we get kicked out bc of u, wait till the big manolo comes, then finally perhaps he will allow us our own blog.

  6. tao payoh gal said

    Dont know much abt this character darkness, but he argued his case eloquently. I checked up many of his references, they more of less added up to support his line of logic.

    As for Mr Wang, till todate he hasnt even presented one authoritative reference, attribution or source for his home baked economic theories.

    All he has done is argue his case in his own fiefdom, where even a one eyed man is king in the land of the blind.

    I guess he was badly mauled this time, he has lost alot of credibility in blogoshpere as a result, but it will teach him a lesson in the future since he has a habit of attacking others who he knows perfectly well will never hit back.

    Only in this case, he was so very wrong.

  7. tao payoh gal said

    webmaster, me and my frens do enjoy yr site very much. It is a refreshing change from the traditional rants.

    I do have a feel questions which I wish to present to the brotherhood.

    (1) what is the dooms day report?

    (2) what should be done in the front end to solve the problem of lower birthrates. Any stat method.

    Many thanks and have a nice day.

  8. Harphoon said

    Hi Tao Payoh Gal,

    (1) what is the dooms day report?

    It is a very controversial hypothesis.

    Pls understand, we can offer no comment on this.

    Our interest in this study relates only to the math which we find very interesting for gaming purposes.

    However, I can point you to the avaliable studies and material on this subject.

    Perhaps after familiarising yourself with the gist, you can draw your own conclusions as to why the authors of the bell curve theorise:

    Why – if the US aspires to compete globally it needs to attract FT’s as a matter of strategic priority.

    Herrnstein & Murray -1994.

    See also “Operation Paper Clip” US war dept 1945-1946 committee ref 994832.44.2002 NM

    (2) what should be done in the front end to solve the problem of lower birthrates. Any stat method.

    Insufficient data. No comment.

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