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Daily Reads Jan 17

Posted by inspir3d on January 17, 2007


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A Nightmare Called … Deglobalization.

Posted by inspir3d on January 17, 2007

Do you remember what you were doing one hour just before the New Year celebrations in 2000? Probably not – as for me, I was dressed in my army No.4 camouflage strapped with 20 sticks of granola bars hunkering in my makeshift bunker in the backyard with my Bible thumping kid sister.

She was reading the book of Apocalypse and I was straining over the wireless tuned to the BBC world service. When midnight came, I registered a faint static over the air waves and said to her, “That’s it, they are dying now, quickly close the hatch and remember, if I die you can eat me!” As it turned out later when our neighbors reported us to my mom and dad because they heard some crazed moaning in the garden. We realized nothing happened – airplanes didn’t drop from the skies like cats and dogs, trains didn’t derail and intercontinental ballistic missiles didn’t launch automatically – it was just another new year.

Like members of some apocalyptic cult who gathered on a side of the hill waiting for the end of the world only to look silly when the meteors and rivers of fire didn’t come, I felt cheated. (Trust me you would feel the same thing when you invested all your pocket money buying books about how to gut Rover and make a meal and use the rest to make a post apocalyptic hand bag.)

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