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Daily Reads Jan 27

Posted by inspir3d on January 27, 2007


4 Responses to “Daily Reads Jan 27”

  1. wbg said

    Look at all the misplaced kindness offered onto drug traffickers.

    This is really sad and pathetic. I am once again disappointed at the intellectual calibre of some of this immature people.

    This goes to show that the bloggers supporting drug traffickers are a kind but pathetic bunch.

    They should realise that the death penalty concerns international affairs.

    The real world beyond Singapore is harsh and cruel, it is not everyday perfect. Stringent measures has to be used to keep the evils out this “very gracious” society. This is the brutal truth should one see beyond one’s own make-belief luxurious paradise in this tiny utopian island or should I say internationally apathetic void.

    This fiasco besides the WSM one proves that these pro-drug traffickers are not at all qualified to deal with issues of the globalised/international level. They are still too constricted with their own national ideals to realise what works and what doesn’t in the international scale.

    The toasts may all fall jelly side up in Singapore, but this is rarely the case beyond the shores where reality transcends fantasy and people get killed off by others every minute without judgment of law.

  2. dodo said

    Haha, anti-death penalty = pro-drug trafficking? That’s deep.

  3. middle red dot said

    dodo, you have one supporter here! wbg is just plain lame with his argument presumptous and circuitously distorting from the topic at hand, i.e. the public outcry from singapore and beyond over the anger on this incident of unnecessary and mercenary hanging of this boy,Tochi, when it’s not yet proven definitively or directly that he was quilty of the crime. Indeed, doubt remains even at the point of the sentencing judgment.

    Your one liner speaks volume on wbg and had given him a good whack.

  4. wbg said

    Supporting the non-existence of 727.02 grams of diamorphine is not pro-trafficking. Yeah right. It must have been the devil in posession.

    “Indeed, doubt remains even at the point of the sentencing judgment.”

    Wow an empath who was present at court! Come on read the devil’s mind and tell us what he thinks! We all want to know!

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