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Wed Evening Digest

Posted by inspir3d on September 6, 2006

Minister Continues to Blog

BG George Yeo on National Service and Global Connectivity and Friendships

Bloggers React to George Yeo’s Blogging


“An Israeli Lesson” Seah Chiang Nee @ Littlespeck, “Few are assessing Hezbollah’s missile war on Israel with greater interest than Singapore.”

“People Don’t Ask for a Lot” Metrosexual Me, “But, tell me, how is a typical Singaporean undergrad in Engineering going to get decent grades with all overwhelming numbers of foreign scholars/students?”

“Pay More, but Not Across the Board Please” KTM, “… the KTM is against MOE’s latest move to increase the pay for teachers across the board. While it true that teachers do not enjoy particularly high salaries, it is also true that the pay ain’t particularly bad.”

“Today is Restricted” Singapore Life and Times, “I was quite disturbed yesterday when my 12 year old son was denied the Today newspaper.”

Blog of the Day

Perry Tong “A Singaporean”


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