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To Readers

Posted by inspir3d on October 6, 2006

A couple of loyal readers have expressed concern over this hiatus that IS is taking, and this post is meant to address this concern.

Running the IS can be quite a complex operation, and with the proliferation of content on the internet, the manual techniques of aggregation i have been using are simply too inefficient. aggregating it will require a more effective use of technology, and this will take time to develop.

As mentioned in the latest post, I have brought a very talented programmer onto the team, and we will be working together to launch an even more effective IS. I believe that this temporary short term drop in activity is necessary for the long term growth and long term success of IS. Continuing it in the way it currently is is unsustainable.

In view of the long term goals, it is necessary to take a short term dip in readership. But I have no doubt that IS performs a role that is otherwise currently unfilled. And with the greater growth of online media, the need for the work that IS does will only grow in the future.

Rest assured, when the new version of IS is up and running, it will be even better than before.

In terms of a time frame, the new platform will probably take a few weeks to develop, since we are both students and the exams are around the corner. We will try to launch a beta version as soon as possible.

Thank you for your loyal readership, and we look forward to building a better IS to better serve SG netizens.


7 Responses to “To Readers”

  1. take your time. we’ll be waiting for you 🙂

  2. Pumpman said

    take yr time, we are making good $ here.

  3. Pumpman said

    trust me it is not the number of hits that matters. I have been doing this for years. It all boils down to one thing quality vs quantity.

    The brotherhood just want ppl with $. We are not interested in 12 yr olds.

    Pls take as much time as you want too, the longer the better.

  4. Harphoon said

    was that necessary pumpman? I think what inspirid is trying to say is he just needs more time.

  5. edwinksl said

    We will be waiting for you patiently. Don’t worry.

  6. gamabunta said

    love this site – keeps me sane.

    maybe you could continue with your old way (in a reduced version so you don’t take all the time away from working on the upgrade), so that you keep in contact with your audience.

    in the meanwhile, if you’re confident of meeting a self-imposed deadline, maybe a countdown-to-ver2.0 timer can help generate excitement, push you to finish the project, and control audience expectations.

  7. chrischoo said

    Have you come across bloglines?
    Just place all the blogs you normally read on your feed and things should be quite straightforward.

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