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Gov Backs Down, and more

Posted by inspir3d on September 16, 2006


  • “Change of Mind” (Mr Wang) “Those who understand Asian culture and the Singapore government mindset will also be able to guess why five activists continue to be banned. At least part of the reason is called “saving face”.”
  • “Excitable Silences” (Molly Meek) “Place Silence and Singapore together or one in the other and silence becomes intriguing. Why, one has to ask, is it that the history of protests in independent Singapore a history of various silences?”
  • “Wolf o’ wits” (Twilight) “How Paul Wolfowitz is getting the famously stubborn Singapore government to do his bidding”
  • “The Chees Cause Trouble Again!!!” (Lucky Tan)
  • “TVD’s Picks” – More reading at The Void Deck

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