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Today’s Reads (Mar 18)

Posted by intellisg on March 18, 2007


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The Pen That Didn’t Write

Posted by intellisg on March 18, 2007

Space has its legends – the Space Pen is one of the more enduring ones. It’s neither as outlandish nor as unbelievable as conspiracy theories about staged the Moon landings. Or how; the Vatican has secretly entered into a pact with NASA to convert Martians into Catholics. Even though it seems more credible than a massive government conspiracy, it is probable that fewer people have heard about it.

The story goes like this: in the 1960s, astronauts discovered ordinary ball pens couldn’t write in zero gravity. So NASA (need another stupid astronaut) recruited the best scientist to design a DRWI (data recording writing instrument). With its pressurized hermetically sealed chamber, it performed flawlessly in space. The only problem; it blew the lid off the budget – the pen cost millions!

On the other side of the planet to solve the same problem; the Russians assigned a clerk to the serious business of tackling the writing conundrum. They spent the equivalent of five cents. Their solution: a pencil. Read the rest of this entry »

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