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Talking Cock in Parliament: IndigNation Videos

Posted by inspir3d on August 27, 2006

Knockout Comedy by Ruby Pan, Hossan Leong, Alex Au, Mr Brown & Mr Miyagi. Talking Cock in Parliament is officially reviewed here
Big thanks to SaltWetFish for making these videos available

Ruby Pan “Some English is More English Than Others”

Hossan Leong “A Short Concise History of Singapore”

Dr. Kirpal Singh “Making Babies”
Alex Au “Honourable Member for the super-sized 25-member GRC of Ang Mo Kio, Marine Parade and Tanjong Pa-Gay.”

Mr Brown & Mr Miyagi “We Are Singaporean”






25 Responses to “Talking Cock in Parliament: IndigNation Videos”

  1. milos said

    I was there and the irony was not lost on me. We should be grateful I guess this would never have been allowed even a couple of years back. Keep up the good work.
    There’s a picture in in the “120mm b/w” gallery that you may find amusing! Taken on National Day.

    tks for a hilarious evening! Indignant? damn right


  2. whybegay said

    Inspir3d, what has these stand up comedies got to do with serious Politics?

  3. inspir3d said

    Whybegay, i’ll leave that to you to decide

  4. whybegay said

    The talkingcock website was so unbelievable I thought the publicised event was made up. Damn I was duped by their cunning! I thought a realist like you would be more realistic than an idealist like me, unless you are massively a hidden escapist?

  5. anon said

    “Inspir3d, what has these stand up comedies got to do with serious Politics?”

    I asked the same question everytime the Parliament is in session. LOL.

  6. Whybestraight said

    More reviews of the night’s events here:-

  7. whybegay said

    Basically its all about saying “it’s my party and I cry if I want to”. The child in the supermarket cries, shouts and misbehaves to make his parent look bad because he could not get what he wants, gays and funny bloggers alike.

  8. groyn88 said

    I have prepared a consolidated playlist containing all videos related to the event:


  9. anon said

    Don’t cry for me Argentina …

    I’ll do my crying in the rain.

    Sometimes, Ministers also cry.

    Crying is good. It cleanses the repressed emotions. Better cry than to develop pimples.

    We need to cry .. in fact must cry louder. PM should cry when he pleads us to have more babies. Yep, he should cry like a baby to have more impact.

  10. Jef Tan said

    Damn I’d like to get hold of that hot new song by The Black Eyed Peas feat Junior Lee “Mee Siam Mai Hum”. Can somebody PLEASE tell me where I can geddit? PLEASE?

  11. inspir3d said

    get it from

  12. woonie said

    or if u just want the song only, without all the talking by miyagi and co, download here:

    [audio src="" /]

  13. pmg said

    To be honest, humour is the number one weapon in societies where the government is all pervasive. Like in Turkey, Eygpt and Singapore. Laughing is quite hard to fight against. The Government shut down mr brown’s column, but they know they can’t shut him out of the blogsphere without an uproar.

  14. Jas said

    I seriously think that the Government is jealous that he make such good remix.They might think that what mr brown do is just for the sake of fun and stuff.But i seriously think that they are right.You “chop” seats, do you?Don’t tell me that PM LEE don’t speak all the “LAHs” and “LORs”.Trust me.He is also a Singaporean.

  15. whybegay said


    Humour, jokes and laughter are the best medicine, for those who need it as a neural relaxant from mental distress.

    Humour is not a weapon. Humour and jokes pulls a person away from reality into illogic and insanity.

    Well, if a person goes into a “region of laughter and insanity”, he distants himself from people in the “region of reality and sanity”.

    It is analogical as a person throwing himself into a deep well and saying, “Ha! Jump down into the well and get me if you can”.

    Humour in this case is not a weapon, its a form of immature cowardice.

    How does one fight logically against illogic and insanity?

    Seriously, who would seriously take into account the words of such a person?

  16. anon said

    But, he’s a more privileged singaporean.

  17. Melissa said

    I didn’t see so much meaning into the podcast!

    It was very funny …. I mean, I can’t stop myself from laughing. One would have to try very hard to do that, I think.

    Mr Brown is only an ordinary man, not even your intelligent singaporean type. Personally, I won’t waste so much time to try to uncover his evil inner intentions.

    No wonder ang mohs say we are uptight …

  18. wbg said


    It is not good at all for a person to be simple minded when dealing with Politics.

  19. Melissa said

    Politics, the crux of it, is about mindshare.

    I prefer to have a simple mind that retains nothing.

    It’s a lifestyle choice.

  20. Kelvin Tan said


    U mean the “ignorance is bliss” choice?

  21. Joey said

    Laughter can be cathartic – you laugh and you forget. But when you laugh, examine why you laugh. Is it because you’re uncomfortable? Maybe because you identify with it? Say for example, when you laugh at a parody lampooning the government, you begin to identify with the parody through laughter. And you laugh because it highlights the ludicrous aspects of what the government is saying.

    If we think that “serious politics” must be “serious” then we are seriously (no pun intended) brainwashed. Why play the government’s game on the government’s terms?

  22. Joey said

    I’m surprised you are even allowed to make such videos and not be arrested, bankrupted or exiled.

    It’s just a matter of time before you are. Nice knowing you all.

  23. mrskin said

    That was pretty funny! Lol, thanks for the pick me up, I needed that. 🙂

  24. kussel said

    Poverty in SIngapore


  25. Kenneth said


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