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Rethinking NS – Part 2

Posted by inspir3d on September 11, 2006

High impact2“NS is a provocative issue. So is foreign talent. Link the two, as I did here, and what we get is a passionate flurry of readers’ responses. All good and well, but as in all passionate debates, people can get a little hasty and muddle up their own thinking.” read more>>> (Mr Wang)


Duty, Honour, Country (Good Morning Yesterday) “Finally, do you love your country? If you do, then it is not an obligation, or a ‘necessary evil’, but an honour to defend it.”

On the SAF’s Utilisation of Manpower (takcheck)


3 Responses to “Rethinking NS – Part 2”

  1. Rebecca Aguilar said

    Rep. Charles Rangel of New York has recently proposed a bill to bring back conscription in the United States.

    Currently, being discussed is a means to navigate the time and talents of young people to areas where they are needed by our country. As in a national service draft–young people ages 18 to 26 might be given military or civilian service options.

    Is this how it works in Singapore?

  2. Joseph said

    Dear Rebecca,

    In Singapore, all male able-bodied citizens are required to serve 2 years of National Service after they have finished their ‘A’ levels (usually, they are 18 by then), or have obtained their polytechnic diplomas (19, by then). No exceptions are made, except for PSC (Public Service Commission – this is a government agency) scholars, who can serve their NS after they have graduated.

    Requests for deferment or disruption of NS to do degree studies are almost always denied.

  3. Rebecca Aguilar said


    This is very interesting. The United States has not had a draft since 1972. I I don’t foresee a draft happening here again, but the idea of National Service with the option of serving in a civilian corps sounds more feasible

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