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Monday Evening

Posted by inspir3d on September 18, 2006



  • Chees continue face-off with Police (Gayle Goh) “I woke earlier than usual today to visit Hong Lim Park, where the group of 8 protesters are still standing surrounded by a crowd of policemen, prevented from proceeding onto Parliament House. As far as marches go, these people certainly haven’t marched far. They are only a few hundred metres from Speakers Corner, where the event was to begin yesterday, 16th September.”
  • Tell people that others are singing our praises (YB) “The full-age feature was headlined, “Singapore, through foreign eyes”. (Straits Times, 16 September 2006) … Its standfirst said, “A record number of 23,695 delegates are registered to attend the eight-day International Monetary Fund-World Bank meetings here. What are their perceptions of Singapore?” “
  • Sunflowers – for whose sake? (Samaryn) “Much has been said about the bootlicking prostituting measures taken by the Singapore government for IMF/World-Bank delegates. The blog posts are all aggregated at Intelligent Singapore and Singapore Surf. Many much more eloquent bloggers have spoken their minds and spoken the obvious. So here I say my piece.”
  • The views of Singaporeans, how they are shaped, and the Brave New World (bendecidestoblog) “Singaporeans, good trusty ol’ meritocracy-thumping, scholarship system approving Singaporeans, are confounded why do anyone in the right mind take to the streets? … And so I imagine a conversation between Humanoid Interface (HI), and a liberal (L)”
  • Singapore’s Security Measures (Jakarta Post) “In light of the upcoming World Bank/IMF annual meetings Sept. 19-20 in Singapore, I would like to express my outrage over the draconian security measures put in place by the government of Singapore.”
  • State of Police Action (SG Life and Times) “I cannot help but think that the unfortunate events in Hat Yai yesterday is a vindication of the security blanket that has been thrown over Singapore, even at the risk of offending our learned and passionate guests.”

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