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Today’s Stories from Blogosphere (Feb 13)

Posted by Slater on February 13, 2007

The Online Citizen leads with an entry on whether it is possible for Singaporean entrepeneurs to successful, given the conservative and materialistic culture of Singapore. Fearfully Opinionated, in an entry on racism, writes that it is better to respect differences rather than to deny them.

1 more Sg Blog suggested that Singapore’s recent political problems with her neighbours was the result of complacency, while The Star Online published a story on the puzzling question of why more than half of young Singaporeans want to emigrate despite Singapore’s affluence.

Writing on Singapore Angle: Perspectives, Bernard Leong followed up on his earlier analysis of the Gini co-efficient after the release of new information from Singapore Statistics. A gecko’s tale discussed the importance of social media and compared its use between Singapore politicians and American politicians.

Aaron Ng wrote about the Stranger’s Gallery in the Singapore Parliament house and that parliamentary sessions are open to the public. He has another entry on how to get Singaporeans to have more kids.

Singapore’s lack of readiness for Web 2.0 was highlighted by iBjorn, while Ian has posted an answer to the problem why young Singaporeans want to leave the country.

The Kway Teow Man posted an entry about the 6.5 million population planning figure. He suggested that long term population policies should be thought about more seriously because the consequences will be difficuly to undo in future. In another entry, the issue of Medisave contribution under the upcoming Workfare scheme is discussed.


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