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Posted by inspir3d on September 26, 2006

IMF/WB – A Pseudo Govt Perspective (Thrasymachus) “The 61st IMF/World Bank meeting has just concluded couple of days ago, in our little island. While there are much breakthrough on the IMF/World Bank policies and voting rights, I guess most Singaporeans can’t be bothered by it. Perhaps the issues that interest most is the CSO – Civil Society Organization matters and what is the government’s take on these CSOs’ protests. This is just a pseudo-government’s perspective on what was possibly the sentiment on the government.”

Our Differences (Xenoboy) “To make a difference. To make a difference. Must make a difference. Must. Stay. Difference.”

Teeny-Weeny Tiff? (Blowin in the Wind) “Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad was right when he described Singapore as “tiny”. … But I can’t understand why he said, “The country is tiny, don’t be too proud”, unless he was thinking like an army general, a business tycoon or a boy bragging, “Mine is bigger than yours.” ”

New Brand for our REBRANDING campaign!!! (Lucky Tan)


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