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Rethinking NS – Part 2

Posted by inspir3d on September 11, 2006

High impact2“NS is a provocative issue. So is foreign talent. Link the two, as I did here, and what we get is a passionate flurry of readers’ responses. All good and well, but as in all passionate debates, people can get a little hasty and muddle up their own thinking.” read more>>> (Mr Wang)


Duty, Honour, Country (Good Morning Yesterday) “Finally, do you love your country? If you do, then it is not an obligation, or a ‘necessary evil’, but an honour to defend it.”

On the SAF’s Utilisation of Manpower (takcheck)


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Monday: Rebuke, Smilies and A Rebuttal

Posted by inspir3d on September 11, 2006

“The Token Rebuke” Chemical Generation, “The IMF rebuke is all for show and part of the elaborate September opera between them and the Singapore government. Both are just moving their prearranged pieces. The Singapore government is making its anti-protest move and the IMF / WB are reading their prepared statements in response.”

“Schizophrenic Smilies” Xenoboy, “It is amusing to observe all the shennanigans leading up to the IMF/WB meetings.”

“A Rebuttal” altrerius, “The KTM wrote an entry in criticism of this entry, essentially stating that such a complaint as stated in the entry shows that Singaporeans are weak and unwilling to compete on a global level. … Being an NUS student myself; though not from the the faculty of either Engin nor Science, I tend to relate much better with the NUS Engin student than I do with KTM.”

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Disciplined, or Oppressed?

Posted by inspir3d on September 11, 2006

“Singapore clampdown casts a shadow over IMF-WB meet” Agence-France Presse “Lidy Nacpil, international director of Jubilee South, a non-government group campaigning for greater debt relief for poor countries, said “what this shows is that the Singapore government is afraid of democracy.”…

“By now, people know what the image of Singapore is, and they realize we are who we are,” said Kishore Mahbubani, dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

“We’re one of the most disciplined societies in the world because the environment we live in is special,” he was quoted as saying in the local newspaper Today.”

“Singapore Snub Stings IMF and World Bank” The Age, “THE World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, two organisations that repeatedly praise the role of “civil society” activist groups in poor countries, have protested against a decision by Singapore to bar representatives of several such groups at their meeting with the leaders of poor countries next week.”


“Smile, Singapore!” Gayle Goh, “I returned from Bangkok yesterday afternoon to be greeted by striking banners that hailed the arrival of the IMF/WB delegates to Singapore. A huge panel filled with smiling faces scratched annoyingly at my peripheral vision. Tonight, returning home on the bus, I saw another double-decker bus decorated with nothing but smiles, smiles and smiles!

I’m sorry, but I’m quite disgusted. The whole affair is nothing but a cheap plastic, embarrassing multi-million-dollar scam.”

“The Protest Against No Protest” Mr Wang, “Sounds nasty, doesn’t it? So much for the Four Million Smiles project. It looks like out of this whole IMF/World Bank event, Singapore has succeeded in creating a bad reputation for itself – even before the event actually gets started.”

“Civil Protests Lead to Terrorism!!!” Ms Molly Meek “So, engagement is about coming up with some sound logic to stick to your stance…”

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