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Archive for March 13th, 2007

Genetic Engineering … Nah! ….. No Wait!

Posted by intellisg on March 13, 2007

You can recognize a bio-conservative ten miles away. Apart from being technophobes, they also hate anything to do with the sciences. The conversation starts well enough, till of course they register my space tie which I wear every Monday. You know the one with the small dainty prints of space shuttles floating helplessly in the turquoise blue dotted with stars. That’s the cue for them to suitably adopt that casual condescending timbre of sanctimony and rant on about some clap trap abstraction about listening to ones inner voice. Whatever that really means, let me just try……… green bottle standing on the wall……two green bottles………..nope, no voice there………not even from my split personality. Besides, the last time I heard of anyone hearing voices, they were either serial killers or busy ploughing a plane into a building. Didn’t you realize it’s unhealthy to hear voices! Read the rest of this entry »


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