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Hong Lim

Posted by inspir3d on September 18, 2006

Hong Lim

  • Frontline: Hong Lim (YB) “Opposition politician Chee Soon Juan was prevented by the police, Saturday, 16 September 2006, from leading a protest march to Parliament House and the Suntec Convention Centre where the World Bank and IMF meetings are currently in session.”
  • More people at Singapore Idol than at Hong Lim (Lucky Tan) “In one segment of Martyn See’s video, Martyn asked an opposition leader, “Why do you want to fight for people who can’t be bothered?” They rather spend their time window shopping, buffet dining than to hear you, …..why do you bother…?”
  • Hong Lim Videos (Singapore Election Watch)


  • An impending crisis to our Singapore reputation from offending international CSOs? (SA) “The Singapore Government’s decision to blacklist 27 activists, preventing them from entering the country for the IMF/World Bank meeting, may have far more significant repercussions than what they might be expecting from offending these 27 individuals.”
  • The Death of the Peasant (MM) “In an earlier entry, Molly talked about the semantics of the term “gahmen.” It does not simply refer to “government” or “PAP” but perhaps to something that would endure even the death of PAP. The gahmen is a uniquely Singaporean phenomenon.”
  • Luckily, she missed the train (Mr Wang)

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