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Thursday Treats

Posted by inspir3d on September 7, 2006

“Thoughts About My School” Flying Low, “All that talk about the rebranding of Singapore led me to think of my school.”

“Entangled Contracts” Xenoboy, “There is a very convenient way of analysing politics in Singapore. It is what most 101 undergraduates studying political science will be exposed to. It is a seductive way of intellectualising political discourse vis-a-vis Singapore. I am talking about the fabled “Social Contract”.”

“Israel’s Unprepared Reservists: Could the Same Thing Happen to Singapore?” Singapore Patriot @ Singapore Angle “Given the similarity between Singapore’s and Israel’s conscript army and geo-strategic constraints, Israel’s military lapses may unveil some useful lessons for our defence policymakers and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) commanders to consider.

“Rethinking NS – Part 1” Mr Wang, “Recently, I had lunch with a lawyer. A foreigner who has been working for some years in Singapore. He has PR status now and has been offered citizenship a few times. He also has a very young son, about three years old. During lunch, he asked me point-blank to explain the NS system and how he could avoid his son having to do NS.”

“Peaceful Streets” Yawning Bread, “In an unusual public statement, the Singapore police said last week that if anybody behaved in a way that threatened another, they would shoot to kill. It’s very extraordinary that they should trumpet this stance.”


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