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Today’s Reads (Apr 02)

Posted by intellisg on April 2, 2007

Minister Pay




One Response to “Today’s Reads (Apr 02)”

  1. whybegay said

    Have you read Sunday Times reports on the high earners of Singapore?

    Lawyers top the list at earning 4.62 million for 2005, doubling from previous years.

    4.62 freaking millions for lawyers!

    Aren’t lawyers the symbolism and the service people of justice and fairness in society? Why are they taking so much money to do their honourable job?

    4.62 freaking millions!

    I think we better tell lawyers to take a paycut, in order to close the growing income gap. They as the fighters of justice and fairness of society should set a good example. Otherwise people would think that they are more into their profession for the money rather than for the work of justice.

    What is 1.2 million compared to 4.6 million? Lawyers are not even in charge of the complexities of running a large company. They can even be freelancing and work at their own time and choose their own cases for their entire career, not like poor ministers of the government, they have almost no time to spend with their family.

    So we should tell lawyers to be role models and help to close the income gap first.

    4.62 freaking million. It is enough money to buy a few ferraris, lamborginis or condominiums in one year. But these people don’t even need to hire bodygueards for their job.


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