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The case of Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi

Posted by inspir3d on September 2, 2006

“Singapore’s law against drug-trafficking has two stiffeners. The first is that if a person is found with 15 grams or more of diamorphine, then the court will presume that he is trafficking, and not just possessing it for his own consumption. It will be up to the defendant to refute that presumption; the prosecution does not have to prove it.

The second is the fact that if found guilty, the judge has no choice but to sentence the accused to hang. The law specifies the sentence and the judge has no discretion.

Critics have said that these features of our law may lead to something less than best possible justice.” …more (Yawning Bread)


18 Responses to “The case of Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi”

  1. fieramosca said

    Singapore is a country ruled by bigots, i’m disgusted.
    shame on you

  2. Governor Mamudo Njai said

    Inrespect of this matter,i know Mr Tochi when he was playing in my country here in senegal,he is a good player,but i will contribute not to waste a young man that has brighter future that can bring good reputation and joy to the world ,as a young star ,we dont waste star because God that create stars has purpose.
    Governor Njai.

  3. femmy said

    This Singaporean’ Capital Punishment is a shame.

    And mark it, Nemesis will catch up with everyone who has a hand in the murder of another God’s creation.

    Singaporeans outside their country should beware of the sledge hammer since Singapore is commited to killing other nationals despite the plea from our world renowned President Olusegun Obasanjo.

    Every nationals of Singapore who believed in this barbaric ideology will be doomed

  4. david ndupu said

    what a shame for a country that eat and dinne with the United Nation, to act like babarians.Nigerians will never forgive the Singaporean government. Na God go punish ona

  5. Messenger said

    727.02g = death here in Singapore

    Kindly spread the word.

    We don’t do drugs.

    We also don’t negotiate with drug terrorists.

    And stop using God’s name in vain.

  6. Messenger 2 said

    The death penalty was set up many years ago in Singapore, even before Tochi was born.

    Smith was the one who sent Tochi here to his death.

    Go hunt him down and blame all your anger on him all you want.

    Don’t shift the blame onto Singapore.

    We don’t want drugs on our soil.

    Any further scapegoats sent here from any country will be sacrificed.

    Do you understand us?

    Now go find Smith.

  7. Rhoda said

    what kind of law is it that will waste a young man full of dreams and aspirations, dont you people have blood flowing in your vains…how can you so heartlessly watch the body of a boy dangle on the noose. the judge that sentenced Tochi to death…you have murdered sleep…may you never find sleep, you have caused his family sorrow, sorrow will follow your family…you childred will fall victims of hard judgement and they shall not receive pardon. the sorrow you have caused Tochi’s family shall befall you.

  8. wbg said

    It’s very sad, unlucky and unfair even for a young man who died here in Singapore due to the manipulations of a man called Smith, the world and due to innocence or wilful ignorance of a large sum of money($2000) in exchange for carrying 100 capsules that contained 727.02 grams of diamorphine.

    But I am not going to think that Tochi is the most unlucky person that life has treated him, there are many worse off people who are living lives worse off than death such as forced child prostitutes in worse off barbaric third world countries.

    Want to talk about barbaric, let’s talk about that kind of barbaric.

    Everyone dies sooner or later in this world, no one lives forever. Tochi departed earlier than others around him. Maybe he is better off with God than with this world. Don’t think that life and living is such a great thing.

    Even the Bible does not have a good view of life. Life is not paradise. Maybe things happen according to God’s will.

    However let me talk about the law system of a country and democracy,

    “Laws in place are not created nor taken down based on whether they would be 100% or less effective as deterrent. They are put in place as the moral limits of a society to discourage people from committing disapprovable crimes.

    The implementation of the death penalty does not seek a quota or a number, it has nothing to do with statistics. When does the implementation of any law has? If a society has no crimes, does it mean it does not require a system of law?

    The law is the democratic voice of a society to deal with immoral criminals who cross the line. Democracy of a society has to be respected otherwise there would be obligarchy.

    If people don’t wish to see criminals die from the death penalty, they can do at least do something by spreading the preventive measure by educating would-be criminals to not commit serious crimes, rather than just being the dictators of consequential actions of law.”

    “The punishment of Law is always seen as unfair to the criminals or to the outside observers, this is the deterrence of the Law. What the criminal does has to be deterred with something worse than the crime, a greater evil. This is to show that crimes do not deserve a fair consequence. Therefore don’t do it.

    Death penalty is still not 100% effective as a deterrent, people still continue extreme crimes because they don’t fear death. Death penalty is still not effective, murderers are still more evil than the death penalty.

    Murderers are more evil than the death penalty itself, they don’t take it into concern. They also don’t take Democracy into concern. Has anyone considered this?

    The Law or vote of democracy is not all out to kill people. It is the true criminals who seek their own consequences.

    Democracy has the obligation to protect its citizens, even if it means killing off immediate threats to society. The voice of Democracy has already spoken, if criminals continue their threats, it will get rid of them as it has promised its citizens of their safety. There is no compromise, no negotiations because a democratic promise is a democratic promise, it will always be kept to the full of Democracy.”

  9. wbg said

    i would add that I do not support hanging as a means of capital punishment. Lethal injection is a quicker and painless way to die. I would prefer lethal injection to hanging should I would to undergo capital punishment.

    I am saying all this because I am not afraid to die, because I know death is not the end. And because I have faith in the Bible, Jesus and God.

  10. zee brothermen said

    well, it’s unfortunate that our young brother left the world in such a painful manner-for what, I think, he knew nothing about.

    I just want to remind the Government of Singapore that they designed this rule and should be prepared to be executed in like manner, should they be found guilty.

    I advice singaporeans outside their land to be extremely careful because Nigerians will never, I repeat , NEVER, forget the case of Tochi Amarachukwu Iwuchukwu even though his execution doesn’t affect the economic relationship between both countries.

    A revenge will not be compromised.

  11. Messenger 3 said

    Right now at least, Singapore is the executioner who executes anyone who is sent to this executing platform. Smith was the one who sends people onto this platform. Are you blaming everything on us because you can’t find Smith to blame? This is an immature and desperate way to release your anger.

    Otherwise next time another drug lord sents a nigerian here to his death. What then? Take revenge on the executioner who hangs people, but not on the one who sents him to his death?

    I say again if you truly want revenge, go and find Smith for your revenge. Smith was like a friend to Tochi but he betrayed his trust and risked Tochi’s life for some drugs. How cold and cruel is that? Smith is the real cold and cruel murderer.

    Smith! Smith! Smith! Smith! Smith!

  12. wbg said

    zee brothermen,

    Threatening to kill us won’t serve any good purpose, it would only DETER us from you and your country of Nigeria.

    See, you who is the person who threatened death already understood the deterrence effect of his own death penalty threat. Then you are no different from us, supporting the death penalty threat. But on one hand you say you do not support our death penalty threat, yet on the other hand you threaten to support and practise it?

    Do you support the death penalty threat or not? Perhaps you have already been convinced by Singapore of the death penalty?

    You sounds like a hypocrite, saying that others cannot practise the death penalty and only you can! You are just a hypocrite tyrant who does not realise what he is talking about, or what he is really thinking. You are just childish and immature to give out demands and threats that contradict each other.

    Go change your diaper.

  13. Astroboy said


    I just want to ask one simple question since I am cooking curry this weekend for 20 over bikers – is it possible to get one of those big ass African cook the missionary in the pots in Singapore?

    Many thanks.

  14. Uche said

    Tochukwu is my uncle and you(singapore and this stupid person who calls himself messenger) obviously can never understand what we are going through. Tochi was a happy boy, full of life…I can never forget the times he would skip school just to play football until late. He was a good person. His last words to my father were ‘I know I have not done anything extreme like murder and all that. All my life, I only wanted what was best for my family. I just wanted to pull them out of poverty. Well, one day everyone will die. The most important thing is when and how we die. If this is how God has intended for me to die, I have accepted my faith. I urge everyone to be brave for me. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family’. Do u know how it feels to realise that ur life has been placed in human hands for them to debate over it like it were the life of an animal? To know that this people can easily change their minds and just let him be free, but because of their wickedness, they are not capable of such kindness.Of course we despise smith, but we despise u more Singapore. To put any human being through two years of fear for his life. How despicable. Nigerians will for ever hate you for all u stand for, ur beliefs and your ways. For those of you who support his death n were happy to hear of his death(messenger), I hope you get a taste of this pain that we all feel in our hearts, even if it were for a moment. Singapore, may all d blood of ur victims and their faces hunt you forever. Your killings only add more to the punishment God is about to rain on you. The cries of all your victims for mercy and retribution upon all of you as they had the sack over their heads will forever be in the air you breath, their blood will forever be on the soil you walk and every waking moment will remind you of their pain. You all will never have peace of mind as long as you live.

  15. Messenger is not 666 said

    Yes there are many demons in Singapore and the world, but I’m not one of them, I’m just the messenger of the death penalty.

  16. jojo said


  17. Smith said

    Ha Ha.. There is more drugs coming into Singapore and no one can stop it. I have good contacts with the Singapore customs and police and they get paid by me to turn a blind eye.

  18. Saddam said

    All these bloody Singaporeans are idiots. Their Prime minister is a total idiot. They are worse than donkeys. All they want to do is hang people whilst they deal with Burma who is supplying drugs to their pouplation. get lost you stupid idiots.

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