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Daily Reads Dec 16

Posted by inspir3d on December 16, 2006



One Response to “Daily Reads Dec 16”

  1. Interesting series of thoughts on the environment and Singapore’s response. While we may have done badly on the littering front and require entire armies of cleaners to pick up after us, I must say that polluting the air isn’t quite bad here than many other Asian cities. I just heard that over half a million deaths in Asia are attributed to poor air quality, and Shanghai, Jakarta and Hanoi rank amongst the worst.

    I visited Japan recently on holiday and noticed that recycling is observed very religiously, with bins everywhere for different items. As hiring maids cost a bomb in Japan (due to levies and other taxes), their kids have learnt to pick up after themselves even at a very young age. In fact, they are also a lot more well-behaved than our made in Singapore brats who run helter skelter at restaurants and shopping centres.

    Have also posted on this. Do have a look:

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