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Sunday Digest

Posted by inspir3d on September 3, 2006

“Interpreting the Results of the National Youth Survey” Free Thinker takes apart some statistics in his latest post on the newly released National Youth Survey.

“New Initiatives Are Nice, but Don’t Discount the Past and Present.” A Guest contribution at Singapore Angle on the subject of overseas Singaporeans, which is forcibly attacked clarified by KTM in the article’s first comment.

“Citizenship, Loyalty, and National Service” KTM responds to a comment on his earlier post by Whispers from the Heart.

“A rhizome, Xenoboy, and Frederick the Great walk into a bar…” MercerMachine thinks about a comment that Xenoboy left on his earlier post on the Media

Elsewhere, here’s Mr Wang’s classic series on the scholarship system, very much worth a read or re-read, depending on whether you’ve read it before. Mr Wang’s blog could do with a bit more organisation, to increase his already high levels of readership. (And no, I won’t even charge Mr Wang a cent for my brilliant ideas. :D)

Part 1: “Mr Wang examines the scholarship issues”

Part 2: “Why it worked then, why it fails now”

Part 3: “And No, I Won’t Even Charge PSC a Cent for my Brilliant Ideas”

Part 4: “Mr Wang’s Scholarly Musings”

Part 5: “Intelligence, Talent, Scholars, Performance, Singapore and the rest of it”


2 Responses to “Sunday Digest”

  1. Ooi! Dun anyhow say hor. What “forcibly attacked”?

    Just asking for some clarifications from the chap only. 🙂

  2. ted said

    Your link to the Free Thinker’s post is wrong. The correct URL should be:

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