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Daily Reads Jan 22

Posted by inspir3d on January 22, 2007


One Response to “Daily Reads Jan 22”

  1. clueless said

    no one is without reprove. none. even more true for a compressed society. however, if you ever find such in existence, it could be attributed to a set of rulings design for such gods to exist. oh no, not that they are faultless and pristine in nature, but that the complexity and costs have elevated their servanthood to the pinnacle of isolated self importance over those whom they purportedly serve. that explains why in such a compressed society, accountability and transparency only exist if its chief interests or importance are protected. otherwise, the loophole is deliberately created to prevent any challenges to test their true nobility and values. such a nation does not understand that a valid corruptibility must be consumed by incorruptiblity and a valid mortality, by immortality. unfortunately, its hightened sensitive image will not subject itself to a regal beating. it prefers to perpetuate a constipated society and an unrealistic civility and politeness. without the storm, without the fury, it shall retain the polished shell of hypocrisy and a duality in standards as it continues to exploit and be explointed, in the process, deservingly mocked by insincere foreigners grazing on their privileged shores.

    and thus the immortal words shall ring true….for the STRENGTH of SIN is the LAW!???

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