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Posted by inspir3d on September 29, 2006

LKY’s Comment/M’sia





5 Responses to “Friday”

  1. Ho Hum said

    It may be the curse of the ‘towering inferno’? Throughout history, when the powers resist a certain directive, confusing adversarial foes set in. So the present state probably validates the former and aided by democratic assertion – as per your preference.

  2. Kevin said

    Hi brotherhood,

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kevin. I run a small wine shop with my wife Valerie.

    Our business has not been very good lately and I am forced to operate from home to cut cost.

    We hold a range of speciality wines from Asia, such as the Thai and PRC market. However, our international sales has been dismal despite paying out to advertise in trade fairs.

    We also tried to the various EDB innitiatives, but they fell flat as well.

    I am wondering whether it is possible for me to seek your kind advice on how to go abt marketing my range of products?

    Pls note, this is a serious trade enquiry and we are willing to pay.

    Meanwhile, I require the following:

    (1) How may we contact you?

    (2) Rates? If any?

    (3) Your market and segment mix? i.e

    Many thanks and hope to hear from you all soon.


  3. Kompf said

    Dear Brotherhood,

    I am a journalist working on a story abt underground movements in the WWW.

    I believe we met some 3 yrs ago in a Guardian site where the brotherhood first appeared in Europe.

    My question is simply this:

    Is there any way for us to have an interview with darkness?


  4. The brotherhood said

    Dear Mr Kompf,

    Your request has been denied.

    We will be forwarding this to our legal team, due to previous encounters with the foreign press. Every time, we decline an interview, it is usually followed with a threat.

    We hope this will not be the case on this occasion.

    If it is, please note we will not hesitate to respond accordingly.

    We will review your request sometime in the future in mid 2009.

    Thank you very much.

    The brotherhood.

  5. darkness said

    Herr Kompf,

    Don’t mind my men – they are just protecting me – send the questions and I shall see what we can do.

    However remember one thing – nothing is for free with the brotherhood.

    I do you a good turn, you do do me one – do you understand herr Kompf?

    That is how it is with the brotherhood – quip pro quo.

    Now go on and give me your questions.


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