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Today’s Stories from Blogosphere (Feb 14)

Posted by Slater on February 14, 2007

1 more Sg Blog questions whether it is logical to associate a desire for material goods with spoilt brats, while the Diary of a Singaporean Mind takes a cynical swipe at the Singapore government over the GINI index.

At, there’s a report on Singapore being the number 1 place to live in for Asians, but for the Western Europeans, Singapore is ranked number 58. Meanwhile, Zyberzitizen wonders whether Singapore will ever see a vocal political opposition.

Foreign Minister George Yeo has posted two Parliamentary replies, one regarding the issue of the ban on sand exports by Indonesia, and the other, the issue of bilateral relations with Thailand.

My sketchbook has drawn a humourous take on the public disagreement between A/P Lee Weiling and Mr Philip Yeo over the direction of Singapore’s biomedical research. Finally, Think Happiness has an entry on the importance of trust in a happy relationship.

On that note, here’s wishing u a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Editor’s (Inspir3d) Note: Dear Readers, links at the beginning of the sentence or at the end, which do u prefer?


10 Responses to “Today’s Stories from Blogosphere (Feb 14)”

  1. wbg said

    The color of the links need to be different from the headings.

  2. layman said

    Maybe, to have a compromise on both styles. You could have the blog titles (bold) first, carriage return, gist of blog posts (no bold, keep it short so that the titles and sites are not too far apart), carriage return, then blogger sites (bold, black “from” word). Also, have one line break between each blog source, to have better seperation and clarity.

    This way, you can have the old style and new format combined. Thank you.

  3. gongkia said


    Just want to know, how do I advertize in the brotherhood publications? Is their story section a paid subscription thing?


  4. Hi!!!!!! said

    Here’s a suggestion.

    Have the quick links (Sources) at the top. Since they are to facilitate quick scanning by people who have no time.

    And the paragraphs with their one lines descriptions for people who would have more time to spare. You could link to the issue discussed, but the current format seems a bit haphazard with random links sprinkled through the opening paragraphs. Also, the sources don’t seem to correspond numerically with the order of the paragraphs links.

    Here’s an example.

    Sources (quick links + informative titles)

    1> LKY visits Geyland to boost it’s economic growth potential
    – Random Blog 1
    2> SAF switches to Wii for lightsabre training regiment
    – random blog 2
    3> I have an internet and I must complain!!!!
    – random blog 3

    Followed by the one line paragraphs.

    1> LKY in the interest of developing Singapore’s many unique businesses has decided to take an interest in one of our traditional trades. (link goes somewhere in there)

    2> Emergence of next-generation graphics produce highly realistic settings that offers military outfits safe and affordable training scenarios.

    3> Random internet blogger does some musing about some issues that he finds frustrating. Here’s food for thought.

  5. Hi!!!!!! said

    I also wish to the hold internet blogging deities that comments has a spell check so that Geyland isn’t some sort of random freudian slip instead of the retarded spelling mistake that it is.

  6. Hi!!!!!! said

    and hold is whole.

    I should get back to work. 😦

  7. inspir3d said

    Gongkia, thx for the inquiry.

    IS is still in the process of working out a suitable publishing model in conjunction with the brotherhood, we will roll out the b’hood press publications in due time.

    Hi!!!, Layman, thanks for the suggestions. we will experiment a bit more with them

    thanks all for the inquiry and the suggestions

  8. Hi IS,

    I see you have changed your tagline as well. Didn’t notice it before. Hmm…


  9. Gerald said

    I prefer if the bulleted links appeared on top, with the paragraphed text below. Actually I think your original bulleted links alone were just fine. The blog headline should be enough for readers to know what the post is about. If it isn’t then, it’s the blogger’s fault for not giving a descriptive enough headline.

    Just my 2 cents. Thanks again for doing this aggregation. Fyi, I no longer check my own long list of RSS feeds. I now depend entirely on you for the worthwhile reads of the day. 🙂

  10. Slater said

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. It’s appreciated.

    I approached Inspir3d to consider the summary version because I thought that it would be helpful to read a one-line writeup before actually visiting. The idea really was to allow readers to be able to decide quickly whether a piece is worth reading or not. If the reader deems that it’s not worth reading, at least he/she will have a little idea what the blog entry was talking about.

    This is important also in the sense that not all blog entries accurately reflect their content. A one line summary would be much more helpful in that regard. Also, if you don’t have time to read anything at all, the summary version will allow you to keep up with what’s going on for that day in blogosphere without having to click on anything.

    Keep the feedback coming. IS is about all of you, and we’ll evolve as necessary to cater to all of your needs.


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