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Petition for the Resignation of Mr Lee Hak Boon, Principal of Catholic High School

Posted by inspir3d on September 5, 2006

High impact2 “Today a friend of mine showed me something interesting. It was a petition done by a Catholic High student against their principal. I have to admit, it was pretty well done, especially from a secondary 3 student.

The points that he has raised in this petition are reasonable, and it certainly does raise questions about the principal’s competence and his character.

But don’t take my word for it, read on and decide for yourself.” …read more

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7 Responses to “Petition for the Resignation of Mr Lee Hak Boon, Principal of Catholic High School”

  1. Hi,
    I am not from Catholic High but I do love my alma mater too.
    My honest opinion is that it is best that this be resolved in a level-headed way by all stake-holders of the school.
    Perhaps, someone of authority in the MOE ( with Catholic high connection) should take the lead to sort out what the grievances are and how the impasse can be resolved for the good of the school.
    It will not do the school’s reputation any good to involve all and sundry and wash dirty linen in public.
    Unless , of course, if all means have been exhausted, and the students concerned feel so aggrieved that the only way to publicise such injustice is through the public channel.
    Hope you guys resolve the problems. After all, my Catholic high friends swear that it is a good school.

  2. au said

    the petition tells one side of the story.

    However, the blitz 156 offers a possible alternate view of the events.

    It s a pity that there is no permalink to that entry.

  3. wK said

    It’s a cat high tradition.
    The daring spirit to speakup and challenge authority lives on!
    Not really a appropiate and effective channel to voice opinion but hey it’s more civil than using fists to threathen teachers (my batch was notorious for terrorising teachers). I think the passion to want to affect change is commendable! even thought I didnt find the link to the 7 page petition.

    Wah lao , the red square became carpark!
    Where is the morning assembly held now?

    Ex-Cat High boy , class of 1996

  4. I was from Catholic High School, graduated from there about six years ago. This news came as quite a surprise to me, since two months back when I visited the school, there didn’t seem to be much tension going on at the surface.

    Quite frankly, many of the allegations in the petitions are rather startling, and they certainly demand some investigations (such as the public scolding of students and forced donations). Others, though not so urgent, still needs to be looked into. However, this petition gives only one side of the story; I’d need at least the principal’s side before I can make a fair judgement.

    One of the most shocking facts in the whole situation was the transfer of the nine teachers. More than half of them were around when I was in CHS. In particular, Mrs Alice Long was my teacher for maths in secondary 4. And here I give you my word that Mrs Long is one of the best teachers in the school. For one, she is extremely capable in teaching (I’ve got A for both my maths), and two, she cares about the welfare of her students and goes beyond what is necessary to help them.

    I hope that the school can sort these things out, preferably out of public eyes. Such incidents are not encouraging to students who are taking their O levels this year.

  5. The CH Gentlemen said

    Interestingly this matter has stirred up a great deal of discussion in another blog:

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  6. The CH Gentlemen said

    A new blog concerning CL remedial has came into limelight:

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  7. Damian said

    Catholic High is a good school. Most of my classmates and friends do not take that petition seriously though.

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