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Today’s Stories from Blogosphere (Feb 23)

Posted by Slater on February 23, 2007

The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist ponders about the politics of upgrading of the opposition Potong Pasir constituency, while 1 more Sg Blog criticises the notion of blogosphere as an insurgency, arguing that blogosphere isn’t an enemy for the government to fight but rather, blogosphere is lady to be wooed.

Mollymeek lists down 10 observations about Singapore and the recent Budget that got her all confused, while Singabloodypore is of the opinion that despite the minimum wage call by the Philippines, it is unlikely that there will be any wage increase for Filipino maids working in Singapore.

Zyberzitizen shares a personal experience of how some Singaporeans are left out of Singapore’s economic growth, while e pur si muove takes a critical view of a paper released by the Manpower Ministry that’s titled “A Statistical Profile of Older Workers: Participation and employment of our older males compare favourably with other countries“.


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