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Today’s Reads (Apr 19)

Posted by intellisg on April 19, 2007


11 Responses to “Today’s Reads (Apr 19)”

  1. Daniel said

    I’m an American living in Singapore, and I have been greatly irritated over the last two days at the comments on my country’s “gun culture” coming from Singaporeans. Not that I am opposed to gun control, but the sheer ignorance of many Singaporeans I know has greatly angered me. TODAY Newspaper’s headline screamed “33 Reasons For Gun Control” in a blatantly one-sided article without an author (listing “Agencies”, as if US Wire Agencies would write such an unjournalistic title that reads the way an op-ed piece would in the States). This title implies that Americans must be stupid for not having gun control, unlike IN SINGPORE, where the excellent leadership of the PAP has wisely outlawed guns. Supposedly.

    Every time some American (even if it’s an unknown) tries to comment on anything related to Singapore, people here complain. Remember the last US Ambassador’s exiting comments? Remember the US soldier that commented in a US magazine about Malays in Singapore’s military? Remember when George Soros said that Singapore does not qualify as an open society? And these are only well-known examples. In my daily life in Singapore, as an American I am somehow not allowed to comment on anything in Singapore. I’m somehow not qualified. You see, Singapore is just so damn unique, that I could not possibly understand anything. Those European politicians that were banned from speaking at Dr. Chee’s rally — they just must not understand unique Singapore either. We foreigners have no right to comment on Singapore’s internal affairs, right? Especially “ang mohs”, because we were colonialists and we think we are so smart, right? So any American that dares complain about human rights abuses in Singapore, caning, high execution rates, gay rights, politics, or anything else is dismissed. Americans are obviously just people that “interfere” in Singapore’s domestic affairs and these Americans should hold their tongue, right?

    America is a fully functional, mature democracy, capable of debating its own domestic policies. So those SINGAPOREANS who want to comment on our gun control situation should SHUT UP, and stop interfering in our own domestic affairs. PM Lee will likely use the poor victims in this shooting incident as an excuse for his authoritarian regime’s stance on civil liberties. He’ll no doubt make some smart comment about how Singapore is better than the US.

    The only problem with me posting my comment here is that most IS readers are intelligent, and welcome constructive comments from foreigners. My comment is not for you. My comment is directed at Singapore’s government and government-run newspapers. Keep out of the domestic affairs of my country, and concentrate on your own.

    Gun control in America is not simply about confiscating all the guns. Implementation would be difficult, as law-abiding gun owners would turn in their guns while criminals keep theirs. Unlike in Singapore, the government in the US would not be able to search anyone’s house at will for firearms. We have protections from unreasonable search and seizure. And even if we had gun registration, it would not have prevented this tragedy, as Cho had a clean criminal record and would have been able to obtain a gun under any gun control regimen. There are other reasons why allowing Americans to own guns is a good idea: it is an insurance policy against invasion or government overthrow. If there is ever a coup in the US, there will not be a genocide. No single race or group could be targeted. No one could be rounded up like in Rwanda or Nazi Germany and hacked up or sent to a camp. Private citizens collectively own a huge arsenal of weapons. The US government has the full trust of its people, because the people could overthrow the US government easily if they collectively wanted to. How many other governments in the world would trust their citizens with enough firepower to overthrow them? North Koreans cannot. I’m not exactly defending gun control, because it clearly works to a large extent in Europe and Asia, but want to point out issues that Americans deal with domestically in debate. And this debate can and should take place INSIDE America. Not in Singapore. Singaporeans, please stop your whining about America and your arrogant comments about how superior your little unique country is to mine.

  2. somebody 2 said


    You confuses the governmental mouth piece for what the people on the ground really thinks.
    One extorts the “virtue” and “foresight” of the “wise” government in having banned firearms so many years ago, while the other side understands that gun control is a practically and legally complex issues in the US.

  3. somebody 2 said

    ie to say, the newspaper columns and obviously planted comments are actually targeted towards influencing Singaporeans rather than an actual attempt to influence US politics.

  4. lalalor said

    Somebody2, he already said his comments are directed at Sg govt and govt mouthpieces. Its buried in the middle of his poet. 🙂

  5. montburan said

    Someone should call the bro boys to run over this idiot with their motorbikes. What an idiot telling us not to talk abt the US. Who the F does he think he is?

    Its like asking Iranians and Iraqis not to talk abt us foreign policy when US planes are bombing them. Besides the ppl that got toasted in V tech were not Americans! You Palunkah! Most of them were foreigners so are you saying they dont have a right to talk!

    Dont come to my country and tell me what I can and cannot talk about!

  6. shoestring said

    I say we should all be allowed to voice our opinions. We are all citizens of the world. Kenichi Ohmae’s borderless world.

  7. mr ho said

    Cant help it but I just have a distinct feeling ALL the thinkers, intellectuals and brains have left IS or even Singapore for good.

    It is just a feeling deep down inside me.I could be wrong but I dont think so.

  8. From what I can observe, the situation with the second amendment, gun control and gun safety is something that is very complex, and is difficult for outsiders (heck — even for many Americans, based on what I hear on NPR and other news media) to appreciate.

  9. mr ho said

    I wonder what would darkness say? If he could answer this gun thing it would be good. And give us all the confidence they are still around. It will also shut me up and my conspiracy theories for good as well 🙂 LOL

    Mr Ho

  10. darkness said

    This is a dumb thread so it deserves only 59 sec of my time.

    The Swiss army regularly take home their carbines for chow. They dont go around killing ppl.

    The IDF do the same some even pack home M-60’s GPMG’s, they dont go around killing ppl.

    What is a gun really? Its a tool like a screw driver or hammer. Has anyone ever seen a gun walk bfr and greet you good morning? Has anyone ever seen a gun reload itself and empty a whole magazine? I thought not.

    If it wasnt a gun a $1.99 kitchen chopper will do just as well, fertilizers will do more damage an oil tanker would taken out the whole faculty.

    What is the root cause? I really dont have a clue, but I know that if ppl focus on gun control law as a means of curbing sporadic shooting its like prohibition, ppl will just drink in their basements and from their bugs bunny mugs.

    Ironically gun control measures only worsen the situation further.

    Pls dont believe me go and do your research yourself.

    Start with the work of Dr S. Levitt, go through the paces.

  11. Whenever the ST or the government puts on it’s holier-than-thou hat, ordinary Singaporean Joes have to bear the brunt of being apologetic abroad.

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