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Three Submissions

Posted by inspir3d on September 6, 2006

“Singapore Documentary: Should I Stay or Should I Go?” Kevin Lim produces a video about Singaporean students and whether they would prefer to stay in the U..S. or return to Singapore. Besides the video, he also summarises reasons for staying and leaving. (Theory is the reason)

“The Branding of the Lion” Coffee Banana, “It appears that the Singapore Government has been bitten by the branding bug. It is not enough that we are Uniquely Singapore, the Garden City and the Hub of Everything. It was reported in the Straits Times (2nd September 2006, Saturday, Article Titled: Wanted a Single Brand for Singapore) that the Government of Singapore has decided Singapore needs One Unified Universal Brand. A brand flexible enough to promote Singapore in the Tourism Arena and gets scientist to work in our Life Sciences labs.” (Cobalt Paladin)

“All That Flux about Population and Immigration” Xtralicious, “Know what? I am so sick and tired of this immigration and citizenship loyalty hooha that the whole world that is Singapore is going on and on about.” (Cobalt Paladin)


4 Responses to “Three Submissions”

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  2. FILB ARTICLE 21-8-08 said

    Find out more abt what AIMS is up too.

  3. FILB ARTICLE 24-8-08 said

    Title of Article: The Foreignness of Foreigners in our Midst – A Study in the FT hubris.

    Brief extract:
    “It doesn’t take a whole lot of brain juice to figure out what happens when one takes people from all over the world – Kalimantan brides, Nigerian scam artists, British lager louts, American red necks, Bangladeshi expatriates, Mainland Chinese lamian cooks – and cram them all into a small place bordered by the ECP, PIE and SLE. How will we ever get along? What are the possible outcomes? Will the good currency win over the bad to produce something exciting?
    In truth no one really knows for certain, as a melting pot of people this cacophonous thrown into one small place like this has never really been tried before – where one can even say globalization is made flesh and bone.”

    To read click here:

  4. amy said

    This was published and posted in the internet. It concerns AIMS

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