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Today’s Reads (Mar 26)

Posted by intellisg on March 26, 2007

Public Sector Salaries



13 Responses to “Today’s Reads (Mar 26)”

  1. Young PAP said

    We have noticed you have not included our prespective on the ministrial salary pay hike. We hope that this blog will promote a balanced prespective on this issue, instead of just publicising the opposing opinions.

  2. inspir3d said

    The PAP’s jurisdiction does not extend into private property in cyberspace, and I will make the decision as to what to include on my blog. You will just have to respect that.

  3. Young PAP said

    We thought this blog is meant to promote discussion among S’poreans. It now we know that it is only for supporting oppositions. So be it then.

  4. inspir3d said

    Well, I wonder why George Yeo endorses this blog.
    I also wonder why his posts and the P65 MPs’ are also featured on this blog.
    Maybe it’s because their opinions are far superior to yours.
    I mean, seriously, how can u expect me to feature an argument so bad on my blog? i have a reputation to upkeep.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. your party leaders also don’t go around bitching when their posts aren’t featured on IS.
    Maybe you should think about behaving with more class like your party leaders do. 😉

  5. somebody 2 said

    @ young pap
    Run home to your mummy and drink your milk…
    ANIMALS like you are not welcome here.

  6. boey said

    Young PAP really remind me of the Hitler Youth. I really dont know what to make of this. All I can say is if they are really the Young PAP, then they really come across as a movement that I dont even want my kids to get involve with. But if they are not really the Young PAP, then its just someone who is using reverse psychology to denigrate and put the PAP in a bad light.

  7. woohoo said

    Maybe that is why I don’t remember any minister coming out from YPAP?

  8. woohoo said

    There is no doubt that the blog is setup by YPAP. It is reported on zaobao. Have a look if you can read mandarin.

  9. Mariot said

    YoungPappies might want to humble themselves and stop been arrogant before enforcing their view on the cyberspace because the cyberspace do not belong to PAP because in Cyberspace, PAP actually mean to be PeanutAndPeanut, so small and insignificant to the world.

  10. Mariot said

    since PAP has such a bad name and brand in Singapore and the world, I suggest YoungPAP be renamed to YoungBAB (Young bloggers and bloggers) so disassociate themselves from PAP, and think more like laymen bloggers. Or maybe YoungBaby so that we will saiYang you with candy and sweets instead.

  11. inspir3d said

    “Maybe that is why I don’t remember any minister coming out from YPAP?”

    LOL. Vivian Balakrishnan is currently the CHAIRMAN of the YPAP.

  12. shoestring said

    Don’t worry lah. Judging by the rate at which they are spamming to get heard and insulting the intelligence of readers with what they say, it will be better for Singaporeans to witness the kind of leaders they have/are going to get and scare them out of their wits till the next election comes.

    If they make sense and sincerely want to engage the people, readers will be attracted to them like magnet. No need for the push. Even if they manage to generate a sizeable readership, it will probably be of the XX type – those looking for comic relief.

    When they continue to force themselves onto popular blogs by spamming and insisting to be featured instead of building up a respectable blog, they are making themselves a nuisance, which spells desperation.

  13. Woohoo said

    What I meant is no minister rose thru the rank of YPAP. Vivian was not put in charge of YPAP until he was converted.

    If one remember he used to be critic of the govt.

    How times had changed eh.

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