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Posted by inspir3d on September 14, 2006


“The IMF Descends” (philo christus) “In my opinion, getting the World Bank/IMF folks to town is a bad mistake – not so much for its security implications – but for the Singapore Brand Name”

“Calibrated Coercion in Singapore” – Cherian George sets up a new blog.

“Why I was such a bitch on Tuesday” (Yawning Bread) “A reporter from the Straits Times approached me for a comment on Tuesday. I declined. … the reason was that we had no faith that the Straits Times would do a fair write-up. Why should we lend our names and credibility to a biased piece?”

“Why it is time to leave” (Twilight) “Perhaps [the] first great awakening of the century is at least the consideration that citizenship is negotiable.”

“No Impact” (Kitana) “The papers cited something close to 40 million. The actual cost might probably be 150 million; I’m not too sure. The amount of money just sounds too obscene to actually contemplate too deeply. The taxi driver sounded slightly distressed. He said that it was a lot of money. And sure, it could have been going into a good cause, but surely, this money might have been more meaningful had it been put to other uses to benefits the citizens”


“Singapore Rebel goes Taipei” (Martyn See)

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