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Singapore Allows Entry to 22 of 27 Barred Activists

Posted by inspir3d on September 15, 2006

Sept. 15 (Bloomberg) — Singapore will allow the entry of 22 of 27 activists it objected to earlier, responding to demands by World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz who said today the city suffered “enormous damage” for the restriction. Full Story

One Response to “Singapore Allows Entry to 22 of 27 Barred Activists”

  1. Flaming_Optimus said

    Well … i m sure some “top” execs of Singapore 2006 will get the blame for NOT abiding by the “agreement” of IMF/World bank …

    But in anycase, we wonder … did the communist really started this “protest” / strikes back in the earlier days?!??!

    or was someone instigating those acts-of-terror to swing power to himself???

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