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Posted by intellisg on April 5, 2007

GHDDear Valued Readers,

Many of you will be pleased to hear, the Brotherhood Press will be holding a session of the great hall debates again! This time it will be featured here live on the Intelligent Singaporean this coming 8th April 2007 at 9.00 pm.

The topic of the debate,

“How Should We Make Sense of What is Right?”

Touching on this subject will be issue of ministers’ pay rises, are they justified? – How should we ideally make sense of our place in Singapore? – How should we ideally learn from our mistakes or do we believe we are perfect decision makers? – Is there a better way to make sense of our present world?

On the contrarian camp will feature Darkness and on the for pro camp Dr Chandra has kindly volunteered (our esteemed critic and sworn enemy of Darkness).

Come on down and hold on to your seats as we take you on an unforgettable roller coaster no holds bar ride of a life time – only limited seats will be available. Doors will close sharp at 9.05 pm.

The great debate is back! Brought to you only by the Intelligent Singaporean and the Brotherhood Press!

(Brotherhood Press 2007 – Broadcast – EP (code unspecified) 2007)



  1. Heheh, how do we get tickets to watch this debate? 🙂

  2. Karen said

    The great debate is how the boys sharpen their wit and intellect. Its how they develop their leaders, I think. Two men are pitted against each other, the crowd judges who is “nay” or “aye.” No scripts, no prompting and no notes allowed.

    A gladitorial fight to the death.

    Only I think all of you should reconsider putting darkness boy with Dr Chandra. The latter is diabolically clever and snakey, but the former likes to jump around and perform verbal antics, so it will definitely be something like crouching tiger and hidden dragon minus the flying wire acts and safety nets.

    I am glad the brotherhood has decided to bring back the great debates. And I and my readers would like to compliment the IS for supporting this very innovative stage act.

    It would be nice to see it all again the clever talk, the raw intelligence and above all how people progress from real conversations.

    I will look forward to it. If any of you guys require help with the back ground work. Our readers are ready.

  3. guppy said

    Speranza Nuova,

    Its free no charge, no need to even log in just click on the thread here and it all starts. Just have to sit back and read, but bring alot of tissue paper and soap. The debate is in my POV is just a highly stylised form of bloodsports where each side tries to demolish and humiliate the otherside wit, intelligence, memory and nerves of steel are required.

    Only one person walks out of the arena, the crowd will decide on the fate of the man who is defeated. Sometime like the movie gladiator la 🙂

  4. anongal said

    It is “LIVE,” it isn’t a pod cast thats why there is an added dimension.

  5. caleb said

    Hello all,

    I am new to reading IS and the b’hood press. If you don’t mind me just pointing out from a new readers perspective. I believe many of you are taking it for granted the “new” readers understands all the great debate.

    Perhaps it will be serve to inform if you all take the trouble to give us all a brief history of the great debate along with who is Dr Chandra etc. Filling the blanks will definitely go a very long way towards along us to participate fully in the event.

    I will definitely not miss this event, but I just want to make sure I have all the rules of the game in my pocket otherwise something may just fly over my head and I will end up with that really dumb and confounded look.


  6. cocopops said

    Hello all,

    I am also a new reader. I just like to say, I enjoy reading the IS and the many of the post by the guest writers very much. This great hall debate is certainly a welcomed addition to the Singapore blog scape which I consider to be presently stuck in a rut.

    So it is definitely a good move to proceed with it as all of us will be exposed to a new way to importing and exporting ideas. I suspect the great hall debate will be some sort of intellectual tourism for many of us who will be experiencing it for the very first time.

    I would like to ask whether I could purchase a tickets for 16 seats to see the great debate Dr Chandra vs darkness. Or whether I need to join the b’hood. I really do not know whether my gender will disqualify me – I am a char bor

    I would also like to add the owner of the intelligent singaporean deserves a tremendous amount of praise for supporting the creation of a mental space along with many of the innovative reads such as the stories, travel guides etc. There are really too many to mention but all of them are very creative and interesting, better than even what is typically printed.

    Though he may not realize it, this will symbolize a triumph for the rest of netizens as it means we can still do many things which the mainstream can never ever do. Therefore I believe if you guys do it and it fails even then you would have succeeded in more ways than you can possibly have imagined.

    I agree with Caleb’s comments, the b’hood should consider giving their new readers a brief run down of what the great hall debate is all about. Please bear in mind while all these things may be familiar to the b’hood’s long time readers. They remain new to the rest of us. The b’hood would do well to remember this always, that their readership is increasing but there seems to be no attempt to even reach out or educate this emerging group of readers. It always disappoints me to learn most of the time, they seem to pay closer attention to their long time readers. That however is a small matter.

    Judging from my very brief encounter with the likes of darkness. I can only assume the great hall debate must certainly involve panache, aplomb, and attitude – plenty of attitude.

    So neither I or my friends shall miss it for the world. Thank you again the intelligent singaporean for bringing all this new sights and sounds to all of us in blogosphere.

  7. kwokheng said

    Oh dear…


  8. caleb said

    When one does anything new, others will always throw brick bats at you or pass cynical statements.But if you really think long and hard about it, that is the highest form of flattery. I for one dont like it when that happens because it is just not very sporting.That is why I just want to take the trouble to say how very much I appreciate what you boys do on a regular basis and so do thousands of people who regularly read your stuff. All of you write good quality stuff and the creative content is high that is bound to stir up envy especially in the MSM. Because for one you are probably the only bloggers who treat them as if they dont even exist! I think that really gets up their nose. That is why certain people out there are nervous and they are losing sleep. You see it is quite simple and take it from me, I am quite a lau chaui when it comes to these things. All the while they keep saying it is unreliable, undependable and always tumpang other them, then suddenly the tables get turned. So what do they do? Standard la. Character assasination, undermine your credibility and spread all kinds of rumors. But one thing I noticed about darkness, he is like one of those WW2 German tanks, they can take a lot of punishment and still say, is that all you can do? I used to think that this guy had a serious attitude problem when I first started reading, but the more I read the more I am beginning to realize why it can only be this way and no other way.

    So keep your chin up especially this guy called harpoon and always remember Rome wasnt build in one day.


    Dear new readers,

    This is provide you with a background history of “the great hall debate.”

    Brief History:

    The GHD first took place some 5 yrs ago. Its purpose being to allow the brightest intellects to participate in a discourse very much in the Socratic style where the proponent is required to argue his case in a quorum of his peers. Much of the rules and conventions of the GHD was modeled originally on the Roman senate style of debate which is today the regarded as the precursor of the modern parliamentarian system, only there are no party whips and the quorum isn’t required to adopt a partisan stance.

    Today the GHD is considered one of the training methods to true all brothers in the art of clear thinking – it remains a formidable tool of truing and sharpening ones character and confidence as four elements need to be mastered, intellect, wit, valor and strategy.

    The outcome of the debate is judge by a panel known as the Council of the Wise comprising of 12 men who are the attained the rank of “clear thinkers.” The balloting is anonymous and the victor must secure at least two thirds for a victory to be declared. If not it is considered a draw.

    Interesting features about the GHD:

    -Although there is a set agenda, both parties are allowed to set their agendas if this is agreed upon by both the chair person and the adversary.
    – Notes and reference materials are strictly prohibited.
    – Women are permitted to view ONLY, they are NOT allowed to post questions. The GDH is supposed to be a male ONLY event (pls go and take it up with the ancient Romans. We did not make up the rules).

    For the GHD this coming 9th April 2007 between darkness and Dr Chandra.

    Dr Chandra is a notable critique of the brotherhood movement. He is an ultra rationalist and a mathematician by training who has a wide experiences in the IT industry. Dr Chandra is also a prolific inventor and has developed numerous computer models which he has successful sold in the virtual. Dr Chandra believes in propagating logical discourse based on traditional and orthodox lines of thinking. He has often described darkness in the following:

    Excerpt from the book of ages pg 3,383 / 2003

    “To sketch the background and temperament of darkness is to risk a melancholy cliché. He is a brilliant neurotic who hides behind the veil of intellectuality, but that is only because the exact nature of what he really believes in remains sadly a vague and amorphous composite. His stories and accounts of how he may either arrive or derive at many of his crack pot theories are indeed dazzling even for a man of my learning possessing even the façade of sheen that continues to blind many. All except me! Despite appearances, he is nothing more than a fatiguingly clever dilettante, a second hand car sales man, a charlatan of the first order who deserves to me unmasked in a public forum before everyone as the modern day Rasputin that he obviously is! And so as you can all see, I really have no choice but to turn his own ridiculous erudition to account! No choice whatsoever gentlemen!”
    Darkness is a trained engineer and in the real world he is a successful inventor who is credited with at least 40 industrial patents. He is also known as his other moniker as the father of the game, because in 2002, he developed the virtual universe known as the strangelands. Darkness is also an author who has written 6 internet books.

    Darkness does not believe in any form of absolute logic that guides man instead he believes it is not only dangerous. But he goes on to say, it is imperative for all men to understand the limits of all schools of thoughts and to continually question their efficacy as circumstances will inevitably change. He believes very strongly only when man understands the strengths and weaknesses of each school of thought regulating politics, sociology and economics is he able to make sense of the himself and others.

    Darkness describes Dr Chandra as follows:

    Excerpt from the book of ages pg 3,384B / 2003

    “Ask that ****** ****** to come down here and say it to my face! You know why they call him “the light” don’t you? Because he belongs to that fraternity who worships light bulbs, tell that ******, I will meet him any where any time for a debate to settle this matter!”

    End Note:

    There is no charge for entry to the GHD, the session that will be staged this Sunday on 8th on 9.00 pm is absolutely free and open to all there are no seats all you have to do is to follow the proceedings here on this thread that will be broadcast LIVE for 45 minutes. At the end of a session they will be a 30 min question time. Pls note due to the strict rules only male participants are allowed to question either parties.

    See you all there.


    Chairman of the great hall debate

  10. Bogan (Apprentice) said

    Oh dear…

    My master’s in fits now…

    Surely you all have prepared a subsidy for his Medibank entitlement!?

    Bogan (Apprentice)

  11. Harphoon said

    I am sure this gender rule is just an anomaly based on following the Roman senate style of debating too closely.

    I want to assure all of our female readers this does not in any way reflect on their ineptitude in any way or fashion.

    Infact I have personally passed a bill to revoke this limitation. It is now in the pipeline, so pls bear with us during the interim period.

    I am sure it was just a technical oversight.

  12. Bogan (Apprentice) said


    I do hope so.

    The best logicians I’ve known, were all, female.

    Bogan (Apprentice)
    Kwok Heng Pty. Ltd.

  13. Harphoon said

    I promise you Kwok Heng. I never lie, I have passed a private members bill to right this matter last year as I share your sentiments completely.

    It hardly requires further elaboration.

    This is a very sore point with many of our female readers and I am glad they have valiantly remained very patient over this matter.

  14. Bogan (Apprentice) said


    Peace be to you, then.

    May you have light and shade, always.


  15. shoestring said

    There aren’t any rules against the women nudging the men to ask questions on their behalf though.

  16. Harphoon said

    They go thru me shoestring u want to take my place?

  17. Harphoon said

    From my experience of the brotherhood 99,9% of the time we give in to women, They dont consider them as worthy adversaries. So we will apologize to them. For men it is different, they will crush them.

  18. Harphoon said

    That is why if u really notice most of the women talk down to us, but never the men – I personally think the seniors in the bro dont really take women seriously. A bit MCP, I agree.

  19. shoestring said


    Thanks, but no thanks. Those shoes of yours are too big to fill!

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  25. KOHO said

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  26. KOHO said

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    Socratic Method (or Method of Elenchus or Socratic Debate) is a dialectic method of inquiry, largely applied to the examination of key moral concepts and first described by Plato in the Socratic Dialogues. For this, Socrates is customarily regarded as the father and fountainhead for western ethics or moral philosophy.

    It is a form of philosophical inquiry. It typically involves two speakers at any one time, with one leading the discussion and the other agreeing to certain assumptions put forward for his acceptance or rejection. The method is credited to Socrates, who began to engage in such discussion with his fellow Athenians after a visit to the Oracle of Delphi.

    “A Socratic Dialogue can happen at any time between [two people] when they seek to answer a question [about something] answerable by their own effort of reflection and thinking [starting] from the concrete [asking] all sorts of questions [until] the details of the example are fleshed out [as] a kind of platform for reaching more general judgments” [1].

    The practice involves asking a series of questions surrounding a central issue, and answering questions of the others involved. Generally this involves the defense of one point of view against another and is oppositional. The best way to ‘win’ is to make the opponent contradict themselves in some way that proves the inquirer’s own point.


  31. 130th said

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  33. nana said

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    KOHO / Pls inform Pre-Science 1st Class officer Harphoon / we are 100% for the GHD / see you all at 9.00 pm (local) here tmr. Reg nana.

  34. nana said

    KOHO/ Pls inform PS Harphoon / SLF 2 is now “live” / SLF3/4/5 will follow this evening (local) / postings by readers have been disabled. View only. Reg nana

  35. scholarboy said

    I think this whole thing is uncivilized! I have a right to my POV. Darkness will be flattened bc he has to go thru alot of personal shit right now.

    You should all do him a favor and call it off!

  36. scholarboy said

    Is anyone even listening to me?

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