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We Are Not Alone

Posted by inspir3d on January 14, 2007

9 January 2007 at 7.30pm somewhere around Siglap in the Republic of Singapore.

Two men in a petrol kiosk in Siglap, high above them a mysterious greenish rocket shaped unidentified flying object heads south.

Mr A: “UFO! UFO!”
Mr B: “Yeah I know all cars these days take only unleaded fuel even your ten year old boneshaker. I am not stupid!”
Mr A: “Not that UFO, the other one.”
Mr B: “OMG that’s a UFO! A real UFO!”
Mr A: “No doubt about it’s an alien space craft. One of those long range reconnaissance deep space shuttles.”
Mr B: “Shouldn’t they be flying over the white house or somewhere important instead of the padang?”
Mr A: “No they’re too smart to talk to Bush.”
Mr B: “You mean those green men consider our PM more important than Bush?”
Mr A: “Well last time an intelligent civilization had a conversation with a Bush, they ended up wandering the desert confused for 40 years…….Alamak, look its changing direction.”
Mr B: “Magnetic ion silent drive right?…….hey it’s gone!”
Mr A: “More will come….just you watch and see…more will come.”

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