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Uzyn Joins IS

Posted by inspir3d on October 5, 2006

IS is pleased to have brought on board talented programmer UZyn, the creator of and the TODAY Newsfeed. Together, we will be working to create a new aggregation and community platform for SG netizens to further the mission which motivated the creation of IS.

Watch this space for new developments and updates.


8 Responses to “Uzyn Joins IS”

  1. uzyn said

    Thanks for the introduction.

    So I’m officially certified The Intelligent Singaporean now?

    Hopefully together we could make IS a better site.

  2. BL said

    Congratulations, guys.
    Glad to know that you have both decided to join forces. 🙂

  3. The brotherhood said

    We look forward to the alliance. Anyone who is a friend of IS is a friend of the brotherhood.

    (This is an official message capsule for the leadership of the brotherhood)

  4. hubert said

    If you are not with me, you are against me. Here,I mean when it comes to Singapore election time.

  5. The phrase Mee Siam Mai Hum just cracks me up for no apparent reason.

  6. Phuee Wheet…brudders IS and Uzyn, steady man! We waiting to see your new playgrd!

  7. […] More info over at Intelligent Singaporean. […]

  8. andrew wee said

    is there an unintelligent singaporean list?
    can i join?

    Andrew Wee

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