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Today’s Reads (Apr 17)

Posted by intellisg on April 17, 2007

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The Train to Budapest (The Travelogue Series – 2007)

Posted by intellisg on April 17, 2007

budapest.jpgThe Wednesday train from Istanbul to Budapest was far from full, and when I finally settled into my cabin. The carriage had begun its slow lurch out of Serkeri station. It was half past one – a full 30 and a bit late, but who was keeping time these days? Certainly not the dark suited men with their strange hats boarding that afternoon – or even the conductor who seemed to be more interested to sell me the latest maps of Budapest – I had all the time in the world.

Finally a cabin all to my own to miss nothing but also to do nothing, a silence surrounded by noise, a rattle here, a kebab, a beer, a giggle, a dream of the past for those who have a shrug for the future. I said to myself as I settled into a sort of comfortable trance starring out at the blurred scenes.

By mid afternoon the train had begun to snake its way through first tracks of the Romanian mountains – we were finally leaving the Islamic world to the Christian from the Ottoman to the Austro-Hungarian. Read the rest of this entry »

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