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Today’s Stories from Blogosphere (Feb 20)

Posted by Slater on February 20, 2007

The top story for today is the Thai government possibly buying back the satellite arm of Shin Corp. Yahoo! News reports that Thailand will carry out a nationwide poll on the issue, and will make an offer if more than 75% of the Thai population agrees to the idea.

Meanwhile, on Singapore blogosphere, The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist examines the underlying socio-political issues of the SIA girl. At Singapore Angle: Perspectives, Hui Chieh takes on a relatively common argument that it is the duty of the state to take care of the elderly.

Mr Wang Says So has written an entry on the foreign talent following the departure of Sentosa Corporation’s CEO, while NMP Siew Kum Hong reviews the written answers he received from his questions that were asked in Parliament.

The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist has another entry on how views towards globalisation tends to be always from neo-liberal perspective and alternative perspectives on political economy are ignored, and it is suggested that classes in humanities will allow one to see alternative ideas. NofearSingapore has an entry on lifelong learning and examines the unrelenting focus on the paper chase in Singapore.

Regarding Budget 2007, Singapore Life and Times examines the increase in CPF contribution rates and GST, as well as how some people have been left out of the offset package. Aaron Ng has two entries on the Budget, one examining direct versus indirect taxation, while the other takes a critical look at defence spending, which has been rising rapidly since 2005.






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