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Evening update

Posted by inspir3d on September 4, 2006

“Government Scholarships – Not Always the Be All and End All” a guest contributor @ Singapore Angle explains why he turned down a government scholarship even though he was the top scorer in the ‘A’-levels, but not before discussing the issue of scholarships and foreign talent.

“The Adventures of BG Yeo” Mr Wang leaves a lengthy comment in response to BG Yeo’s third post.

“Entering Treacherous Waters” A discussion of the impact of the internet on Singaporean Politics.

“The Battle of Toy,” Xenoboy, “I would like to talk about his recent call to the Young PAP to place recruitment on the top of the agenda.”


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Monday Morning Reads for 4 Sept ’06

Posted by inspir3d on September 4, 2006

“Taxi Drivers and Teachers,” A Singapore Teacher’s Life, “I am glad I am a teacher. I put that in bold because I don’t want people to get a very wrong picture of what teaching is all about.”

“No Laughing Matter” Mr Wang wonders “whether we will ever learn to laugh a little at ourselves,” when he reads that some NSmen may get into trouble for releasing videos made during training to the public.

“Why do we have so many flag days in Singapore?” by EntityX “I am not trying to be anti charity here, but don’t you think that there is just too much of these flag days?”

“Stand Up for Singapore. Who? Me?” After Midnite “ Yet looking around, more than half present are not of Singapore. … And while a concert in the park may attract a select few, this same scene is not unlike a microcosm of the possibility of what Singapore will look like in the future, with just as many ‘non-natives’ as there are sons of the soil each claiming their patch.”

George Yeo blogs his third post! @ ephraim loy’s blog (thx to wert for the permalink)

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