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Posted by inspir3d on September 19, 2006

Hydra Wolf (Xenoboy) “There was once a protest march in NYC. It remains the most amazing protest march for sheer numbers and the lack of violence.”

Police State at Work (Pseudonymity) “I was at Speakers’ Corner on Sept 16 for a very, very long time.”
Pictures of the standoff @ DD

Just another day in Singapore (mr wang) – police action wins CSJ some sympathy

Greed and Doom are close cousins (Sg L&T) “Singapore got it right from day one. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Mr Lee Kuan Yew made anti-corruption a pillar of the Singapore government from day one.”

On IMF and Protests (KTM) “Okay, we screwed up. We invited these ang mohs to come to Singapore to have a meeting, thinking that it will increase our prestige as an international convention centre (Yeah, we’re apparent chasing after rodents. Dunno what mice or something?). Instead, we are getting dirt in our face.”

Remembering our place (and retaining some pride) (KTM @ SA) “This is the KTM’s response to Sze Meng’s previous post on the effect of blacklisting the 27 activist: Crisis? What crisis? Got crisis meh?”


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