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IMF/WB vs S’pore Govt: More News from Around the World

Posted by inspir3d on September 16, 2006

PODCAST: “Singapore stance shocks IMF, World Bank” (ABC) – Paul Wolfowitz, Alex Au, and Chee Soon Juan quoted, reporting by Karen Percy


“Singapore, rebuked, lifts ban on globalization foes” (IHT) “After a rebuke Friday from the World Bank president, the Singapore government reversed itself and agreed to allow more than 20 anti-globalization advocates into the country to attend the coming meetings of the bank and International Monetary Fund.”

“Singapore’s climbdown on activists too late: NGOs” (AFP) “Singapore acted too late in finally agreeing to admit 22 activists whose accreditation for World Bank and IMF meetings it had opposed, non-governmental organizations say.”

“Singapore police bar World Bank poverty protestors” (Independent) “The World Bank, Singapore and the International Monetary Fund need to apologise. We need Singapore to come its senses and open their arms to people who are trying to serve the poorest people in the world.”

“Singapore relents over ban on activists” (Financial Times) “Singapore bowed to international pressure on Friday and agreed to allow 22 of 27 banned activists to attend the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund/World Bank, after Paul Wolfowitz, World Bank president, said the bar on their entry was “unacceptable”.”

“Singapore’s reversal ‘too little too late'”(Bangkok Post) “The Singapore government’s willingness to admit 22 to 27 blacklisted activists to the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank was criticized as “too little too late” by civil society organizations (CSOs) Saturday.”

“NGOs reject Singapore offer to join IMF-WB dialogue” (Nation)

“Bank slams Singapore crackdown” (The Age)

“Singapore Rebuked for Actions at Meeting” (Washington Post)

More than 300 articles via Google


“Spotlight: Preparing Singapore for a globalized world” (IHT) “Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore can take comfort from the book on the dashboard of a local taxi: “Strategic Management, Concepts & Cases.” There is at least one taxi driver in the city-state who subscribes to his government’s mantra of reinvention, to train all Singaporeans to be able to compete better in a globalized world.”


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