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In Search of Noah (Travelogue)

Posted by intellisg on April 29, 2007

noah1.jpgThe skipper of the “Petrov” blared out.

“What can you boys do?”

“Anything providing you take us in your boat to Istanbul for our connecting flight.”

I try out my Jedi mind trick, by repeating the words,

“There is always a need for hands.”

Yahn, the Cypriot skipper looks at me strangely as if he just realized he talking to mad man. He eyeballs us sideways and tips his fifth vodka down strokes his stubble and lights another cigarette – it seems to be working he’s mulling over the offer.

“It will be hard work and only food and lodging…but you can eat as much as you want.”

Then pausing for a while Yahn turned to us,

“Only one rule…no questions…do you understand?”

We shook on the deal. I repeated the words,

“No questions.”

The following morning before dawn we loaded up on the Ukrainian research vessel called the “Petrov.” She looks a bit like a cross between the African Queen and the Titanic – not that we had a choice. All the cruise liners in Georgia and the Ukraine were booked solid for the next 2 weeks. Besides our bikes were starting to sound a bit screwy and a land trip was out of the question.

No sooner had we boarded the small vessel, we realized it was some sort of fishing boat which had been modified into a research vessel. A group of 4 female researchers were checking off the equipment. They looked like a mish mash of nationalities, Israelis, Norwegians even a Swede or was there two of them? They seemed organized as if they done this sort of thing before. But the way they moved clumsily onboard suggested this was the first time they were doing this sort of thing on a sea going vessel. They were secretive, keeping themselves to the hold which was cramped with equipment.

I notice one of them was a geologist – there was a little bucket of colorful rocks next to her tabula data spreadsheet marked out “Project Great Boat.” She smiles. I notice her long hair and liquid brown eyes. She not cagey like the rest who seem either too preoccupied or nervous. Instead she has an ease to her manner that wondering look that says: “who are these strange men? Where did Yahn get them from? Why are they dressed in tight biking leathers? Strange..”

noah2.jpgMore equipment loaded up confirming it was a research cruise across the black sea to study something deep in the ocean floor. Plate tectonics perhaps judging from the sonar drone that was set a stern but what exactly were they searching for?

By the time we raised anchor, the light had begun to break across the thin wispy horizon, it sliced the sea in half dividing it into light and darkness.

“It’s beautiful.” the geologist intoned. She moves closer to the railings beside me. I felt like probing – but I remembered Yahn’s words, “remember no question.” Soon a voice rings out from one of the older women, “Adi, come over.” So that’s her name Adi, Jewish I said to myself while seeking out her clothing for further confirmation – there was none. She waves telling them she will be on her way. Before she goes, she looks at me and says, “We will talk later.”

Yahn looks at us approvingly through the open sided end of the bridge; he knows that he’s made a good bargain. I have kept my word and we seem to be the only ones capable of moving heavy stuff on board. By the end of breakfast we started to lower the submersible sonar drone. It’s a heavy capsule like device tied to a cable and used typically for remote sensing to track the topology of ocean floor. I recognize it instantly.

Yahn looks at me and raises a finger,

“Remember lower it slowly, very slowly. When it get too loose reel it back in fast. When it gets too tight release more. They have lost three of those things, so make sure you stay alert.”

“They have lost three…” The words resound in my head. The rest of us looks at each other – “What are those girls looking for?” The mystery deepens.

Soon a system takes shapes allowing someone of us to rest while the others worked. It wasn’t hard work but keeping the line just right without bopping too much required a fair amount of coordination with Yahn who controlled the speed of the vessel tacking it periodically in a zig-zag manner. By noon, the walkie talkie chatter died down – we had it down to a science.

By the end of the day we had worked out a 24 hour shift to man the drone, sleeping in intervals, the girls did roughly the same somewhere in the hold. They kept to themselves, we were too busy, too tired. Yet the lingering feeling persisted what were they trying to accomplished? Hardly sophisticated enough to look for oil sites, yet well equipped and staffed to suggest it wasn’t a tin pot research grant either – a hybrid, but what were they trying to find out from the sea bed?

For a next 2 days and nights, the routine remained the same. By the third morning, I noticed the paraffin blue giving way to a murky brown.
noah3.jpg“We must be in Turkish waters by now, perhaps another day or two of this, then it will all be over.” I said to the rest. Then the question surfaced again,

“What are they looking for?” Atomic Monkey asked.

“Sunken treasure maybe?”

“Nah, they don’t look like treasure seekers…besides they are all men.”

The drone tugged loose, the line snapped hard then tight again. I shouted out to Yahn, “slow down.” Its too late, the line begins to tremble and suddenly it just goes limp – we have lost the drone. No one says a thing, it takes a while for another to be re-fitted and soon we are back towing the line again. This time no one speaks.

By the end of the third day, Yahn informs us, its over. He feels guilty that we may have felt somewhat cheated. He gives us a few tins of prized Russian caviar. We accept.

That evening on deck, I ate alone. I knew Adi was around. I don’t look at her until it’s natural to do so: when its time, I take her warm, liquid brown eyes in, and a smile of sheer delight blazes between us. I can’t help smiling back.

The evening is giving way to the night, it just seems right. The light in the far distant horizon turns sapphire. I must know the mystery. I know, she knows, but I will not ask. Her eyes meet mine again, an almost frozen moment, there is almost no sound in this whirling universal space that contains only Adi and me.

She says nothing, neither moving towards or away, her lips pursed slightly. Then turning to me she spoke.

“Have you read about the great flood?”

“As in Noah’s ark?”

She smiled and nodded as if letting me into an illicit convent joke. Adi continues.

“Genesis tells how God saw that the wickedness of man was great and decided to destroy all of creation. Only Noah, who found grace in the eyes of the Lord, his family, and the animals aboard the ark survived to repopulate the planet. It all happened here.” She looked across the azure sea its color had changed again and continued.

“The legend is the same – once upon a time a great deluge flooded the black sea many were killed. We are trying to find out whether it actually really happened. That’s why you are towing the line and the journey to Istanbul takes twice the time. We are tracking an undersea river along the coastline.” She points South towards land.

“What’s the theory behind it all?”

“Are you familiar with Dr Ryan’s and Dr Pitman’s work?” She pauses and continues.

“Well their theory relates in part to the flood legends. According to them, at the end of the ice age when the great glaciers melted to the far North (she points with her chin towards the distance). A wall of seawater surged from the Mediterranean into the Black Sea and raised the water level. You see the Black Sea wasn’t so much a sea in those days in the conventional sense as it was a great fresh water lake where whole communities depended on.

Sometime after the ice age for some reason the earth started to warm up. That’s what we are working on as well. Our research shows there is conclusive link. Vast sheets of ice that once sprawled over the Northern Hemisphere began to melt some seven thousand odd years. Oceans and the great lake what we call the black sea today merged.”

noah4.jpgSweeping her hands across an imaginary map of the black sea in rapid succession Adi began explaining how the melting ice in the Northern hemisphere resulted in the Mediterranean Sea swelling to nearly double its volume. Finally breaking the narrow sliver of land known today as the Bosporus straits in Turkey (look at map, in Istanbul, there is a narrow piece of land there was where the Mediterranean sea once flood in to form the black see) – and caused a flood of cataclysmic proportions which burnt itself into the chroniclers of the ancients who once lived along its banks only to eventually became Noah’s story in the bible. She ended with the words,

“It all happened right here.”

The conversation lasted less than a few minutes but time passed slower, an instant caught in a frame; which opened the soul of Black Sea to me.

The following morning a few hours before day break after arriving in the busy straits in Istanbul. We said our good byes to Yahn carrying the residue of warmth ashore, smiling as we passed haranguing Turkish fishermen bringing their fishes ashore. I looked back again at the “Petrov.” There on the deck was Adi waving good bye to us.

Through out the journey, I felt bitter sweet, the rest headed off to east coast for a spot of Laksa and Char kuey teow. I gave it a pass and dug into my pockets only to draw out a lime green stone –a gift from the black sea – suddenly I see Adi’s before me, the past suddenly reaches out touching me again and I smile – I carried it all back now a piece of the black sea to Singapore, to a loving family and friends ready with a thousand questions about our journey – it good to be back home again.

(By Nacramanga (Team leader) 2nd Balkan Expedition / The Travelogue Series / Russia – EP: 9938839 -2007 – The Brotherhood Press 2007)


59 Responses to “In Search of Noah (Travelogue)”

  1. darkness said


    This is truly a fascinating read, really it is.

    It never occured to me the Black sea was once a giant fresh water lake.

    I guess when the ice in the North melted 7,000 years ago and the Mediterranean Sea rose, that would also mean many of the communities living in the banks of both the med and black sea would have been swept away.

    The tale is told again and again and finally it takes the shape and form of noah’s ark.

    The question that really interest is me is why did the ice melt so suddenly?

    It had to be a sudden rather than a gradual temp shift? Yes or no?

    What is the comparative level of salinity between the med and black sea? How does this compare with the historical crossectional soil records i.e time / space / depth etc, was there a sudden spike 7K years ago?

  2. darkness said


    Another thing abt Stalin’s Dacha in the black sea. I know today it is a hotel and all that, though not a very successful one, who wants to stay in a place where a blood thirsty dictator toasted 10 mil. But I am digressing.

    My point is if you take a really close look at everything in the dacha everything is roughly .8 scale against 1. I am not referring to the physical structure of the dacha, Joe couldnt change that.

    But when I stepped in the first thing I noticed Nacra were the steps, furniture and even the salt and pepper shaker were all slightly smaller.

    Its only a slight difference hardly spottable. So to confirm the theory, I started measuring everything and recorded it in this tiny book. I got into a lot of trouble. The local police even interviewed me after that, bc ppl thought I was some professional cat burglar not that anyone wants to steal anything there. Besides in a few more years it will all end up in ebay.

    When I came back I spent some time trying to make sense of all these calculations and guess what it all checked out, it was precisely 0.8!

    You see I have this theory Nacra, Joe suffered from an incurable inferiority complex (something like mine). He was also a psychopath (I am not there yet, but I am sure its just right around the corner) so what he did to make himself larger than life was to make the world around him slightly smaller.

    You see Nacra, its small enough to escape the notice of most ppl, I would say abt 99.9%, but it didnt escape me.

    I just wanted to share this with you personally this evening. There are probably less than 10 ppl in this world who bothered with such useless information. You can count yourself today as one of them.

    Btw I enjoyed reading that report too. Infact I read it about 6 to 7 times. Thats why I want you to go over to Yawning bread site now and I want you to just spend some time looking at those bronze figures.

    Now I want you to look at them really closely and ask yourself what it reminds you of – thats to say, I want you to us your super calculator brain and look at it math wise.

    Thank you so much Nacra. Thank you, what will we ever do without you to bring us all these stories, life will truly be so boring.

    Thank you.

  3. Harphoon said

    I agree with darkness as well nacramanga, you were certainly very brave to have brought us all these stories.

    Long live the brotherhood!

  4. KOHO said

    KOHO / Nacramanga sent this message; pls note we have shut SLF 1,2,3 etc for service / Go through the approved protocal @ 109 / This message was posted in Aaron’s blog

    Mmmmh. I just want to say this just goes one big step to confirm what I always suspected darkness, you are indeed crazy.

    But having said that abt Uncle Joe’s hide out now that you mentioned it. Its true. I mean I didnt go to the extent of whipping out my measuring tape, but the steps part was certainly true, it was smaller. Infact everything was small.

    Are we planning another expedition to China?

    569 nacramanga // Apr 29, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    You may click on your name and/or comment to edit.

    I am sorry harphoon I cant post over in the IS something is seriously wrong with the SLF

  5. astroboy said

    When can I go? I want to do the things Nacramanga does.

  6. darkness said

    nacra, I cant think of any of one who is more suited for the role. I promise, no tom foolery, I will just follow. No antics. No disappearing. No solo acts etc.

    I will leave it all to the 130th, I am just there for the ride.

    I just want you to think about it Nacra. Will you do that for me Nacra? I am not asking for a commitment, I just want you to think about it.

  7. nacramanga said

    Look here buddy, I have alot of respect for you, but you are just trouble darkness.

    In between your flashes of brilliance, no one can put up with you. You will just take off and go by yourself. You are completely out of control!

    I dont think even the webmaster here understands you. Seriously man.

    You are just trouble. You were a trouble maker in school and in university in work that is why you have to start your own business, so it is best you go yourself. We will fund it just go! Go with the guilds, those sissy’s need someone to take care of them.

    The 130th are disciplined chaps, pls stay away from us.

    I have spent years building up the discipline and processes, so I am not about to see it go to the dogs.

    Trust me we prefer it this way.

    You are still our leader but pls stay where you are, if you come near us I will just grab my plasma gun and that will be end of it.

  8. astroboy said

    Thats not very nice

  9. nacramanga said

    Shad dap! Seniors r talking here fool, sit down bfr you fall down.

    I say what I want doesnt matter whether it is darkness or the pope!

    Lets all face it the boys like darkness bc he has a way with words, he is very clever at word play, but when it comes to team work, he is just shit.

    He is not the brotherhood! 99.9% of the disciplined scholars are, but for some strange reason every time he speaks they all listen to him!

    You go and ask Aaron etc how many times do we have to clear up his mess! go and ask Sony, how many times do we have to go down there to prevent a law suit!

    You want to know why, bc he has no discipline, he doesnt understand what it means to be a team player.

    99.9% of the ppl here are afraid of him, but I am not one of them!

    So I will speak my mind and walk out through that door.

  10. darkness said

    Ok man, I just asked.

  11. nacramanga said

    You dont believe me. Hello webmaster, inspir3d do you understand darkness? Do you think he is a sane?

    Let’s see whether he dares to answer. What abt you Aaron?

  12. Harphoon said

    Thats enough nacramanga!

  13. darkness said

    I had no idea, he has so much anger bottled up, let him blow steam.

    I just asked whether you would want to lead an expedition.

  14. nacramanga said

    You see what I mean. No reply. You know why, they are all shitting!

    There are only a few ppl who dare go against him the imperial mafia, Dr chandras gang, maybe tan.b.l readers bc they run into the thousands, so he has to kow tow to them and maybe the lady of the lake, but apart from them nada.

    So I am calling a second time now! Anyone out there or those stat counters just counting ghost!

  15. darkness said

    We go back a long way nacra. So I am just going to forget all this.

    Good nite all.

  16. darkness said

    It is good and natural to doubt ourselves. Those who do not doubt can easily mislead themselves. When properly used, doubt keeps me humble, balanced and clear, and open to learning from others, including you my friend. We go back a long way remember this always, do you remember how I taught you to climb? Do you remember the first time we rode together? Do you feel the wind against your cheeks? Do you remember how I taught you how to sail? Do you remember all these things.

    I want to be open to learning from others, so I will listen to you. It is not a sign of weakness, but rather one of maturity. Thinking I am wise is an absilute block to wisdom, that is why. I value your candor and honesty.

    From today onwards, I promise that I will try to be a better team player, it doesnt come naturally to me, but I will try.

    How is that Nacra?

  17. Dr Chandra said

    You tell him Mr Nacramanga – do you know that he has threatened me with physical violence over 30 times! – I just want to tell all of you this, including the webmaster here.

    You can all search it out in the internet 30 times!

  18. nacramanga said

    Hey chandra you can go and **** your mother man, this is between me and bambi, got nothing to do with you.

  19. Dr Chandra said

    I just want to let all the readers here know.

    (1) On July 2002, darkness initiated a hack on the and took over the site for a period of 50 days. During this period of military occupation, journalist were informed the site was under repair, but he used it to blackmail the webmaster.

    (2) On December 6th 2005. The brotherhood attacked a site owned by Sony and hijacked it. They stopped the game Norrath for 48 hours and demanded money from the operators.

    (3) On November 12th 2004, darkness led an attack on the French online site, “Le Effect,” and again he held it hostage for nearly 30 days during this period, the webmaster was forced to sell the site for to the brotherhood.

    In every case what we see is a systematic process of intimidation inspired by one man.

    In Singapore we can see the same thing, he threatened Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi.

    I am dr Chandra. I dont belong to the brotherhood.

  20. Dr Chandra said

    Dear Readers,

    Infact I suspect both the intelligent Singaporean and Hear ye, Hear ye site owned by Mr Aaron has been hijacked by the brotherhood under the direct instigation of darkness.

    I want you to know the truth.

  21. Dr Chandra said

    I want all the readers to know the truth abt darkness.

    (1) )n 12th December 2004, the Brotherhood under the direct orders of darkness attacked a virtual site in Norrath. They stole nearly USD$3 million worth of assets. They also black mailed the webmasters and as a result a monthly payment was made to them i.e online extortion.

    (2) On the 5th July 2005, the brotherhood under the direct of instigation of darkness, took over my servers in caltech. I called the police, but they could prove nothing bc the hackers were experts. I have no prove, but I am sure it was darkness.

    I can go on and on and on and on

  22. darkness said

    You guys really hate me man, but I love you all, just remember that. 🙂

  23. Harphoon said

    We are family!

  24. Harphoon said

    No one does it better than the Koreans

  25. atomic monkey said


    Agreed, but it just happened.

    Next Chandra will say we control the internet and the whole wide world.

    You dont believe me just wait and see. Conspiracy galore is coming very soon. I think darkness should wop him one more time in another great debate.

    Got to earn the nuts to pay the paper man now.

  26. Tan.B.L said


    My take is this. In Singapore we do not have many adventurers. All we seem to have is Khoo Swee Chiow. Yes he is very fit and all that. I have even attended some of his seminars, but they are card boardish, it is just ra-ra, you go, I go kinda run of the mill. That is appealing but it runs out of juice in the first five minutes. So what is the point, besides he has as much charisma as a muppet on tumble dry day.

    The brotherhood press definitely has good writers and unlike journalist who just know how to write, many of you have an array of specialized skills which would allow for a more insightful reportage / technical or the arts.

    I do however feel, the brotherhood press should experiment more with the new media especially filming etc. This is one area that should be developed and with the advent of utube anyone really can be a producer.

    Generally we can agree on one thing, ST is no where near this level of seriousness. For one their journalist arent the rugged sort, neither do they stray off the well trodden path, they do not, means they do not.

    On Dr Chandra. I feel that darkness should have another round of debate with him and this time sort it out once and for all. I really dont know what to believe any more because there is so much disinformation out there and it is coming from all directions.


  27. Tan.B.L said

    Hi Bambi darkness Bad boy,

    Actually I knew abt that:

    “I just wanted to share this with you personally this evening. There are probably less than 10 ppl in this world who bothered with such useless information. You can count yourself today as one of them.”

  28. Laura Ashley said

    Dear B

    Frankly speaking. It will be very nice to have another round of debating again. I just hope that this time there wouldnt be too many personal attacks and name calling. Is all that really necessary. I wonder?

    It will be exciting, besides that is the only time when the counter climbs all the way to the 200 to 300 mark and after that the readers will be talking for weeks, so yes. I really hope another round will be arranged.

    Only this time, pls stop this MCP nonsense of barring women. A cafe will be a nice, informal and comfy place. Anything is better than that great hall thats really only a glorified boys club. 🙂 looking forward. looking ahead. And looking always.

  29. Laura Ashley said

    Hey where is the HAL red eye. I get a sense of calm whenever I see. Sometimes I just leave it there and I think it is actually looking at me. It gives me something to focus on. Otherwise my eyes start to wonder off. Why did you boys take it out. Pls bring it back!

  30. caleb said

    Let me just say that I have enjoyed the brotherhood press very much. I like the new look, but I agree with Laura. The HAL 9000 red eye is very symbolic of the brotherhood. Firstly it comes from a generation where only people who are in their late twenties and thirties and beyond will be able to spot at once. Secondly it to me lah and many of my colleagues in office, this symbol has come to represent the brotherhood. I have read many blogs and yes, I know ppl say Galye Goh and Kitana are really good, but I am really sorry. How good can you be, if you have never lived your life before. How good can you be if you have not even earned your own keep or have to put up with the reality of life or raising a family etc. So let me just say this, they are good for the 12 or 15 year olds, but for more mature people when we say they are good. We are really just being very nice and polite. So the brotherhood press is the only group of writers who writes for our age group and target audience, so I really hope you will continue to do so, otherwise it will be a very sad act.

    Please bring back the red eye. Thanks Caleb

  31. caleb said

    Another Great debate will be fantastic. The last one everyone in my office was talking abt it the day after. Just to be politically correct, I don’t really think it is political right to exclude ladies. From my experience, some of the best mentors in my life have been women, my mother for instance.

    If great hall cannot then somewhere else lah, be flexible. 🙂

  32. papillon said

    Hi all,

    I am have been watching with a fair amount of consternation how little has been produced by the brotherhood press recently. I can only draw the conclusion people just do not stop producing for nothing. One good way to re-start the engine is by getting the likes of darkness to write something serious again. Just a thought.

    Pls think about it very seriously.

  33. Did some googling…

    This is a link to a site with photos showing the front view of the masks. I believe they are similar to the ones shown on yawningbread’s site.

    I can’t spot anything math-wise except the masks seem to be done such that they look like triangles. Not sure if there is any significance in that.

  34. Reading yawningbread’s post, googling about the civilization and finding out about its mystery and darkness’s hint to Nacramanga about something to spot made my mind race to come out with lots of nonsense.

    Apparently, the triangle is some symbol for female divinity. So maybe that civilization was female dominated. Might explain why it got written out of history and absent from the main narrative of chinese history.

    Plus, there is no written records found for that civilization. I mean… we all know that women like to talk right. Ok…that was definitely damn MCP…

  35. Dr Chandra said

    Dear webmaster of this site,

    Infact I do not know why you continue to entertain those trouble makers.

    The IS is a respectable site.

    Why ally yourself with a bunch of thugs. Let me just share with you their history:

    (1) On 12th December 2002 / darkness and his thugs forcibly took over a site owned by It was enterprise conducted with military precision. They hijacked the site for a period of 50 days. Bc they wanted to sell it for 4 or 5 mil. They succeeded in intimidating him.

    (2) In 29th April 2003 / the brotherhood sent their virtual armada to take over an innocent online game in France called “Le Virtue” / for 3 weeks they imposed a blockade and demanded virtual money / online extortion / only after they were paid off / they left / destroying over USD$ 2.5 million worth of assets. There is a on going court case going on now. Again you can check it out in the internet. It is all there.

    (3) On 29 April 2004, the mad dog darkness took over an online site which infringed his book rights for his sappy stories / again they successfully intimidated the webmaster to pay them royalties. It ran into the millions.

    (4) On 6th April 2005, most recently, they threatened the webmaster in project entropia and successfully negotiated a deal with them for the sale of space stations.

    I can go on and on and on again. What we see here consistently is a systematic process of intimidation.

    I fear your site has been taken over by them. I dont even know whether I am talking to a inspir3d or just a man with a gun to his head.

    I admit in Singapore they are perhaps No 1. That is to say most ppl read their stuff, bc they are very clever and all that, but like I said, why ally yourself with thugs?

    I cannot drop you a line you know why bc I am very afraid.

    Yours Fearfully

    Dr Chandra

    PS: You know why they have not spoken abt the ministerial pay issue? Dont you. If this gets deleted again pls dont expect me to write ever again. It simply confirms what I thought, both you and Aarons blog has been taken over.

  36. Nacramanga said

    Mmmmmmmmmmmh! icered? He made that idiot alot of $. That homeboy didnt know his left shoe from his right. he was going to sell that site for the price of a washing machine! Darkness gave him free consultancy. His mama said tq!

    Le Virtue? Those mothers attacked us, did you forget that chandra????????? So darkness just knocked on their door, it was online war.

    Online books. Let me be clear. He wrote those books if ppl dont pay me a royalty I will just have to tell them the facts of life!

    I threatened entropia. You are on drugs chandra. I have a working relationship with them, we have an alliance.

    Look here you have been spreading alot of rumours abt darkness in the internet.

    And he has kept quiet, so why dont you and him met up in some quiet place, drink a few bottles of cheap whisky and just fight it out like real men.


  37. inspir3d said

    “Hey where is the HAL red eye. I get a sense of calm whenever I see. Sometimes I just leave it there and I think it is actually looking at me. It gives me something to focus on. Otherwise my eyes start to wonder off. Why did you boys take it out. Pls bring it back!”

    “Please bring back the red eye. Thanks Caleb”

    dear readers please note there was never any intention to remove the red eye. unfortunately the wordpress software suffered a small malfunction but as you can see everything has been restored to normal.
    apologies for the inconvenience.


  38. KOHO said

    Dear all,

    We urge all parties to remain cool.

    Dr Chandra is demanding an apology and an official retraction.

    He claims inspir3d and the rest of us engineered this whole thing deliberately to undermine his credibility and standing to gain an advantage in the next great debate to be staged in chernobyl.

  39. KOHO said

    I checked everything is cool with the system. We will stay here and monitor.

    Another crew will be coming in 30 min. We will monitor the situation round the clock.

  40. new said

    interesting. I was following this post and saw that the Brotherhood press censors its own comments. Pretty much the same as the MSM when they deleted PMLee’s comments on mai hum, and the whip in parliament to present a unified body. I guess anything can happen in a blog. While you are at it, you may want to consider censoring comment 11. It is patronising to kitana and Gayle, to say the least. And it sounds like PAP again – you have not run a country before, so how can you tell me what you are telling me? You are a girl, not married, not paying tax….sounds like the crane too, actually.

    Inspir3d – thanks for your good work. I will stick to your good work in giving a voice to the unrepresented, the repressed in your daily highlights. Stressed teacher’s latest was a blast. Thanks.

  41. nacramanga said

    Who is galye man? Never heard of her bfr!

  42. nacramanga said

    “Stressed teacher’s latest was a blast” so if u say it is good it is good, if you say it is crap, it is crap. Look idiot there is such a thing known as the objectivity absolute test its called the stat counter, pls learn to use it!

    Who is gayle goh? Can someone pls tell me?

  43. Atomic Monkey said

    Gayle Goh she is the singer rite. Or was that crystal gayle?

    I know kitana is that cute girl from mortal Kombat.

    Never ever heard of her bfr. Never read stuff for the 12 year old market.

    Pls note the median age of the readers of the brother press is 32.4 years.

  44. Atomic Monkey said

    I think they talking abt her. But I didnt know she has a blog following in singapore????????? Heard of Brown, Wang, Yawning bread but never heard abt a gayle or kitana bfr.

    Who are they?

  45. Nacramanga said


    Get scholarboy to issue out an official retraction and apology – there is no sportsmanship to this. Chandra and his boys may hate us, but they are all gentlemen sportsmen so I never really believed he was involved in this.

    Do it fast.

  46. Nacramanga said

    “It is patronising to kitana and Gayle” – yes I know that is why I said it

  47. Nacramanga said

    How do you like the feel of my freedom of speech now? Do you like it? How do you like my dedication again self censorship and deletion now? How does it feel? Shiok?

  48. scholarboy said

    Never heard of those two before in my life either, heard of Mr Brown, Mr Wang and Yawning Bread. Mature writers most the time, talk alot of sense even, but this Crystal Gayle and Kitana, never ever heard of them bfr. Dear readers, I think it is a bit delusional for ppl who write thinking that many ppl read them when in reality, no one even knows who they are or whether they are here or gone. Who really cares? Really the internet is so big.

    It must be quite a common delusion in the internet judging from the likes of “new.” I dunno. Just being really honest abt it, my two rupiah take.


  49. harphoon said


    I know both of them. They were once prominent bloggers, pretty good writers. Just my POV.

    Could be time for us to conduct another census of the net. Many of you guys seem to be really out of touch. Just my POV.

  50. new said

    Hi Harphoon.

    Those chaps do seem to be really out of touch.

    Harphoon, you mentioned at Aaron’s blog – You have nothing to fear from darkness conduct, he is a gentlemen who values the power of reason above mindless violence.

    To Darkness, I do apologise if I spoke out of place and was rude. I read your posts and it sounded to me like a sexual predator, harrassing a Dr Dee, whom I really thought was a girl. (skirt, box, etc) I am against censorship and people should be making up their own minds about things. I thought for a long time – that I should just keep quiet and not bother how other people write, they are not my students in class.

    I guess I should leave now – it appears your style of writing in your generation (mean age – 32?) is the new in-thing – not of my generation (44) where bad was bad,(not good) sluts and bitches were for bad girls, not friends. Apparently everyone thinks your style of writing was acceptable, (or no one dares speak against Darkness?) so i guess I am out of line here. There is no Chandra that I know of (?), in case there is any confusion that I caused.

    Thank you, Brotherhood for allowing me this space and my apologies to Darkness. I should have just practiced self censorship and not express my initial concerns on the language you used on Aaron’s blogs.

    Best rgds, and long live your Brotherhood.

  51. darkness said

    I know Kitana, but I really have no idea who is this Gayle.

    She writes well, but I am probably going to use a few more buts to cancel out the “well” factor.

    Look its important to adopt a balanced disposition when it comes to blogging – you look at many of those bloggers who have been around since the beginning of time. Or the people who have been hammering me for years like Chandra and Mandrake.

    They have one quality abt them – they are all bullet proof and they know how to roll with the punches.

    You can say anything you want abt them, but it will just slide or bounce off their armor plating, but when ppl start to taking things personally, that’s when they run aground, so like the TV game show survivor learn from it.

    It pays to even laugh at yourself, trust me, you need a large dose of the sardonic to keep a balanced and level perspective, otherwise the illusion of power will just go to your head and destroy you.

    When you begin to think you are some top dog here or something, then someone will just come around and take your apart.

    So saying to yourself this is just an anthill keeps you supple and flexible, anything else just gives you heart burn and high blood pressure, there is no mileage there, no sustainability and you tell me where is the fun – when it gets too serious.

  52. darkness said


    Make sure when chandra gets the apology, it is signed off under my moniker – make it an unconditional, he wouldnt accept anything less than this.

    I just have to take full responsibility for this.

    I will probably be a laughing stock for a week, big deal.

    The IC mafia are nice only if we cont to behave in the spirit of sportsmanship.

    So make sure it is out by today so that chandra can hang it in his toilet.

  53. darkness said

    Do you ppl dig what I say? – when I was growing up as a kid this word was everywhere, sportmanship.

    Come around one gen and its toast – so what happened man? I aint that old, so dont tell me it is an age thing.

    Do you know once I battling chandra and his boys in the virtual.

    Just me alone to save the planet and my plasma gun just ran out of bullets, so there I heard Chandra saying to me,

    “go get some more ammo and we will met up here again.”

    Thats sportmanship. Some of you should consider writing a detail seminal treatise on this.

  54. inspir3d said

    “Dr Chandra is demanding an apology and an official retraction.

    He claims inspir3d and the rest of us engineered this whole thing deliberately to undermine his credibility and standing to gain an advantage in the next great debate to be staged in chernobyl.”

    KOHO pls relay my apologies to Dr Chandra as well. There was never any malicious intent, just a software malfunction


  55. Harphoon said

    New Teacher,

    No worries, ppl like darkness, nacramanga, trajan, atomic monkey dont come here all the time -most of the time, they are travelling – so it true to say they are a bit out of touch -they are older than the rest of us who man the IS on a daily basis.

    I am very sure they all take it in the spirit of sportsmanships.

    To be honest with you, I really dont know what it really is- must be some old jedi order thing bc they seem to take it quite seriously.

    But I can assure you chandra and the imperial college AI gang are very, very real, they have been hassling us for years.

    We wish you happy reading and remember we have our Chernobyl debate coming up – so see you there new teacher.

    I will be one of the debaters, its my first time, so wish me luck, thanks.



  56. new said

    Thanks Harphoon, good luck at the debate.

    I am so new to all these, I have not read Chandra, Mandrake etc (?)

    Chernobyl debate (?). That is also a blank to me – on line debate or real.

    A teachers viewpoint, Many many teenagers today are really not reading enough. If I could, I would point them to Aaron’s blog and IS aggregator, so that these future voters can open up their eyes and ask the right questions before they vote.

    Darkness, I will take your advise and learn to loosen up. But do know that your private conversations with Dee on Aaron’s blogs are picked up by others, some are teachers and students ;)(some 15 year old girls)

    You guys have fun at your next debate, chess game, weiqi, cycling trips, journeys to infinity and beyond.

    Darkness – One day, all to myself. Your last para was beautiful and struck a chord in me. That is all I care about – my family. And yes, things will be better in Singapore.

    Brotherhood, Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  57. listerine said

    “But do know that your private conversations with Dee on Aaron’s blogs are picked up by others, some are teachers and students ;)(some 15 year old girls)”

    In my view no point. Many of us have tried to reform and rehabilitate bambi through the years, short of holding him down and washing his mouth out with soap.

    It just doesn’t work, not with this guy. Doesnt matter whether convent nuns are reading his stuff. He just doesn’t care. Some guys are just incorrigible. The more you threaten him, the more he will just do it to irritate you.

    So whenever he is in one of his moods, it is best to just pretend you didnt hear him

  58. sphgirl said


    The only thing, we haven’t really tried is electro-shock treatment!

  59. Sama sama said

    I think Vitamin B might work actually.

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